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  1. It looks like abit of fun and again gives us something to do until Tuesday. :D
  2. Good theory but the only thing we can associate from the symbols is the nuke that kind of aims at a song.
  3. Just waiting for afew members to join and then we will have a bash. Will add to the fun for abit until Tues. I think you do another one for when the Die Rise comes out. :)
  4. I was having a play around the other night just messing after the bus horn round, tried shooting the bike, blowing the generator up and then triggering the all the sound easter eggs ending in the nuke one. Nothing happened at all, but Im still not giving up. The music for example, I wonder what happens if you do them all at the same time? With 3 people this could be done. As for the bike symbol Im comfused becuase the bike in the garage is kind of staring you in the face, I am yet to see the reticle so I cannot compare the 2. I wonder why ngt have not done any more on this map, Especially after the 3rd song got discovered.
  5. Well I am still keen as hell to keep trying on this one. I believe Tranzit is done until dlc but with this there is so much more scope and new things to find. We could do with a few theories/things to try on and afew more ideas as to sign markings. These have got to be the link theres no reason for them to be there really, Or is it just 3arc messing us around and sending us on a wild goose chase as usuall. If anyone fancies helping out I am on most nights from 6pm gmt on xbox feel free to add me.
  6. I believe timing is the case with this one. Why does the bus horn sound on at round 5? Why does the moon egg complete on round 25? I would say this is our scale for completion. As for the things that have already been found all should hold relevence to time and numbers. Has anybody counted how many heads to shoot off? I did it afew times yest but did not count. I hope that the shelter does open that would be a great ending to this one. But we all thought that the doors on call of the dead easter egg would open and free the crew and that didnt happen we just got the wonder weapon, So maybe that will happen. :oops:
  7. Me 2 didn't show up lol
  8. I was messing around last night and got to 27 and nothing really happens apart from him doing the script from the moon easter egg. Zombies seem to be same but with blue eyes.
  9. Alot of that could be linked to planned dlc and old maps i e lunar landers etc are they gonna be bringing the old maps to bo2? Could do but some of it is very interesting.
  10. The audio for the jackass flats I found from the tv and a lot of the other audio.
  11. Been playing with this tv all day, trigger the sound then turn power on go back to tv and it plays the maxis audio, leave it Afew seconds and go to it again it should do the audio with the guy talking from the flats giving the coordinates, and Afew others. These audio files have been scripted in earlier post. I turned the power off and went back but nothing happens.
  12. Keep pressing the tv after the first broadcast I found about 5 different ones play and the one where it says about voices in the head gonna switch power off now and go back see what happens
  13. Spyder made a video on this one mate. Rank defo has something to do with progressing the easter egg further.
  14. Just thought I would drop in and say Hi from the UK. I have been looking for a good cod zombie forum and it looks like this is the place to be. I have been addicted to zombies from NDU and follow the story aswell as easter egg hunting. I would class myself as a skilled zombie slayer and have survived high rounds in solo and 4x on all maps. If you fancy a game sometime add me on xbox tag: DarthBumHole Cheers and happy slaying
  15. Is it just me or does anyone else love the shield. I dont know if you have noticed but when its on your back you dont get hit from behind or from the side until the shield is destroyed, this comes in handy if you dont have Jug and save me loads last night whilst trying to do the maxi easter egg.
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