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  1. Also, I have played with 4 people that I KNOW have gotten the behind the busstop navcard and I still do not see 4 navcards
  2. First thing, is that if this was true you would sometimes see a "gap" in nav cards, as in if players 1, 2, and 4 have navcards then player 3's navcard spot would be empty. I have seen no evidence of this, the navcards are always right after each other no matter how many you have. Second, I have seen videos of people obtain navcards from various things, i.e. getting tombstone, or hitting the box (when the infamous sparkles show up).
  3. I don't believe this is true. Since one player could see 4 navcards while a player in the same game may only see 3 navcards.
  4. pretty sure 1. leaks are against the rules. 2. this would be really easy for them if they got a lot of the coding from the CoD4 level Is it really "leaked" info if it came from trollarch's twitter?.... I'll bet it was intentional to tease us!
  5. I herd the next zombies DLC map is going to be Chernobyl! http://www.firstpost.com/topic/place/ch ... 364-2.html
  6. i have tested this several times and one of those times i ddnt even get to place the turbine down once it literally broke in my hands before i could place it and yes i was marlton. Sooooo maybe its true and maybe its not but in my instances it didnt seem to matter tht i was marlton Are you positive that you (marlton) actually built the turbine? Or maybe you put it down in lava since that will immediately destroy it?
  7. I'm positive that you can use the electric fence battery (found near tombstone) for the PAP battery! I did it the other day!
  8. The following is a "Scalene" with "two obtuse vertices"!
  9. I want to point out that Maxis NEVER says triangle. He says "you have completed the two obtuse vertices of the scalene..." A scalene is just a geometric shape where none of the sides are of equal length. A Quadrilateral shape can have two obtuse vertices (4 sides)!
  10. A while back I noticed that if I picked up and set down the turbine a certain number of times (6-8) it would fall apart. Well the other night, I wanted to destroy it and I couldn't, and became very confused why it wouldn't fall apart. I picked it up and set it down like 20 times and it was still working great. The only thing I could figure out was that my character was Marlton. soooooo.... maybe buildables work better if you build them with Marlton? just a theory!
  11. When you go down the ladder gets left behind, maybe someone with the ladder went down up there.
  12. My theory is that JZ is getting some heat from the higher ups about people getting pissed over not being able to figure out the EE. I believe people are getting very frustrated over this EE which may lead to less people purchasing future DLC's. This is a big no-no for JZ's bosses, so they are pushing to release information about it to JZ's dismay, so he is begrudgingly giving us hints (and is frustrated with us as a community for not figuring it out).
  13. There's a silo??!?!?!?! OMG, who wants to start an EE team to find the silo???
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