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  1. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hFbmXiPWGiM this is not me or mines, can someone please confirm if its a troll or not
  2. Thats the diner, and they probally didnt put it in for future dlc purposes
  3. Seems plosible, any theories on how this would work out or what this would effect on the ee? Suggestions?
  4. This is all theories, but had anyone ever took one to the power room? I mean denzis jump off everywhere even the cabin. I never noticed they stayed on at the power till you just mentioned it.
  5. Ill be your partner mokie I need to find a team im tired of randoms always sucking Psn - dananajordan Also im looking for other players preferabally 18+
  6. I was going to post, something like that about the bridge yesterday.but smart phones such on this forum. Has anyone tried to use anything else to stop the bus? I know its a little far fetched but what about putting to z shield in front of the bus. Or the electric trap, maybe put the turret on top of the bus? Lol im out, of ideas at this point
  7. The battery idea is a really good one, what about using the turret gun, zombie shield, or electric trap somewhere else. Theirs 4 buildable weapons then a turbine. Theirs 4 players too. Maybe each player has their own weapon? Just a thought.
  8. Sooo? Can we get a link or something. I haven't don't either byee so I want to know
  9. But if it is a trigger system outside the boundaries it wouldnt be a playable part of the map regardless.
  10. This could be a clue- in moon the area had red liggts, a discolored area compared to everything around it
  11. If you recall on moon, step 8, you throw the thing at the section outside of area 51. There could be.an out of the map trigger system put into tranzit that might make the bus driver take a new route? Just a theory.though
  12. Everyone says how the lazers connect to the door after you complete maxis or richtofens ee. I havent done neither but I was messing around and cane across this. The monkey disappears just how the box would after it moves(lightning- then a laugh) so what if someone emps it at the same time? This is definately a clue, theirs too much about this room to just be coincidence
  13. Everyone was posting how the laundry mat had to have something to do with the ee. So I was messing around and I threw a monkey at the laundry machine. The monkey started flashing with lightning and made the noise of the box moving. I believe theirs more rooms like this. I dont know though.
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