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  1. In my personal experience, the best and easiest way to ensure that everyone can get it is to make sure everyone spawns into the main room, and no one chucks their axe into hell to get the redeemer, until everyone has exited the afterlife. Every time my group has tried for the redeemer, we always end up missing it because someone would get a little too excited, and that player can get it fine. Once one player has done that, it's glitched for the rest of the team. However, if everyone is spawned into the library spawn from the bridge, it should be grabbable by all.
  2. Well, "Purely" is almost rhetorical at this point, but a friend of mine did lose two ranks after round 20 of Survival when he kept Tombstone-ing. He was at Skull Hash mark two, and got reduced to crossed femurs. Again, until someone cracks open the PC version, or 3arc comes outright with it, it's kind of terrible not to know how you can rank up.
  3. Eventually he stops trying to throw you off, and just stops the bus after 20 or so attempts to get you off. Then he starts the bus again and says: "I could crash this bus and kill...You all!"
  4. EMP-Grenading the Pack-a-Punch with someone's weapon in it will disable it, and they will lose their normal weapon and 5000 points. Also, the Stun that it does on zombies resets their emnity toward whoever they were chasing, and they will chase whomever is closest. If I had a capture card, I'd show you disabling the PaP, and having a guy rage for three minutes before downing and ragequitting. I'd also show you how to spice up trains in the bar, when enemy players are near it.
  5. According to the interview with TheFeed, the 3arc gentleman stated that it's based on your actual player skill. (He didn't state what, or how, per se.) I'm assuming it's based on an EXP system like multiplayer, but we never see the bar, and downs/Deaths retract from that bar, whereas kills, revives, and rounds add to it. I've been Skull Rank five, (Glowing eyes) with the knife for a while now, almost three days, putting in almost 12 hours a day playing. The next emblem according to the reveal video should be a skull with a spiked shield behind it. Again, this is all speculation based on vague facts given in an interview. Until 3arc decides to allow us to see what's going on, or gives us a definitive account, I'm afraid it's all speculation/discovery.
  6. I wish there were a Lobby leaderboard section, as well as better defined ranking system. Everyone on my friend's list has a skull, Hash mark 5, but they've played, MAYBE half the time I have, and I've been Hash mark 5 forever. I also wish they'd make Tombstone for when you get revived, and not just permitting yourself to die. While I'm wishing, I also would like a pony.
  7. I don't know who he is, but I like him almost as much as I like Russman. But I'm betting that he'll be related to 935, or someone in 935, or maybe he's just some crazy german, wondering "AM I THE ONLY ONE AROUND HERE WHO CARES ABOUT THE ZOMBIES" *Ca-Click.* Until 3arc releases more, we may never know.
  8. I'm Wizardmanguy. I've played CoD zombies when it first kicked off in WaW (A friend and I co-oped through WaW just to play Zombies before they unlocked it from the start.) I've been in love with it ever since. I have watched the forums for a while, but with the launch of CODBO:2, I felt like the time to join on my own was right. Especially with all the new-up-coming easter eggs! I play on XBL exclusively, but I did play CODBO:1 on the PS3. I'm currently around 17-30 worldwide for revives, and I love my Krauss Refibrulator. My XBLGT is the same as my forum name, and I am always looking for competent teammates to play Grief, or Survival. I still have to do the Easter Egg for Tranzit, however. So I'm also looking to get that done. Thanks for reading!

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