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  1. After CoTD we travelled back to the 1960s.
  2. What I was more getting at is how the crawlers DIE, don't respawn as a normal zombie, DIE when you go into the fog. I understand that the characters may have a "field" in which travels in time with them.
  3. Alright on the nuketown thing: I now believe that NTZ is infact, set in the 1960s. This only proves my theory further. As marlton is picked up right in the middle of NTZ. And clearly the bus depot is post-modern (robot bus driver, dead give away)
  4. Not really a true hole in my theory. Just divides my theory into two seperate parts. 1: The bus actually prevents the travelling from one time to another. Might actually be the key to the easter egg if true (not using bus at all during EE) 2: Or the more likelier, the bus has a range of which it time travels.
  5. Having not played nuketown zombies (have played Moon) I'm pretty sure that Moon along with Nuketown are set in the 2020s. Simply based on how Tranzit starts up in the middle of Nuketown. But hey, even if Nuketown is set in the 1960s it just gives more weight to my theory.
  6. I know it's not the multiplayer map. We've been through this. Simply confused my BO2 nuketown terminology.
  7. I'm aware of that. I always just assumed moon took place in the 2020s instead of nuketown zombies taking place in the 1960s. I do feel I overshot and overanalyzed a little but there's some decent connections and evidence in there. The most solid connection I have in my theory is that each of the places are, agreeably, much farther apart than they seem. I disagree. The scientific method is pretty much looking something, making a theory, and trying it out. The teleporters are just that, teleporters through time and space. Tedd and his bus are just plain able to move through time and space like we do. Nuketown really doesn't have much to do with this besides Marlton being there.
  8. Here's my personal theory for Tranzit What do I mean by this? I mean every single area (bus, diner, farm, nacht, power station, town). Possibly even the CHARACTERS are from different periods of time. I'll get into that later. I'll divide it up as nicely as I can into three times. Pre-modern = Before the 1990s Modern = 1990s-2015s Post-modern = 2016+ (basically the time the rest of the game is set in) Locations and time periods for the areas: Bus depot: Post-modern and most likely US southwest Diner: Pre-modern and US Northeast Farm: Post-modern and Russia (as seen by russian writing on the silos) Nacht: Likely modern or at least after WW2, Germany (as told to us on WaW) Power station: Unknown time and place Town: Modern and unknown place. English speaking. What proof do I have for this? 1: Different languages in farm 2: Zombies don't follow you into the fog, they respawn, only the characters are possible of going through time periods 3: If you make a crawler and go into the fog, it will die. Now the characters, this is more loose and I'm not even sure of it. But it's worth noting possibilites. Russman and Misty: Likely pre-modern. They have NO quotes for the guns and pre-modern would make sense for Russman because it's implied he did a lot of hand-work which in pre-modern times african americans would be expected to do. Also Misty's quote about "smelling lightning" may refer to the disease where when one sense activates another activates as well. In Misty's case, it's sight and smell. That alone doesn't prove it, however in a pre-modern society she would be looked upon as mentally insane. And judging from her quotes she gets rejected by men fairly often (maybe because of the mental illness?) Samuel: Modern. Just judging by the conspiracy quotes Marlton: Pre-modern. Picked up after NTZ which is in the 1960s.

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