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  1. Hello Dylan, I made a map pack idea for you INVENTION: MULTIPLAYER: Map #1: Mansion Map #2: Theatre Map #3: ? Map #4: ? Weapon DLC: AK-12 Kalashnikov ZOMBIES: The name of the map is: Cosmodrome Transport: There will be 4 places you can go to via a little train. Buildables for the train same as the bus. Places: Place #1: Train station Place #2: Training facility Place #3: Abandoned Hospital Place #4: Power generator Place #5: Abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome (part of Ascencion) Map Details: There are craters in the ground from the rockets of moon. There is less lava then on Green Run Perks: Juggernog: Abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome Speed Cola: Abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome Double tap: Training facility Tombstone: Abandoned Hospital Quick revive: Train station PHD Flopper: Power generator Wonderweapon: Gersch BHW Prototype Link to wonderweapon idea: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y9b6cttyumqyv ... typeV2.png (made by me ) Instead of the Avogadro the big monkey will be the next "boss". Zombies: Zombies Place #1: Civilians Zombies Zombies Place #2: Army Zombies Zombies Place #3: Doctors and Zombies in hospital dresses Zombies Place #4: Technistians and scientists Zombies Place #5: Army, Scientists Boss: Big Monkey spawns randomly after you been at the Abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome. New Equipment: C4 Matruska dolls Black hat (Hacker) Achievements: Be carefull it's breakable: Deliver the Quantum energy Charity: Share money with a friend Space Monkeys: Destroy the alpha monkey No light can escape: Suck 20 zombies in the Black hole Turn it off: Turn the traindriver off
  2. Please leave a comment to let me know what is wrong!
  3. Thank you. What is it about this idea that you like?
  4. Hello everybody, This is my second post about this new wonderweapon idea. This time I improved the Gersch BHW Prototype. I made a new picture this time much better. What do you think? Do the poll and write down in the comment section why you chose that poll option. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y9b6cttyumqyv ... typeV2.png P.S: Sorry for my bad English. I'm Dutch -Pinjiro
  5. Happy new year guys and don't let the zombies grab you! We are going to set some records!
  6. Hello Everybody, I uploaded Version 2 of the Gersch BHW Prototype. I uploaded to my Dropbox. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y9b6cttyumqyv ... typeV2.png Hope you like it. If you want changes or have ideas write it in the comment section it would help me improve this weapon. Pinjiro
  7. I'm going to upload my Version 2 of the Gersch BHW Prototype weapon. Read everything then comment for new changes for Version 3.
  8. Pretty much my thoughts. I think you're onto some cool, unique ideas that would be pretty interesting in Zombies... but I'm not really all that interested in the idea of recycling weapon effects that have already been used, especially in the sense of "Here's a gun that basically does what these grenades did!". I'd say stick with the idea of a gun that needs kills to be powered, and try to come up with a unique function for the weapon that hasn't been done before. Also, I have to agree that the lack of Element 115 makes the Jet Gun NOT a Wonderweapon, technically. And even though I voted "No" on your idea, I would still takes this over the Jet Gun in a heartbeat. Yes, I know the Jet Gun can be used to reach infinite rounds, I know it's potentially powerful... I still don't like it at all. I respect for your thoughts. I want to know what could make it better for you. I already had some ideas to make it better like: Sort of Select fire (when a zombie soul is absorbed in the weapon you can shoot a little black hole/ black hole bullet as strong as a ray gun bullet. And after 100 zombies absorbed you can shoot a big black hole that takes out a horde and rips them apart and suck them in but you dont get the souls because they get sucked into the black hole as well. You need to watch out because you can down your friends and yourself. This makes it harder to control. I think that this idea is alot better than the Jet Gun. Maybe to make it more special you need to complete the easter egg first then it will appear in the box. This will ofcourse be permanent, but harder to obtain.
  9. That is a great idea! But i think that water is hard to find when the whole world is flooded by lava XD. But the water part could be usefull to put out some lava chunks. But i got another idea for like a sort of water gun. I'm working on it.
  10. Too make it a bit more balanced i thought about charging the weapon with zombie souls. The weapon has a sort of select fire. You can shoot little black hole balls ( as powerfull as the ray gun) but only when it's charged up with atleast 1 zombie soul. If you absorb 100 zombie souls you can shoot a big black hole. This doesn't charge your weapon again with zombie souls, because the zombie souls will get into the black hole. You can down your friends, yourself and rip zombies apart. This makes it hard to control. The perfect motto for this weapon is: With great power comes great responsibility! P.S. Sorry for my bad english. I'm Dutch so don't hate on how i write sentences and words.
  11. I hope you have seen my Wonderweapon Idea post (viewtopic.php?f=100&t=26820). I made a twitter for the ideas. I'm not good at drawing on the pc. In IRL i'm pretty good. But you are here for the Perk idea! The Perk is called: Lethal Whiskey It is a Orange/Brown Perk, because Whiskey is a bit Orange/Brown. When you go down you can choose if you want to blow up. You can choose it with the square/X button (Great if you have Tombstone!). This will kill the zombies around you. This perk will also give you more damage for explosions (grenade, RPG, Mustang & Sally. etc.) This perk will give you a extra slot for lethals. IMG: https://twitter.com/ZombieIdeasBO2/stat ... 04/photo/1 Do the poll and let me know what you think about this idea. Help me to improve it by writing something in the comment section! Thank you!
  12. Maybe if you help me to think about improving this weapon. Maybe this gun has different functions. Sort of select fire but instead of select fire a shooting mode. Little black hole bullets. It does the same amount of damage as a ray gun. This is just fast thinking. This could improve the core of the idea. Maybe there is no ammo at all. Just gaining zombie souls. This will make it harder too use the weapon. Maybe the hardest & most dangerous weapon in zombies. Most likely skilled players will be able to handle the weapon. P.S: Sorry for my bad english. I'm Dutch.
  13. I wanted to make this gun because the Gersche Device was fun! I think we will not see it back again in future mas. I thought why not make a weapon out of it. Another user said that it would be better if you absorb 100 souls and then you are able to shoot. It has a radius. What would be fun to see is that there body parts get ripped of his body. The Thundergun was mostly insta kill. This gun has a radius so that it isn't too overpowered. Jet Gun isn't a wunderweapon because it isn't made out of element 115. It's like if i put a lawnmore with a rocket behind it that cuts zombies is a wunderweapon. I don't think this is boring at all. I have respect your opinion.
  14. That is a great idea! It will be not overpowered, hard to obtain and mostly skilled players can use it!
  15. I forgot to say if you have 100 zombie souls (maximum) The gravitational pull is larger and it stays open for longer. I thought of a meter on the gun how much souls you have in the gun. If you shoot you release all the power and have to get the souls again to get it powerfull again. With great power comes great responsibility!
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