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  1. Well everyone knows him as TEDD so what is the problem? In fact TEDD is way better than the driver as TEDD is somewhat of a character in the game. If everyone understands TEDD as being the bus driver, knowing who and what TEDD is, then it is the exact same. Call TEDD "The Evil Monster" if you want. If the understanding is there then there is no problem. TEDD is way better and more fitting than "the driver". To be honest, TEDD would not appreciate this thread. He's already missing an arm and stuck driving a bus in an endless loop route. He can't be too happy. Since when did semantics and language cross over into the realm of understanding and knowledge.
  2. The problem with the clock idea is that there would have to be some clue in game that gives you any position of the clock as a starting point. Most people use the "12" spot on a clock, so what can be the 12 spot in the map? Some may say what ever is North, but direction North has no relation to the "12" spot on a clock.
  3. I also think that there is more or will be more, and you make a good point about the amount of content not used. Especially with video game programmers being some of the most talented programmers and you would think them to have tight-knit efficient code. The reasons I stated were off the top of my head just as examples to show/help people understand the fallacy in logic.
  4. Ripped audio files and game code does not mean that it is proof of something being in the game, like the "nav cards" being accepted quote. For this to be true and labeled as "proof" then that would imply the premise that "everything in the game code must be in the playable game". What leads us to believe that this premise is true. Many lines of code could be unused or re-written but not taken out of the game. It could be a left over "note" that the programmer didn't need to remove if it impact performance. I would bet there is a lot of code, info, notes that do nothing in the playable game. My favorite reason is that it could be a red herring made specifically for those who wish to crack the games code. But with reasons aside, my point is that there is no reason for anyone to think that its proof just because it is in the games code. While the theories are fine to discuss and explore, it's very misleading and incorrect to call it proof.
  5. Doesn't the bus driver scream out Danger! then explains some problem? Maybe when hes pulling up at the start he says it but since its out of the building its just hard to hear? I could be completely wrong here, just thinking.
  6. Is it strange that it looks like there is a turbine in the bus or coming from behind it? Seems either fishy or irrelevant. A theory to go for this though is to get tombstone, jump down in the lava down that pit in the same room and then getting a buddy to put a turbine up on the catwalk to see if it spawns down in the lava too. I highly doubt this will do anything but I can't test it at work so I just read theories and what not.
  7. It would make sense that if your testing the direct impact of a nuclear weapon on a town(nuketown), then wouldn't you test the effects of fallout on a small town. Also Oregon is probably right as I had mentioned in a previous post that the manhole covers in game are exact re-creations of ones made in the 60's by PG&E in Cali and Oregon (maybe other states too).
  8. I don't think this will work at all but I thought it was funny and worth saying. Why not give the zombie arm used in the power room to TEDD because he is missing his arm. Would you be happy if you were missing an arm, NO I didn't think so. In the load screen, where everything looks normal, isn't the driver waving his hard and looking happy? I am thinking that he needs his hand to turn on some music in the bus and then we take the bus to town, shoot it with the light from the laundry door and BAM! it starts lighting up and we have a disco bus. Easter Egg Solved!
  9. If that picture does give a clue to where a second spot for the ladder could exist then it could be showing the room with tombstone right next to the power room. There is a deep pit of lava there and the picture depicts a pit of lava(or magma).
  10. I'm sure this has already been put out there but what if you find another nav card in a map coming in future DLC. Or you program the nav card in another map and bring it back. It seems like an item that will persist through games or even different maps, kinda like the golden rod and needing to do things in shangri-la before moon( if I remember that correctly) The other thing people have been proposing is that a new DLC patch with give out the multiplayer maps, a new zombie map, and then even add something to tranzit. The bus make take you to new but small stops in tranzit.
  11. Just add me on xbl, my gamertag is rusty454
  12. I usually get home around 6-7 eastern. If your still on then I will join you.
  13. This exact manhole can still be found today and was made in the 60's by PG&E. It is also labeled as a PG&E-C manhole cover. http://savesutro.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/pge-c.jpg http://sfcitizen.com/blog/wp-content/up ... G_0077.jpg Now I don't know if they existed only in San Francisco or not. The second URL has one that even shows the birthdate.
  14. Hi everyone, I have been reading a lot of posts on this forum and for the most part enjoyed the ideas and general community presence towards zombies. So I decided to join and start contributing my own ideas and finds. While I rarely play Tranzit, I do want to start more and accomplish the EE. I am a decent zombies player( can survive with any weapon, train well, etc) and I will be able to put some detication to the EE and searching for secrets. Or if your just looking to have some fun and shoot some heads off then let me know. Also, I play on xbox.
  15. I thought of this too or that you emp the bus to stop it at certain points around the map to represent different times. Any time could be possible.
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