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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwm_VHFLzSrtalFIWVF2ZnhkOVE/view?usp=sharing Been a while since I posted here. Thought I'd leave this here for anyone who wants to NOT break their neck reading the damn thing. Cheers! PS: ill also upload BO3 when I find out how to read this more.
  2. Hello everyone! With the release of Gorod Krovi, a significant amount of the story has been realized and certain "revelations" (wink wink) have been made. One of the biggest is Dr. Monty, the creator of the perk machines and Gobblegums. He has been lurking in the background for a while now and while many of theorized that he could be the "M" on a letter in SoE or another name for Maxis, no one has really been able to put two and two together. Until now. With the release of GK, we got our first few glimpses at Dr. Monty, in both his style and attitude. With this post, I would like to dedicate it to putting down every single thing we can find on Dr. Monty. This can be anything from quotes, ciphers, radios, ANYTHING that mentions his name. For now, I am going to leave out theories, because, though they are cool and fun and unique, they are not solid evidence compared to the previously said items. So without further ado, let's analyze! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Who is "Dr. Monty"? Dr. Monty appears to be the creator of the perk machines and gobblegums. He has never been seen in person. He has only recently been heard on Gorod Krovi. It is unknown if he ever talked to the characters previously. We do not know his intentions, other than that he is helping the Origins 4 under the guise of Dr. Maxis. We do not know if he is a human, apothicon, or whatever, but a recent quote has pointed that he may be a "being", a power or force, omnipotent. He has a very nonchalant way of speaking, saying whatever comes to his mind, even if it means cussing. He can be direct but also beats around the bush when he speaks. We discover that his whereabouts is at some sort of House, or rather "THE" House. While he has plans to fix the universe, he has mostly had Richtofen do the dirty work, from getting the Kronorium, finding the exact souls needed to close the dimensions. His abilities seem vast: He is able to teleport the characters to different locations, possibly through time and space. He has created drinks that boost abilities and even chewing gum that enhances it further. However, part of his gobble gun creation lies in the fact that he uses Divinium, otherwise known as element 115, to create them. To be able to concentrate such an element into these forms must take an awful amount of knowledge. Furthermore, that he can explain and grasp the idea of multiple worlds and dimensions makes it more likely he has many agendas. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Der Reise - Scrap Paper Image - Dr. Monty's Schematic This schematic is signed by Dr. Monty. Discovered in Der Reise, it depicts a sphere in the middle, with a circle and a KN 44 in side of it and 4 smaller circles around it. There has been debate on what all of this could mean, but none of it has been confirmed. The most interesting part is that whatever this is, it was signed off by Dr. Monty. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Quotes concerning Dr. Monty Credit to JusticeOfKarma on Reddit for compiling a current list. Wisp #1 "Hello...? Testing, testing, te- do you hear me? Testiiiing, testi-- actually, I don't know why I'm doing all this. I'm almost one hundred percent certain that you CAN hear me. So let's not fanny about. OK. Where best to start ... the universe is big. Really big. So try to imagine the biggest thing that you can. And then imagine that you're waaaay off. It's a million, billion, trillion, eeahhh .. zillion? Times bigger than that. Actually, don't worry about the size - it's fucking huge. Let's just leave it at that. More important than it's humongous proportions is the fact that the universe is a living, breathing thing ... ever changing, ever shifting. Existing across and beyond time .. and space, itself. With me so far?" Wisp #2 "Alright! So you've got this universe; this big, change-y already volatile universe... and then you shatter it with a hammer. A metaphorical hammer - and it cracks and splinters into a million other universes. All coexisting, at exactly the same time. (sigh) Do you have ANY idea how difficult that is to keep track of? I may be omnipotent, but I can't be everywhere." Wisp #3 "Now, if it had been ENTIRELY up to me you numbskulls would be the last people I would entrust with this - but, due to factors outside of my control .. (presumably deep sigh, a dragon breathes fire around here so I can’t tell exactly) I know there's a lot going on, I know it's a lot to take IN - but the universe is deeply unstable. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Crazy as things are, I will try my absolute best to give you all some one-on-one time... some good old fashion TLC! Do this right, and everything will be okay. Pinky promise!" -- (at this point, characters need to go down to hear Dr. Monty) Dempsey #1 "Alright Tank, I'm going to need you to trust me - ok? You've done really, really well so far but I honestly think it's going to be easier if I just talk you through some things. Now let's be honest, you don't really know who you are do you? You've been bouncing along time and space for years, yelling all sorts of obscenities - by the way your language is fucking disgraceful sometimes, you should wash your mouth out with soap! Anyway! We'll talk again soon and I'll explain everything. Just give me a little time to double check on my ... flow charts." #2 "Right! Uhhh, where were we Tank .. actually, more to the point - where ARE you? Are you up to speed, do you know exactly what you're doing - or is the 115 delusion so bad you're still calling in field reports? Even though no one is listening! Sorry, aha - that's unfair. I was listening - I heard every word you said. You're a good soldier. You always were!" #3 "So! Richtofen .. I'm kind of surprised you've gone along with him this far! Didn't you despise him at one point? Anyway .. keep a close eye on him - I think he's up to something." Takeo (unintelligible due to audio overlap) Nikolai "There are certain things that you can't ever change, Nikolai. All I ask, is that you do the right thing. The right thing .. for everyone." (unintelligible due to audio overlap) Richtofen #1 "I have to admit something to you, Edward. Something I've never ever ever had to admit to anyone before. (unintelligible) quite a bad thing … I don't understand you, (unintelligible). I don't understand a single thing about what makes you tick! You are the closest thing to an absolute distillation of obtuse obstructionism of unparalleled maniacal chaos in human form as it is possible to imagine." #2 "Look - I know you've had a lot to deal with. I know how hard you've been trying, but I really can't be sure EXACTLY why you're doing it! I mean, it's not as if you owe Maxis anything .. Is it?" #3 "I don't know - maybe some of the paranoia is starting to rub off on me! But let me tell you this, my little german friend .. I've got my eye on you!" Credit to Reddit user FieryPanther for these - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Will update the list later, But for now, please feel free to add your own in the comments! Please leave credit for those who found it if using a source.
  3. Hello! Welcome to a recap of the events that transpired in Zetsubou no shima. I know this is a bit late, but for those who haven't yet done the EE or just want to know where the story is going, this is for you! NOTE: this write up only takes into account actual dialogue or scenes. There are no theories here. Just exactly what happened in the map. Zetsubou no Shima After the events of Der Eisendrache, the Origins 4 manage to find their way onto a vessel. However, they are quickly caught and detained. This is where the opening cutscene begins. They are quickly interrogated by the the vessel's crew. Through a twist of fate, the seas create a massive wave that unbalances the crew, allowing Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai and Richtofen to escape. They manage to escape the ship just as it blow up. They regroup near an overturned life vessel and set their sights on a far off island. They are quick to discover that this island is most likely home to Division 9, a section of the japanese miliary that was dedicated to the advancement of technology, no matter the cost. They soon discover the wretched experiments of the division, ranging from the occasional zombie to spiders and even a large plant like creature. Takeo reflects that he feels a connection here, and that he remembers the experiments here, most likely a side affect of being in a universe that belonged to another Takeo. Or element 115, no one could tell anymore. Soon, they come across a massive altar. Richtofen makes note that he recognizes these symbols. They each take a bloodied skull from the altar. Returning to their original landing location, they place the skull on the altar. portals appear, allowing more undead to come through. The crew quickly dispatches them before they reach the altar. The crew then realizes they will need to discover more altars and dig further into the island. As they make their way inland, they encounter many strange sights; a small pond with massive cocoons hanging from the rocks. Near lab B, they find another small pond filled with green color. As they walk near the catwalk, a man begins to wail "HELP" from the other side of a door. Soon enough, a zombie scientist appears and drops a liquid vial. Richtofen says it may be useful for something later on. Having restored power to both lab A and B, they return to the massive bunker that was in between lab a and b. The doors unlocked, only for a massive monster to attack. They quickly dispatch it and continue onwards. They manage to restore power to the entire facility. However, growling noises and rumbling could be heard throughout the entire compound. They continue to fight their way through, completing rituals, discovering more of the twisted experiments of Division 9. They eventually come to a cavern flooded with water. As they navigate it, Dempsey notices a further flooded area with an odd plant. Harvesting it, he wonders what this may be used for. Meanwhile, Richtofen looks at some of the left over notes created by the scientists. He quickly deciphers a few and realizes he can extract the venom from a spider. Luring one to a cage, Richtofen traps it and proceeds to extract venom. The notes speak of a concoction that requires three elements: a special plant, a liquid solution, and the venom of a spider. Richtofen meets with Dempsey to attempt to recreate the experiment on a nearby work table. Their suspicions are confirmed when the final product emerges. They keep it close at hand, hoping that it may lead to greater yet discoveries. Once they had all completed their rituals, they all proceeded to meet back at the big altar. Placing down the skulls, a secret passage appears. At the bottom, they find a skull. Nikolai foolishly grabbed it, triggering a Keeper manifestation. They manage to fight them off and take the skull. It mysteriously manifests into 4 separate skulls. Takeo manages to find a secondary ability of the skull, one which shows secrets. He looks to a wall nearby and illumiates it. A mural appears; they others do the same and reveal 2 more. They discover that the people of the island worship the Keepers. Later on, Nikolai happened to glean upon blueprints that show that the facility had a lower floor. However, it seemed unaccessible without a gas mask. They proceed to make one, allowing them to inhale freely without worry of the spores around the island. As they investigate the elevator, they reveal the secret wall. The elevator is missing 3 cogs. The crew begins scouring the island for possible fixes. They are sure what they are looking for is at the bottom. Dempsey soon notices a plane flying low overhead. He begins to think that maybe shooting it down will allow them to salvage it for a gear. In the armory, a massive Anti Aircraft gun stood proudly. However, Dempsey could not find the ammo. Fortunately, a nearby growing glowing purple plant splits open. A massive AA shell pokes Dempsey's eye. Taking it and loading it into the cannon, Dempsey aimed carefully and took out the Airplane in one fiery explosion. However, he now had to find the part, to which he groaned... Meanwhile, Takeo and Nikolai find another cog at the docks, near a zipline. They figure that they could use the zipline to drop down and grab the cog. They attempt it several times but fail. The zipline is apparently magnetic and will not allow them to loosen their grip halfway through the trip. Takeo suggests that they electrocute the panel, which would allow them to fall down. However, where were to they to find a random electric source? Fortunately they noticed that the clouds overhead struck at random intervals. If they could pinpoint it just right, or predict where it might land, they could harness it with something like a piece of metal, maybe a pole. Nikolai suggests the shields they built. At that exact moment, lightening struck the altar. Nikolai grinned. Whey they investigate, the realized that all the poles had their symbols lit up. They crew was so used to killing zombies, they had passed the trials without even trying! Nikolai and Takeo hold their shields ready for a lightening strike. As the shaft of light descended from the sky realm, they managed to catch the electricity on the shield. Satisfied, they returned to the zipline and attempted they plan. Succesful, they take the cog piece back to the elevator... Richtofen stood amazed. Discovering a blocked off area in lab A revealed another floor filled with diagrams and notes about a topic any good scientist knew couldn't possibly exist today: dragons. Looking upon that notes, he realizes that Division 9 managed to discover these creatures and could have used them to turned the tide of the war, and most likely, the world. Nearby, he discovers cracked eggs, one with a cog piece inside. Taking it, he begins to leave the room as zombies beginning to groan. However, before he does, he sets the room ablaze, destroying the only research in the world capable of proving dragons were real... The team meets up at the elevator and put the cog. The elevator creaked and growned, opening for the crew to go inside. The pile in, squashed together. They descend to the bottom floor, putting on gas masks to ensure minimal exposure to the toxin. Massive vines block their path. However, their weapons and even the kt-4 are not strong enough. Richtofen remembers that there were notes that explained a possible formula that could strengthen the formula of the acid. Returning to the surface, they look over the notes. Nikolai began firing at anything he could. However, luck shined through brilliance. He happened upon a small cavern that lead to a massive cave. The crew slide down into the cavern, only to be greeted by the mother of all spiders. The massive arachnid fought viciously, spitting acid, slamming the floor, and giving quick birth to zombies. Finally, they conquer the massive monster. As they leave the tunnel, Richtofen rips off a piece of the mom spider's tooth. He figured if he could refine the formula with this, the effect would be twice as powerful. They locate another vial in a cage in Lab B. Dempsey tried his hand again at making a plant using some oil water he discovered during an unfortunate slide down a sewer tunnel. The result was a brand new plan, one with a weird smell. The team came back together and mixed the ingredients, creating a new serum with blue acid. They load up and return to the massive vines in the basement. After clearing the hallway, they arrive to a large metal door. On the other side, a massive monster creature lies dormant. They shoot one of the vines with upgraded kt4. The monster responded by slamming down a branch. Suddenly, monsters began to appear from the ground, attempting to protect their master. Thee crew fought valiantly, taking down as many of the monsters as they could. Once in a while, the massive monster would let its guard down, allowing them to fire another shot at its week points. Once the beast had had enough, it roared loudly and dissolved into disgusting puddles. In the main chamber sat a lone man. The man recognizes Takeo who, unsurprised, shares the same memory as this man. They had found the man they were looking for. Takeo 1.0 tells them his tragic tale: how his amazing feats and loyalty to his homeland and empoeror had ultimately lead him to be blinded. He reveals that the one who did this to him was none other than the Emperor himself. This revelation causes Takeo to be taken aback. Richtofen looked away. It truly was a horrible sentence. Takeo 1.0 understands what must be done. He takes Takeo's blade and prepares to commit the japanese ritual suicide of honor. Takeo honored Takeo 1.0 by being his Kyshunin. Takeo 1.0 slips the blade into his belly and cut horizontally. Takeo proceed to deal the final blow. The Summoning Key glowed with power. Now 3 souls resided in it. Dempsey told Nikolai to prepare. However, Richtofen interrupts say that there must be a set of events set into motion. They then begin to teleport to a different location. Upon return, they each of 2 blood vials. Dempsey: "Welp, didn't see that coming" Richtofen: "Think of it as our Insurance policy; in case we don't like where we end up" The heroes return to the surface, ready to face the unknown future. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for reading! Please let me know if I left out any notes!
  4. Hello everyone! I’m here today to go very in-depth about the infamous ‘insurance policy’ that Richtofen talks about at the end of the Zetsubou no Shima EE. Spoilers ahead! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So let’s begin with the exact dialogue: Dempsey: Gotta admit: didn’t see that coming. Richtofen: Call it…our insurance policy. In case we don’t like were we end up. So let’s start exactly at Dempsey’s part. He didn’t see this coming. We should try to narrow this down in an opposite way, in that what he HAS seen. -Memories of Dempsey 1.0 -Dimensional travel and time distortion; Agartha, alternate universes -Apothicons, Keepers, and other worldly beings (BUT NOT THE GIANT MONSTER FROM SOE) -The summoning key and most of its abilities -Gruesome experiments of group 935 and Division 9 -He knows enough about Richtofen’s plan to carry it out himself (evidenced by round 1 quotes) -Supernatural forces from beyond the grave (Ghost wolf, demons, mother nature) -The effects of 115 So where does that leave us? Well, hard to say. In a sense: Dempsey has seen a lot of SHIT but this takes the cake. It is on a level that even at this stage, he could not have forseen what just occurred. At most, it has to top BLOWING UP THE MOON and killing himself. But before we speculate what that could be, lets look at Richtofen’s quote. This is the real meat of the controversy. Richtofen calls whatever they just did their ‘insurance policy’. It is important in how it was phrased: he is simply “calling it” that. That means he is either downplaying it from something very big and unimagineable or playing it up from something that doesn’t seem super exciting. From Dempsey’s quotes, we could hazard the guess that it is something BIG. The next part is “In case”. Seems small, and a fragment sentence, but it speaks volumes when spoken by Richtofen. By now, we have established he has a “plan”. However, just by this statement, he obviously has doubts about where it could go. This means that he has knowledge of multiple outcomes. With that, he has devised an alternate plan to ensure…hmm…we don’t actually know. All we know is that he will “bring order to the universe” and that only “he can do what is necessary to fix the universes”. We know he is taking the souls of the 1.0s but we don’t know what they will be used for. We ASSUME it is a ritual, but that’s mainly conjecture, though provided has good evidence. Let’s move away from our quotes stated above for a moment. Going back to Richtofen being alive as a necessity to achieve their goals, why is it just him? More importantly, if he is the main person that needs to be kept alive and trusted, why does he bother to get insurance for everyone on the team? Honestly, I have no idea and I don’t want to point directions until we know more. Back to the quotes above. “Where we end up”. This phrase is the real question, not what the “insurance policy” is. This single phrase is proof that Richtofen is aware or knows a few things: -They failed (They never reached their goal, they died) -The PLAN failed (The plan was useless, it changed nothing) -They did not make it to a specific place (They meant to land at A but instead got stranded at C) -They were too late (Damage is irreversible; they are in a position where they cannot continue) All these scenarios would merit Richtofen to create this “insurance policy”. But the bigger questions should be “If we went through such lengths for an insurance policy, what could our future hold?” After all, the bigger the gun, the bigger the threat it is meant to kill. So what is that scope of which traversing another universe could be necessary to insure that there was a way to have a plan B? Again, I have no answer as I feel we need more exposition. Lastly, let us actually look at the meaning of an insurance policy. An insurance policy, by strictest definition, is when an insurer is paid by someone to cover a problem in case of an emergency. Example: you pay a premium to ensure that your car’s damages will be paid for by the insurer. But that’s a monetary ideal. Let’s talk from a…different view. Richtofen did an ACTION, before an emergency or disaster, that ENSURED a SPECIFIC OUTCOME if things go WRONG. Furthermore, this was a SPECIFIC ACTION. It is meant to counteract a SPECIFIC SITUATION or SITUATIONS that may arise. When we break it down like that, there is a bit more that we can glean a bit more info about this ‘insurance policy’. -He knows of other outcomes and that his plan may have flaws. -He somehow has knowledge of an action in another dimension or place that may influence what they do in the future. -Whatever this insurance policy is, it was not only worth it to get it but it is also powerful enough to fix if they fail to “bring order to the universe”. This isn’t just some little thing about the blood vials. They did something to get those vials and those actions have consequences too. But until we know more, we can only assume. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for reading. Please leave feedback in the comments! I’d like to hear more theories and some that challenge what I’ve stated; that’s how we get to a good theory.
  5. Back when I first started zombies, I really didnt know about EEs until I read up on the story. Then Call of the Dead happened, with the probably one of the most notable EEs, since it was the first to have an achievement. At that point, I started just waiting for guides, watching updates from channels; I didn't participate much. Fast forward to BO2, I started to hunt a little. Never found anything, but it was fun nonetheless. Even then, I still waited for guides to come out. Now Advanced Warfare. That's when I started hunting EEs unintentionally. On carrier, I like to think that I was ahead of everyone else when I figured out the drunk maze part and the island part. I contacted a youtuber who stole the info and posted it himself. Not salty or anything, but that kind of turned me off from looking for EEs. It was my first time and I was so hyped and everyone was stuck at that part. Really wanted to make a mark saying "Hey I got a step!". But whatever. I will say that i figured out the electric part during the Descent EE as well as how to get the gold trophy, but I wasn't like first or anything. BO3. Shadows, did not try at all. DE, I did almost complete the fire bow but got stuck on the part after hitting the clocktower again. someone posted the step and that was kinda a let down. ZnS I really didnt get a chance to try because it was solved so quickly. But I did get that on my first try with a team of randoms! I would like to go hunting for EEs more but I really just enjoy maps when they come out. I enjoy spending the first day to myself and soloing, but thats prime time for EE hunting.
  6. I think there isn't enough info here to make a full case or theory. Yes, we could hypothesize about it for days without end but I feel like that will only tangle up the web. As I see it, for now, there is some other force at work here. It isn't Maxis, The Shadow Man, or even Monty. Honestly, we should look at one important thought: How do we know 'M' is someone who begins with the letter M? Whose to say that 'M' is just a placeholder for a different name? Just food for thought. Something that i've been wondering since SoE that no one has ever clued in on is one of the Shadowman's Quotes: "Your dimension will be absorbed just as mine was". This was a cut quote, or at least, I haven't heard the shadow man say it. Its interesting when looking at who the shadow man could really be.
  7. 54 new record for me. Got my 50 so im done as well. Lemme tell ya fellas: the lava/fire/magma bow is by FAR THE BEST. I will post a guide soon. But basically, if you shoot it at something, it will always insta-kill. The lightning is NOTHING compared to this. You wanna get outta trouble, lava is best.
  8. 44 for now. Not interested in shattering it.
  9. Oh, also, sorry about 2 posts, but it seems that matchmaking is better. Got into 2/3 games

  10. PSN update: Zombies got a bit weaker? Not too much triple hits


    1. RedDeadRiot


      Hot patch or an actual update?

  11. That can't be true, that's just ridiculous. I was a bit annoyed that you needed codes to see the first four videos anyway, but this would just be crazy. This reminds me of the recent Deus-Ex controversy, in a way, but on a much smaller scale. just read about that. I do see it
  12. the final words on him sound...odd. "The magician prefers magic when he knows he needs a miracle." definitely a weirder phrasing than the other three. "No matter how much he fights, the boxer never wins" "perhaps there will be an audition that will finally be her big break" forgot the cop but in the end, the magician is definitely different. also on the magician, if you catch the part where the camera zooms in on the word 'arrogance', just before it gets there, you can make out the word "maestro" in the background. Maestro of what? What is this miracle he needs?
  13. ah so you noticed too? I wonder if this could be the man that we saw in the trailer who was being sacrificed...

  15. I seem to be having trouble donating to the LFG and this site in general. I use visa and my account isnt frozen or anything. Help?


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      If so, scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll have two donation options - select the relevant option, thanks for the donation.

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