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  1. sombody send me an invite for the xbox clan my GT is "PROHIBITED ITEM"
  2. If you watch the latest behind the design episode on GTTV they say the zombies is next up at the end. They have released episodes every Sunday which leads me to believe the next episode will be on the 28th.
  3. thought they would have showed a little more considering they have been hyping it up all week :(
  4. Incoming interview with Jimmy Zielinski! Wonder what goodies they will bring us?
  5. nobody cares your just wasting space on the forum...
  6. OH JUST GET OVER YOURSELF!!!! can somebody please just end this waste of everyone's time?
  7. Any body else notice the zombie at 1:26 to about 1:28 in the release trailer. Its skull becomes longer and longer like its gonna pop. could this have any connection to the elongated skulls found in shangri la? or is it just a graphical imperfection in the video?
  8. Brains do run on electrical impulses, so i guess it could mess with thier motor skills. we all know this is a fiction game, so it doesnt have to be ultra realistic
  9. could it be a spirit being projected through electricity manifested by PURE CONCIOUSNESS!!
  10. In my opinion it kind of does have a physical structure if you think outside the box.
  11. it has a humanoid shape. Looks like a head with eyes at the top on the right you can see its arm and even fingers. The bright part is its body. I dont think we can see its shape clearly yet because its just spawning.
  12. In the teaser trailer it showed the bus and you could see the roof hatch closed and sealed. In the new picture of the bus you can clearly see a ladder dropping down from the hatch, which leads me to believe you can eventually get onto the roof of the bus! What do you guys think? Fixed -way2g00
  13. Sorry tried to post this one from my phone. Nearly impossible!!! Hate this phone
  14. I uploaded a @YouTube video youtu.be/O6xb3kqCwag?a Black Ops 2 | New Zombie Images!
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