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  1. i will accept that it is a fake, but it was a damn good fake! damn those trolls!
  2. sorry maybe i should go read about some kid who had an apostrophe! LMAO
  3. so now we cant speculate on fan art? This is the most intruiging thing ive seen on this forum for a while! why lock it???
  4. yeah he says hes 100 percent sure its fan art but will not explain why he knows its fake. hmmmm... although the sketch in the upper right corner which i believe is the back side of the "cyborg"zombie lokks erily similar to this sketch. look at the bands on the arms as well as the limbs being sketched in multiple positions!
  5. I know they mentioned range a lot in their conversation. Does anybody think that the map firing range could lead us to any more clues. I know there were some zombies related easter eggs on that map
  6. for thrice the zombie slaying fun.
  7. I definitely think it is going to give you upgraded ammunition. if you go to 1:18 in the new moon trailer you will see a AK74u firing an explosive round. Wicked awesome

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