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  1. For the last time, she is not a character. How many times has COD had a person on a poster or cover and have it in the game?
  2. It could be the driver who turned and was killed (explaining that he could not be driving) and the bus is controlled on its own
  3. I'd like to see a small bit to be honest since I love being surprised. But when it comes to wonder weapons, I only wanna see how they look coz they're what surprises me most
  4. probably a zombie that is being controlled by Richoften and as some joke he decided to put his hat on it
  5. Dammit, my sly skills of talking about leaks without getting caught has failed me :(
  6. What if the map is a base like Grriffin station, hidden from group 935. That could explain that Richoften is not driving the bus and is actually a robot form of Richoften. It probably isn't Richoften but I guess if it is its a robot
  7. No. That earned you a warning. We were all new to the forums at some point. I am actually glad to see someone who doesn't know that much about the story, at least not to the level of some of our senior members. It encourages me to attempt to help teach people everything I know and help them as much as I can. Thanks and I apologize for the misleading title
  8. I probably am but I had nothing else to do so I decided to post this
  9. Exactly. You came in sounding like these are things that you KNOW you saw in the trailer. And as far as the "Anything is possible"... Ehhhhhhhh, yes and no. Yes, odd things do indeed happen and things get EXTREMELY complex, but no because things need to follow something that would make a good story and be justified by the mythos. I've been on this forum for a week, cut me some slack
  10. Eh... what!? Sorry, but I 'reckon you are just SWAGing this. (Silly Wild Ass Guess) Whats wrong with guessing? I'm just saying what I think isn't that what this site is about?
  11. I guess the Ray Gun will definitely return but I think they might get new wunder weapons but I hope they don't overload them like in bops
  12. The thing about all this is that you never know when its just random Illuminati symbols or actually to do with the story
  13. I believe that the ray gun, thundergun and wave gun will return but the rest will have small appereances like the wunderwaffle on COTD. What do you guys think?
  14. I was gonna say George but I think that might be really shitty
  15. You could be right about it being a robot but I see how highly unlikely it is to have richoften driving so it could be a random survivor or maybe even the crew found the bus with the robot and are in the back
  16. 1. Richoften seems to be driving the bus yet he still controls the zombies since their eyes are blue. 2. Deleted 3.Zombies are wearing scrubs so I think they were tested on or a hospital is nearby which could show that the crew got themselves patched up after Moon 4.Seems to be a box but still could be mistaken 5.I don't know what made me think of this but I think the bus might be a way to get to another destination faster like the lunar pads on Acsension and zip line on Shi No Numa/COTD and the thing that throws you on COTD
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