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  1. Apparently this whole Vril thing just is way over your head kingsly? I do suggest you do some research on it considering we know for a fact is directly related to the storyline of zombies. If you've got nothing productive or intelligent to say please don't post pointless and unfunny replies. Ugh. sorry my sarcasm is not appreciated. to be honest, when i try and contribute in other ways you seem to dismiss it as well. i didn't mean to convey that vril wasn't related to the story - i just thought it was funny this topic said "new theory" when it's clearly been extensively covered to which I have read and greatly appreciate. i dunno i guess i'll go back to being a lurker.
  2. no no, you're getting it all wrong. Richtofen wore a kiss the cook apron and then grilled the vrill on a BBQ until he made grilled vrill patties. He topped them all with swiss cheese. Maxis is the either the hamburgler or grimace. the roy solved.
  3. I just... I don't even have a response to this... You don't show off your in-game points to other players to show your progression through zombies... Who needs to show off their rank?, When your in-game it won't really matter who has a higher rank, I could be level 35 and you could be 50, It doesn't matter the rank, As long as you could kill lots of zombies without getting downed frequently that shows to me that you are good kind of seems like you are missing the point. it's not about showing off. a rank system would be good because then you can tell who are good randoms to play with... if that makes sense: "Oh this guy is a 1st zombie prestige, he doesn't know jack about the maps" "Check it out this guy is a 5th zombie prestige, he knows what he's doing, maybe i can even learn something" If i had a guess I'd say you rank up by doing things other then just killing zombies (kind of like how bo2 mp will reward team players) - so also this would be good for telling if people are team players, or if they are that knife lunge glitch guy that is on top of a barrier by wave 7.
  4. SEPTEMBER 14TH - NOTABLE EVENTS IN HISTORY: 1954 – In a top secret nuclear test, a Soviet Tu-4 bomber drops a 40 kiloton atomic weapon just north of Totskoye village. 1958 – The first two German post-war rockets, designed by the German engineer Ernst Mohr, reach the upper atmosphere. 1959 – The Soviet probe Luna 2 crashes onto the Moon, becoming the first man-made object to reach it. IN HOLIDAYS: Christianity - "Feast of the Cross" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feast_of_the_Cross
  5. hey punkrock, i thought it might be good to mention some pretty interesting things that happen today in history, and astronomically - September 13th Historically: 1987 – Goiânia accident: A radioactive object is stolen from an abandoned hospital in Goiânia, Brazil, contaminating many people in the following weeks and causing some to die from radiation poisoning. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goi%C3%A2nia_accident Astronomically: tonight, you can see the andromeda galaxy in the sky (closest galaxy to earth)
  6. guys... you are not going to be disappointed. let's keep our heads and enjoy the ignorance while it lasts, because once we know everything - the presents opened, the holiday is over. enjoy the teasing my friends.
  7. yeah. bullet holes in the bottom. i honestly think this is nothing. them saying "who's ready for a ride" could totally just be them saying "are you ready for the release on nov. 13th?" TREYARCH PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG.
  8. instead of 4 mp and 1 z standard DLC maybe 3 multiplayer and 2 zombies maps? i'lllllllllll take it!
  9. yay it's been so long since a megathread started. I look forward to this thread expanding with 63 days worth of treyarch teasing us. OH IT'S A PICTURE OF A STREET SIGN WITH ZOMBIES - THIS CONFIRMS EVERYTHING. 8-) also - THIS IS MY 115TH POST. worth saying.
  10. earth to crazy skillz. they are desperate for attention. you are desperate for details. these 2 accounts were made after the villain trailer emerged, and all of the devs have completely ignored them for months. never a RT. if those accounts were real they would have slowly let details drop. have they? no. the extent of most of their conversations are something like T: hello mr raul we have our weapons ready for you R: excellent, we will be ready to use them on november 13th T: have you enjoyed the latest shipment we've sent you? R: yes friends, we all find out on november 13th. if the banter was intelligent, if they actually knew things, if they posted teasers that no one else had posted, if Vahn had RTed them - they'd be real. but none of that happened. Vahn is an expert in social media on his own, he doesn't need to create 2 accounts and send stupid messages back and forth. If and IF this was sanctioned by Vahn, it's clearly just some intern monkey churning the meat grinder.
  11. DLC is often finished when the game is finished. sure there may be some polishing, but the essential game mechanics are in place. I think it's safe to say that with all of the possibilities, there could indeed be some way to get multiple songs in bo2 zombies - but we won't know until november 13th... or if we see one of the characters holding a ghetto blaster boombox over their shoulder in the trailer :lol:
  12. so sorry guys, I posted this on my lunch break and totally spaced out including the source. Here it is in all it's glory - I love the story about him yelling at the kids at the movie theatre: http://www.elpasoinc.com/whatsup/features/local_news/article_118757bc-fce1-11e1-a78c-001a4bcf6878.html
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