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  1. These were taken from Xbox.com I'd be surprised if they're fake. Plus. They corrilate with all of the information we have been given so far. Not to mention the fact that It'd be futile to try to release fake achivements this late in the countdown to release.
  2. Oh my god, are you THAT upset about Marlton being alive? The way you where talking, made it sound like you were holding back tears while typing it up. "You won. You know who you are." Seriously? Dude. They are just theories. It was just mass hystaria because Marlton was missing from the trailer. Why apologize when no harm was done in the first place? Theories aren't made to prove other people wrong. They are just for fun. -_-
  3. Like I said. If they are planning on it, it wont be untill after all four map packs come out. Do you think that they will do anything with bo2 after the new cod is released? Except for turning double xp on every once in a while and trying to keep the hackers away? There is acually alot they can do with the addition of steam workshop to steam. They could open lobbys of custom maps made by fans for multiplayer and zombies. They could add a custom gun system like they did for team fortress 2, where programmers make their own gun, make it functional, publish it, and if it gets enough votes, Treyarch would make it a "mini DLC", so to speak.
  4. Glad you noticed that! The first four I'm aiming to have a 50's look, the next four to have a 70's look, and the next four (I'm assuming there will be three more after tombstone) will be 90's. Not exactly cannon in terms of the Zombie storyline, but those are the looks I'm aming for.
  5. Like I said. If they are planning on it, it wont be untill after all four map packs come out.
  6. If they do release one, it probably wont be untill all four map packs are released. Knowing the internet, and the people who dwell within it, people will find out a way to crack open every map in search for the conclusion for all of the easter eggs, which I am confident wee will have by the time the four map pack is released. With a dev kit now, easter eggs would be no fun. With a dev kit later, we'll still have the fun of the easter eggs, and have a developers kit.
  7. With the the new Steam-Workshop feature added to steam, its a great possibility that we will see the return of custome zombies maps. Whats your Opinion?
  8. Okay than! If I get enough views, I'll make a pack-a-punch one too! disgunnabegood.
  9. Does anyone think I should do a Pack-a-Punch Commercial as well?
  10. If Green Run takes place in the 80's, to me, that makes no sense. How can George A. Romero not have any Idea about the Nazi Zombies in 2011 when the world clearly freaking exploded. You don't just forget the world exploding, even if it is 30 years later.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, but I've got the perks covered. I'm going to use Jones brand Soda and replace the existing sticker with a custom one that I'm having a friend make. Its cool to use jones soda because it actually is soda and not just some colored water. It also had a colored cap, so, yeah. Thanks anyway!
  12. I've finished casting, and I'm aiming to start shooting next week. I'll have it edited and uploaded by late January! The only thing I need is a prop Juggernog. Apparently Strawberry Lime flavored Jones Soda is IMPOSSIBLE to find in my area. If you want more updates, follow me on twitter! http://www.twiter.com/mrmckonz
  13. Hey everybody! MrMcKonz here! I freaking LOVE nazi zombies. And I thought it would be cool if I made retro style commercials for the perks. I don't know if I'll do ALL of them though, that depends on how popular they get. If my first commercial, which will be Juggernog by the way, gets 500+ likes, I will make quick revive, speed cola, and double tap. If those get enough likes, I'll make the rest (not including tombstone, though I will make one when all of the DLC's for Black Ops 2 come out, so I can release any future perks collectively.) Here are some teasers for the videos. I made these from scratch, with inadvertant help from youtuber "codwillpwn" for making the perk 'emblems'.
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