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  1. I got everything downloaded, ive played them all before. Now all of the sudden, I can't play ANY map even kino. Does this mean i have to redownload them all? i can only download at 100kbps so 8 gigs would take a lot of time. Please let me know if there is anything else i can do to fix it.
  2. I always thought of coop being 2 players( i dont know why, i guess it can be more than that), but for this can it be 4 players?
  3. What about going forwards intime like you all imply, they go backwards in time to before [email protected] maps? Atleast for the first maps.
  4. WW2 is my favorite subject in history, i could watch documentaries about it all day long. I would definitely buy a new WW2 call of duty. Not being racist or anything, but how intense would Zombies be in a concentration camp? How is a future shooter "Right now" ? Besides, it has been proven that history repeats itself, therefore WW2 could technically be the future aswell.
  5. We can only portray the future in so many ways. But heres three quick similarities 1. walking tanks, metal gear solid had them in their timeline since the 1960's. 2. Suits look quite similar 3. Old versions of the hero. Metal gear solid has "old" snake which is Solid Snake, Liquid Snake/revolver ocelot, and in the end it has Naked Snake. All of which appear to be grandpa age. If it turns out that woods son is actually a clone, i probably wont touch the campagin.
  6. This is starting to look too much like metal gear solid 4 for me, one of the guys suits even looks like something you would find in metal gear solid. If it keeps going like this i would only buy it for zombies.
  7. That looks like a picture of a boat with milk spilled all over it. I did see the face on the bottom left side of the spilled milk.
  8. Alight, so me and a friend of mine were playing some Kino and we say a green van outside. I instantly thought an undercover mystery machine. Heres how it would work. The gang(scooby doo) walked inside, and stepped on the teleporter in the starting room while the zombies gang stepped on the other side of the teleported, they instantly became one and heres is what i think the people are Velma-takeo (cause there both lame) Daphnie- rictofen since they both pretty feminine, and shaggy and fred are just nikolai and demsey. Scooby doo has become a homedawg of all of the dogs, and i think i finally found out the mystery behind the "Beware the Six" message! There is an infamous sixth member of their gang, Scrappy Doo! Scrappy doo and Sam become best friends and are together torturing the people they don't like. Well im running on empty now for this idea, what do you think?
  9. I think that thats it too, not present on fire fox. that square is the default firefox icon Opera, not present Chrome, present
  10. I see the only way possible for a zombie movie to be made would be to do what the walking dead did with the comics/tv show(they follow the same principles, but the tv show is wayyyyyyyyy slowed down incase you haven't seen/read both) and the game.
  11. xLiNkZoRx


    been playing zombies solo for quite some time but i always sucked, Now i got wifi and me and some friends got to round 26 before we made a mistake and all died. Found this site and thought i could use some of the resources to learn more about the maps. I got a PS3 and my ID is my username.
  12. can it be found on a periodic table?
  13. Is it the pack a punched form?
  14. I will get it soon enough, but i need a video card since mines integrated and sounds and acts like its about to die soon.

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