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  1. We all had expected this to be a new characters, or possibly the Mexican test subject referenced in the Call of the Dead radios, but I have a new theory. In Shangri-La, after completing the Easter Egg, Takeo makes a rather peculiar quote. That sounds pretty crazy to me, we have what appears to be a direct reference to the old portrait. I am not sure of everything it means, but one of the characters that comes back to life in the Easter Egg is Brock. He makes a direct mention of Agartha, so he knows of the place. While I admit it isn't exactly a concept that was under wraps back then, he seems to know a lot about Zombies, since he was so calm when they arrived, and Agartha and the stories behind it. Perhaps he was an older Group 935 member from Britain, since they did allow foreigners inside the group! I don't think it is too far off to think that maybe after Group 935 was cancelled due to the Reichstag shutting it down and the war ending, the Brock maybe went back to Britain, England, or wherever his country of origin is and continued research. Then years later he attempted to fulfill his research and then Zombies end up coming after him. Remember that Maxis told Sam to kill all members of 935? Well Sam's way of killing them is to send Zombies after them. Tac, you might be onto something there, but I think it is simply Takeo talking about the forever repeating Easter Egg on Shangri-La. As far as my thoughts on the person in the portrait, my best guess is Maxis or an unknown character. Hopefully their identity is revealed in Black Ops II. Only time will tell.
  2. You have some very good ideas here. These seem very probably, but you are missing one chapter. In CVG, it was mentioned that JFK and Nixon were returning. So that means that if there would probably be a chapter involving their story, especially with the pictures of the bar with Castro on them.
  3. The most epic thing I've done is get a cross the map revive on Kino without aiming. I was running a full map train while my friend was running a train in the theater. My friend went down while I was heading up to the PM63 room. I ran up to the balcony, took a quick second to raise my crosshairs and shot a ballistic knife, jokingly, hoping it would revive my teammate. A second later when I was heading down to revive him, he was revived and I couldn't believe it. I hadn't aimed at all, but I got him in a turn of luck. I'm sure it isn't the most epic thing, but I found it very interesting.
  4. I agree that sniper rifles should be a bit more balanced. But with a headshot always killing them instantly, is way overpowered. If you think about high rounds, you could just get Dead Shot Daquiri and quickscope Zombies. This would make high rounds a lot easier. So maybe a one hit kill for headshots up to Round 50?
  5. I was trying to think of something that would help balance out that game type. More zombies would definitely help balance the game type and make it harder. Thanks!
  6. I think there should still be perks, but reduced effects. Such as when you have Jug, it would take 3 hits to down a player.
  7. And an insta death. I don't think it would necessarily be an insta kill. Yes, it would be easy at first, but not an insta kill. It would make things difficult for sure if a zombie reached through the boards for you. But friendly fire would really be a problem in my opinion. It would be difficult, but if your friend was trapped in a corner, you couldn't help him/her because you'd cause them to go down anyway.
  8. Since Zombies will now be running off the multiplayer engine in Black Ops II, is there a possibility there could be a hardcore mode for Zombies? If you think about it, it's plausible, but would Treyarch do it? If there was hardcore, I would imagine the zombies would be weaker, the HUD would be gone, friendly fire would be on, the players would take one hit to down, the players would bleed out faster, and zombies would tear through boards quicker. If they're implementing new game types, then I think they should/will put in a hardcore version of Zombies. Thoughts?
  9. *raises dead zombie limbs* If they can do it right, it would be great.
  10. Mark Lamia stated that Zombies will be running off of the multiplayer engine. In multiplayer, we've always had customizable private matches. Possibly, in Black Ops II, we'll be able to set up our own Zombies mode/gametype. We can possibly set a time limit, different scoring, possible objectives, starting weapons, classes, available weapons/perks, etc. All of those things depend on what will be in the game. I think it would be neat, especially for challenges, to have private matches set up like this. It's plausible because it is running off of the multiplayer engine. Sorry if this has already been touched upon. Thoughts?
  11. The Zombie "Story" picture is not from Play Station Magazine. It's been up for a while. The A button looks a little disfigured also. They probably just used it for people's interest.
  12. A lot of people bring up the point of PaPing the Bowie Knife. In my opinion, I think it is a pack-a-punched weapon itself. It does increased damage (possibly range, I'm not sure), just like other weapons. I've heard others say about PaPing grenades, but it's the same case. The monkey bombs, Gershes, Matryoshka Dolls, and QEDs are like upgraded versions of the regular grenades. It would be iffy to be able to place a grenade or knife into the machine, so they offer these upgraded versions.
  13. I've never heard the PhD theory elsewhere, but I had the idea myself. If you watch the explosion, it looks just like one from PhD. I doubt that Treyarch would mix the two worlds together, so I don't think they'll use that explanation. It's more of a joke, than actual theory, in my perspective. It's the only way he could have survived though, unless he had a massive flak jacket or was revived later on.
  14. Thanks! When I do get that far, I'll split it up somehow. Wow. I'm surprised 80-100 takes as much time as 1-80. Speaking of time, how long on average would it take someone to reach Round 100 on Ascension? I've skinned through your guide before, but I'll definitely be reading it before I attempt any map.
  15. Thanks! I've checked out a few strategies, but haven't read through them entirely. I'd like to save them for when I can sit down and digest them, rather than cramming them into one night. I discovered the site by one of MrRoflWaffles' videos. I browsed through the site, and I learned that this was this place for me. It was filled with so much information. This is the place I've been looking for.
  16. Hey there fellow members. I recently discovered this forum and I've been quite amazed by the content on it. I've started reading up on quite a few strategic posts and I've decided to emerge myself back into Zombies. My highest round was 44 solo on Ascension. I haven't played much solo, but I know the very basics for surviving into higher rounds. I was wondering which map (I have each map) I should consider trying first along with any tips. I know I won't be able to just suddenly get to round 100, but I want to slowly work myself up there. Thanks for your input.
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