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  1. I like this idea, do you know any one who could create it?
  2. If they did this as DLC is sould be free to those who bought the games or they could just patch the games insted of been lazy.
  3. Yeh I think your right I don't think they would make a strong link of campign to zombies like this theory but I was just seeing if any one on here had heared of this.
  4. I heared alot of rumors that Woods from Black Ops had PhD Flopper to surivie from his death. For those who don't Woods died of a greande explotion while been pushed out of a window. However because of the termanal and more importaly the Black Ops II trailer we know his alive. And one way he could of easliy survrived his death would have been to use PhD Flopper as the greande would not effect him nor the fall from the window. But campaign and zombies mode have never (or not that I know of) had a big connection like this so I'm not sure if this is what happend but it still possible. What do you think? I personly don't think this is what happend but still fun to think about.
  5. Does the hide and seak easter egg on Der Riese effect the game at all after doing it because I do it alot when I'm bored but I not sure if it changes the game at all such as make less power-ups becasue Sam is angery. Does any one know?
  6. I know this has probly been done before but I havn't seen any post like this so. My fav perks in ordder: 1) Juggernog 2)Speed Cola / PhD Flopper - If I have Ray Gun or Upgraded Colt. 3)Stamin-Up 4)Quick Revive - If i'm playing with people who go down alot. 5)PhD Flopper - If playing with out Ray gun or Upgraded Colt. 6)Mule Kick 7)Double Tap Root Beer 8)Deadshot Daiquiri Tell me yours down below.
  7. Well in Shi no Numa and Der rise (both WaW and BO) getting kills with the wunderwaffe would NEVER get you a power-up/drop it was ment to do that but I suppose because in CoTD it gose away after losing you ammo they might have let you get max ammos with it so.
  8. I belive that Maxis was going to revile the teleporter to German solders but some thing bad happend and I can't rember what is was, if any one elese knows pleased correct me.
  9. I belive there is one of those boxes in the spawn room near the Quick Revive machine I normaly knife it but I'm not sure if it opend by pressing X I have never tryed but It might link to the other two boxes some how.
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