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  1. Then it would just be like Survival from MW3. Plus they had the Death Machine in some levels as a power up. Wasn't that a killstreak?
  2. Basically the last three maps were turds. 1. COTD - George. Really now? Probably the dumbest thing they've come up with. 2. Shangri La - okay. Pretty difficult. But napalm/shrieker? This is not Left for Dead. 3. Moon - like you guys said it was stupid to get jugg. and the astronaut thing? uhhh, just moronic. Go back to the mindset they had in the first 4 maps and don't add in Left for Dead type crap. COD zombies is about just ZOMBIES and getting to the highest round you can get to. The EE's were better when it was told through the radios.
  3. All I want is for Assault Rifles to not be the far and away best weapon class. All I saw in BO1 was FAMAS, AUG, Galil, Ak47, and Commando. Used to see the AK74u but the babies got that patched somehow and thus the end of SMG's. Make the Assault Rifles low damage but high range.
  4. Haha, sorry if it seemed like I shot you down, wasn't what I intended to do, just thought I'd tell you what I knew, I like the idea of cutscenes, cutscenes during easter eggs would be awesome! Watch the COD XP Zombies Panel. They confirmed that they'll never do a cutscene in the middle of the game.
  5. Speaking of underground maps, Station should have been the basis for Der Riese instead of Nightfire. Has anyone ever seen this before? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Riese Looks exactly like Station.
  6. Uhh that's the MP7, a gun not made until 2001. I thought the game was Cold War?
  7. This. Yes I agree, these are the easter eggs I like. You don't need a big thing to tell story, its like reading a book, and Ive lost where Im going with this, so I will end this post here. Anyway I would love a map with no perks or pack a punch. That to me is survival. No second chances, No super weapon, just you, lead and a horde of undead eager to devour your brain. I see some suggestions like "release 2 maps per map pack." I think if they did something like that then make one map the "storyline" so all the kiddos can have their way with ridiculous crap and the other map the "classic" style for us nostalgics. Actually I don't mind perks and traps and super weapons. But Der Riese is as far as the extra stuff should have gone. No crawlers, monkeys (seriously what the heck does monkeys have to do with zombies?), shriekers, astronauts, georges, and napalms. Zombies started as a border defense game. Now it's run around in circles and whoever can stay awake and alert the longest will be up in the leaderboards. Before like in Nacht and Verruckt it was the most skilled at killing zombies who would land at the top. Now it's whoever has the most time. What happened?
  8. What zombies needs is less special zombies and less objective type things like the ride thing you described. Think back to the basicness of Nacht and Verruckt and Shi No Numa and DR. That's WHAT Treyarch should be aiming to go back to. Not making the game into a copy cat of Left for Dead. But as far as carnivals go, the map itself would be pretty sick. Maybe they could use Zoo as model?
  9. Like that map from COD4 would make a pretty sweet zombies map. Plus nuclear fallout was a huge fear during the Cold War.
  10. Are you thinking that the Hardened version will include every zombie map, only the old black ops ones, only the waw ones, or none of them?
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