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  1. HAHAHA... That made my day. Back to OP, We know bowman is dead, but I honestly don't thing Reznov is dead. You didn't SEE him die...he just drove away in a truck from what I remember...maybe he got taken back to the prison and escaped again...maybe he did make it out, with a little help from someone else which we could get to know in BO2. Anything can happen, and nothing IS confirmed except for the fact that bowman is dead .
  2. Lab near earth's core(even possible?)? I don't know, it sounds okay, but it just doesn't smack me upside the head saying "FREAKING AWESOME". It seems it's just me that doesn't like it so much. So, good job , but i just can't get the feel of it. I like your guns choices, perks, and other stuff. Just the setting i don't like so much.
  3. Come to think of it, 601 does make a zombie ring a bell in my head (lol). It would be cool for Treyarch to make them the next big zombies thing along with having the original gang. Imagine the easter egg hunts that would go online after thats announced. :lol:
  4. Yeah, in single-player you could switch off, but in multiplayer zombies there should be 8 players.
  5. I think the game does need a modern-era map with modern guns...Just once...Make it like FIVE was and add it in there just for the fun of it, not because it follows some story-line.
  6. Hmm...I guess I was wrong then lol, I had figured I was. I just don't ever see them. SNEAKY NINJAS
  7. Very Nice... I agree with you in the fullest, they need a team to do be constantly watching...That could also get more glitches (or hacks, exploits, etc) fixed in one patch so that they don't have to release as many patches, which will probably never happen but still, great idea. I don't agree so much about the triple digits on the leader-boards...honestly i hate the leader-boards. Not because i have never gotten past 40 but because of all the hackers that would have 999 in the first week. Although, that should follow under the patching team. Everything else is good.
  8. I have not seen many games with glitching lately. I know there are still some out there but, they fixed a lot...Treyarch did good with Black Ops in my opinion. Sure, it took the first month for them to fix the 15th prestige glitches and stuff like that, but they fixed almost everything and more. Even though they did that i just hope they keep a better watch on their game this year too. To see a Call of Duty game hacker free on first day? What a sight that would be.
  9. Oh Well... I guess i will just post a link...It would awesome if it actually worked Made some changes to my Introduction too
  10. I have read chapter 1 so far and....OMG...I Favorited this page after that....I will read more tomorrow.... Thank you for providing this wonderful entertainment! Keep writing!
  11. Pretty Cool! Each phase should be longer i think...this is the first phase i have read but now i want to go back and read phase 1...keep 'em coming man!
  12. Thanks, will do. Probably won't get many replies considering it's 2 AM EST :lol:
  13. Now i'm not sure if this "Treyarch's next game" forum is just made for zombies or what but I have and idea. Community Playlist is one of the best things MW3 had, sadly infected will not be back from what i have heard. (speculations?) Anyway, I want wager match back (Depending on if they keep the CoD Points System) If they do keep the CoD points system they should bring it back...for a few reasons 1 to be for gun game trololololing on weekend gambler/high roller, wasting points just to knife the crap out of kids (kids/noobs : LOST ALL MY COD POINTS :cry: ) good times. Community should be separate from Wager so people can still play those same fun games on wager but yet no wagering/gambling. Lol sorry I'm a troll (sometimes)...and on wager match...trolling was fun as hell. Tell me what you think!
  14. For, it depends on if i get something zombie-exclusive. If not, then Regular Pre-Order...but if something with zombies...IM PRE-ORDERING HARDENED! Like i did with black ops 1
  15. Not to mention to fit it on one disc you woul have to take away something casue youd need space to run it. Nothing is more annyoing to me than having to switch disks sometimes Thats what PC is for...but yet you can't make your own maps on Black ops...encourage it (sort-of) in [email protected] and take it away in black ops? Why? I think the PC geniuses that make mods and maps for PC should be able to do it in black ops 2. Also, if you really want custom maps you should be able to do a "USB to xbox" sorta thing custom maps and mods kinda of added spice to World At war
  16. So i am not really new to the forum...but posting wise fairly new. Just want to say hi. I play lots of zombies, I have played zombies ever since i discovered it through campaign play on [email protected] so i am not new to zombies I hope to play lots of zombies with people from the forums here. World at War PC User : RedPandas (I didn't buy through steam) XBox Gamertag : LeGiT T1GER Steam: Boboquopan (just add me for the Lulz) Oh and if you please would check out my youtube channel : youtube.com/sizmatics Me and My friend started it back in September/October 2011 and we only have 10 subs but we have almost 1500 views. We did mainly Minecraft but i have started doing Nazi Zombies videos considering i just got my new computer and i can finally play it Lets get to the real introduction though. The names Jake, I am 15 (yes i was an immature 11-year old squeaky-voiced kid when i played [email protected] those 4 years ago was it? Yes 4 i believe. Not so much any more....the squeaky voiced part ) I have played CoD since CoD2(although i got it a bit late) and I don't intend to quit anytime soon. HUGE FAN of zombies, gigantic emphasis on the words "HUGE FAN". Music-wise, I like anything except for rap and country. My top three favorite genres are probably 1. Dubstep/Techno 2. Alternative 3. Screamo/Metal (or whatever you want to call it). BUT! I have to say...when I play zombies i listen to elena siegman...115,Beauty Of Annihilation, etc. I hope to get very acquainted with this forum and post lots every day to become a very active member. See you around the forums ;)
  17. I think there should be a perk....or maybe not so much perk but equipment that lets you get your own little animal companion. Like a Panda Perk Name : PandaMuch Effect: Get a panda pet that attacks whatever zombie you shoot with a bullet...say...shoot a zombie once and it attacks (like dogs in minecraft lulz) When you down: Lose perk, but panda goes on epic 15 sec rampage with insta-kill you have to admit it may not be realistic....but hey...it makes since. maybe replace panda with dog
  18. I like that...8 players maybe? Like you quoted...Switch between Price, etc into Richtofen, etc... Instead...8 players? i know this has been suggested too many time but bigger zombies maps would be awesome...like double call of the dead size LOL....SO EPIC IMO.
  19. Like you were saying about the prestige metals...Make it emblems...like multiplayer unlock emblems for zombies like doing things like "Get 2 headshots with one bullet" and it would have some type of cool emblem or whatever. Also, i think there should be a counter that adds up all your total revives, kills, downs, etc., and be able to look at other peoples stats...Like combat record for zombies. Have favorite weapon, how many kills with each gun, and some different things specially for zombies. If you like those ideas you should add them to your topic BTW, this is my first ever post on the CoDz Forum! :D
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