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  1. Yeah I don't like it when people hear some random speculation and automatically think "Zombies is ruined, not buying it!"
  2. Really? I could ask the same question about all the 10 year olds playing zombies right now online, screwing up what the game used to be by glitching and ruining the game. Hell, my 10 year old brother is playing Der Riese right now as I type this, he has been playing zombies since he was 6 and the kid is F'ing good. He isnt immature like the rest. I really think it shouldn't depend on how old you are, Just on how you process what you see. Is it really just a game? or is it real? ON TOPIC: I hope the game comes with a second disc kind of like battlefield 3, Campaign on one disc and multiplayer on the other. Im looking forward to buying the Hardened edition, hoping that it has something zombies related on it. Thats why i havent pre-ordered yet. I couldn't care less about a poster that I can put as the wallpaper on my PC
  3. Left 4 Dead doesn't suck, it is a pretty fun game, but that is just my opinion.
  4. Much like Left 4 Dead campaign but with more of a story.
  5. With that being said, a story mode is pretty likely. With several new game modes, why not? I can see a story mode being quite like Left 4 Dead campaign but without the special infected and all that other BS. Not that that is a bad thing it just means it will be quite linear, and with a story, unlike left 4 dead. Left 4 Dead does have a story but it is more of a side story type thing. Where it is hinted at and not discussed much at all.
  6. Ok, thanks. Guess I will have to wait until July to know whats next. I hope it has to do with zombies LOL The hardened will probably have ELITE membership or something like that.
  7. From what I understand, Zombies is going to be on a completely different timeline then the actual game. Tell me if I am wrong.
  8. What I thought it was is that if you buy it now, you get everything later that comes with it. Am I wrong?
  9. So, for the first wave of gamestop's pre-orders you get a poster. I understand this. What I don't understand is where the hardened edition stuff is? I was going to buy the hardened if it had anything zombies related, but I don't want to wait and get disappointed when I find out there is no hardened and then miss out on all the cool stuff from GameStop. Anyone else been wondering about this? Should I just go ahead and pre-order the one from gamestop to get my poster?
  10. Guys check out the Interactive trailers for black ops 2 on callofduty.com There is more than just the reveal...The voices from the classified videos are Oliver north and P. W. Singer
  11. I don't think that this would be considered LEAKED because the trailer is out, so tell me if I am wrong. I found a few things in the trailer...I will update this as I see them. First, A new character - Wonder who this could possibly be? As he shows up TWICE Also, A new killstreak possibly. You may or may not be able to see it down at the bottom... It says "3-47 PEGASUS KILL 55" Guessing this is a killstreak, basicly a new AC-130 and the 55 is probably XP, maybe they are going back to the 10 XP per kill type system, I don't know. Tell me what you find and what you think.
  12. Actually considering the Modern Warfare series is around 2015, Black Ops 2 will probably be more like 2030 IMO
  13. You can barely see it, but at 3:30 it skips to 4:30 almost like its missing a single word or someones Name. For example...Maybe: "The future is not as far off as most people thing, Name, We aren't ready for it."
  14. NEW IMAGE UP ON CALLOFDUTY.COM!!! It looks like a weapon attachment or the loading screen of a map!
  15. I don't understand why people don't like Syndicate, he got to round 116 ON VIDEO, on kino der toten! What is so bad about him...I love watching his videos and I have been watching him around the time he started!
  16. I bet at the end of all these quotes is going to be a sort of important quote from a main character! Kind of like the quote below from Alex Mason
  17. UFO Doesn't always mean ALIENS. UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object.
  18. I was thinking back when 3:23 was popping up, Maybe it means like March of the year 2023. I wasn't so sure so I didn't say anything...I still don't think it's right but it's just a guess.
  19. The url shown which is callofduty.com/bo2 doesn't exist. If there was a reveal trailer coming today, that site would be there. FAKE
  20. It really does...i listened to him...then the recording. That is really close
  21. If you are right...then tacitusproject.com now redirects back to us again...Weird?
  22. Yeah the new numbers go to the LA Convention Center, Where E3 is held. Interesting, I do know that they will be showing the full reveal of BO2 at E3 just like they did with Black Ops, but why put that as one of the classified pics if we basically already knew that?
  23. That has been like that since the ascension map pack man...LOL
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