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  1. i totally agree. the game is much much more enjoyable if you feel vulnerable.....
  2. anyone else got any views on this idea?
  3. zombies has the potential to be bigger than call of duty itself. the amount of people that are so bored of multiplayer is amazing. when you speak to people of zombies they say "yes im bored of multiplayer". and then they turn to zombies. the thing is most people dont relise how addictive it is because they dont give it a chance, but once you get that zombie BUG there ain't no turning back. i used to hate it when i first played it, but now its a daily dosage. i can definitely see this zombies feature turning into a global addiction, call of duty multiplayer will die if not already dead, and zombies will rise above and become its own product. i would gladly buy an anual version of zombies on disc and pay for maps no problem. lets be honest most of us are buying black ops 2 just for zombies and to check out multiplayer to see how they have changed it. but fundamentally we will all end up on zombies leveling up rather than play multiplayer. please leave your views on wether you believe like me that zombies will be its own brand in the very near future.
  4. yes it was a very high standard. i am a sound engineer/technician myself so i understand the amount of work that went into the moon map. i still get goose bumps when i hear the reverberation in the dome, AMAZING. but back to the topic, for this map idea to be a huge success the audio has to literally shit you up, i mean walk round a corner and WARGHHHHHH.
  5. heres what i want to see along with everybody else! viewtopic.php?f=100&t=21847
  6. wether there will be host migration on the new zombies............. And wether the matchmaking will be categorized. by this i mean i can spend upto 40 mins trying to find players worth playing with due to the current level i find myself at. :D
  7. ye scary stuff. the audio will be a huge gameplay winner on this map, something totally new and fresh in regards to making the player feel vulnerable.
  8. im glad all of you like the idea. just paste this thread url to treyarch and make them aware that this is an idea that we want to see.
  9. please take some time and watch these 2 videos, everyone is talking about this idea and 99% of people want to see this happen. 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1ijNfufp3s 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxJkMlqYrys the first video has a very annoying voice over but just bare with it and take the info from the video the second video will make you understand the gaming experience this would bring if we are successful as a community at bringing this map to life. lets push this idea so we can see this eventually enter the game for black ops 2. please feel free to contact treyarch and let me know of your interest, lets make this the first map we demand as a community! please leave your feedback on the idea with things you feel would work and things you feel wouldn't work with this idea. thanks.

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