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  1. We're pulling up to a new stop in Tranzit with another delivery for you. Don’t get carried away with all this excitement! ”I wonder if this thing might fit with that other thing?” Download DontMissTheZombieBus_Delivery3 Sorry guys, I can't figure out how to post the .png picture but I can tell you it is part of that buildable Riot Shield seen in the trailer. It is the big red steel framing of the shield that holds the car door. If anyone can post the image here's the URL:
  2. I think this right here might mean that the maps or some aspect of the gameplay in Black Ops 2 would be affected depending on if you completed any of the achievements on Moon, but I have no idea how they would affect them. How else would Black Ops 2 be able to determine our actions in the prequel? Here are the achievements: -Cryogenic Slumber Party -One Small Hack for a Man -One Giant Leap -Perks In Spaaaaace -Fully Armed and Operational -Ground Control -Big Bang Theory The only way I can think of that would affect Black Ops 2 would be the 'Cryogenic Slumber Party' achi
  3. Liking the custom search option and the host migration.I'm mostly hoping for less lag in the later rounds on both consoles.
  4. I've only seen one person use the VR-11 properly, and he used it like a boss !! He helped us make it to my highest round on CotD. I didnt even know until this guy done it on me that you could fire your whole magazine into someone at once and that guy will be ignored by zombies for like 3 minutes in one go. I thought they would only be effective if you fired one at a time I like the ideas like the Ballistic Knife and the VR-11 because it gives the game variety, and would definitely love to see more team player type weapons like these.
  5. Some small things I would like to see would be like to be able to carry over highest rounds on Black Ops to BO2, provided they plan on remaking the maps for the next Black Ops. My goal was to make round 30 on all maps before MW3 or even BO2 came out. Safe to say I havnt make my goal. I made 30+ on Der Riese, Kino, Dead Ops, Ascension, and CotD. I still have quite a few to go but I worked hard to reach those and dont want to lose those stats. Also I'm a PS3 player and would be very happy if I could play Split screen with my brother using 2 different accounts from the PS3 like they can on the
  6. Woody reckons he might be on to something. He found a website that went up recently and thinks its tied into CoD in some way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z70DLRZK ... AAAAAAAPAA
  7. I would find a stat tracker involving how many doors they have opened would come in handy as well. Lets me know if I'm playing with a team player. Nice idea.
  8. Idea for Boss and Wonder Weapon to go with it: Now, I don't know much about the storyline of Zombies, but Im pretty sure that Sam has switched bodies with Richtofen. I was thinking of having a Boss in the form of Sams Teddy Bear, much like the one with that red eye in the random rooms on Kino. It doesnt need to be a Teddy bear maybe just a regular zombified grizzly bear instead. Say for arguments sake they appear on a map with 10 rooms so there will be 10 of these beasts walking around this map. They would move at a pace similar to say George Romero but have little health; 1-2 clips could ki
  9. I think they should do the Double Punch idea exclusively for a new Wonder Weapon(s), It would be an awesome idea, But I dont think they should allow Double Punching for normal Wall and Box Weapons.
  10. ^^^^^ I totally agree, without bosses it becomes repetitive and less challenging. I see so many people posting to keep it simple, Now going overboard is a concern of mine, only a small one but still a concern but I think what they had with the Black Ops maps was balanced and challenging. If they keep it simple it will be far too easy to make round 30+ which will give people more to complain about because of the Lag (which is actually something that needs to be fixed). People complain about Shangri La because its too difficult; I dont see it as difficult I see it as challenging and is honestly
  11. Cheers for the compliments, the battery idea is wicked that way there could also be a limit to the items as well. I also wouldn't mind the idea of the sticks of Dynamite being Tact Grenades cos it makes sense that the zombies would be attracted to light, and Scavenger just happens to be my favorite Wonder Weapon so I would like to see that return, maybe as the reward for the EE as it would also give people the ability to see in the dark. Also forgot to mention that for the theme of the map we would wield a Pickaxe instead of the Sickle or Bowie Knife.
  12. Im liking the ideas posted on here and thought I would try my luck on posting my ideas for a map as well. I know that most of the ideas I bring up have already been mentioned but I wanna try put them all together. I am also aware that there are a few flaws in my ideas and will mention them at the end, but feel free to point out any other flaws that you can spot. I realise this is a lot to take in for one map but try to bear with me here. I only have one map in detail at the moment and will post my other ideas as they pop into my head. The Map would be an Underground Mine that would
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