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  1. i think it will be better if you unlock it the 4th time you buy quick revive(yes forth)or 3arc dont put it at all.i mean it would be a risk.quick revive,or losing all of the revives for infinity ammo?
  2. if you want buyable endings and ammo of the wall by thepc version of [email protected] and hack it bro.bo2 won't be screwed because of you bro
  3. then zombies would be piss easy.you are leaving a crawler at the end of each round to refil your ammo and then you go on...no
  4. can you add the 8 player coop and more maps than 2 or 3 at the start plz?thx
  5. why would you post an mp thread in the zombies forum???anyway i like sniping in [email protected] and cod4 so i dont know what to vote for :P
  6. if save is addes to the game we will be able to reach very...very...very high rounds...i dont think they will add it but the other stuff are nice.also you should chose your character in solo dont you think?
  7. don't worry a developer tweeted that he reads these forums everyday
  8. :facepalm: guys a zombie developer of twitted to a guy this:which conferms zombies in the next call of duty game.And i dont think they can make a lot of maps just on moon so they will take us on earth or a different storyline
  9. I have to say this is the best forum in the whole site bro!But(there is always a BUT )if they are going to put alll the maps in BO2 i think it is better to do this: WaW maps include WaW guns(on wall and box) Bo guns(in box only) and BO2 guns(in box only) Bo maps include Bo guns(on wall and box) and bo2 guns(in box) Bo2 maps bo 2 guns only(EVERYWHERE 8-) What do you say?
  10. i disagree with the arena thing but i like the idea of having assasins and soldiers and heavies(etc.).it is like the realism mod in [email protected]
  11. they should put it but since you have an option(you can kick players in private)its ok.If they will include it in find match they should out an option for that
  12. guys if they include all of these ideas the game will be called call of duty zombies(not a bad idea ha? ).Just put a zombie campaign and nothing else...
  13. agree.Involve zombies in elite?no just no :(
  14. my opinion:WaW maps with [email protected] BO and BO2 guns BO maps with BO and BO2 guns BO2 maps with only BO2 guns Awesome or not?leave a reply plz :mrgreen:
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