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  1. I managed to save Karma and killed DeFalco, I am going to replay the mission where you kill Maison, I didnt aim for the legs thinking that it would'nt let me. I too knew there was something fishy about that mission mainly because of Noriega's actions and attitude throughout the mission, but partially of Hudsons actions too, as in the first BO storyline its is unlike him to be so short and unexplained during transmissions.
  2. Sorry if i stray from the original thread here for a second, but do you think it could be possible that Maxis could be some how communicating through the bus driver?
  3. I agree with the guns having no emphasis on the time, I mean look the thunder gun was available in one of the BO storyline missions for example. And with all of the teleportation etc too.
  4. Maybe they will leave the story of his son kind of untold ya know for us to find out like what happened to Alex, who is/was the mother etc.
  5. Maybe Kino was just to help jump start the storyline again, it had meaning in the story as the theater was where Maxis (Richtofen also?) used the film player to re-institute the subjects. I cant really remember any easter eggs that were there in order for it to need to be there. But it seemed Richtofen new of the place just not when it was.
  6. If only I had a copy of black ops still I would, i had to sell most of my games a while back cuz i needed money. I would love some help on it though if you know anybody willing to.
  7. Ya know as many times as I have watched that show until you said that I never really made the connection....come to think of it red could be his twin!!
  8. To me, being called a nerd isn't a bad thing at all. I can relate though. When I try to talk to my Dad about ancient aliens, and pyramids on the moon, and things of that nature, he says to me "That sounds like a bunch of conspiracy theorist stuff again". And he uses the term 'conspiracy theorist' towards me as if it were a bad word. I talked to my dad about stuff like that once, my dad is really old school so this is what he told me. "What the f**k is the matter with you? do you really believe all that bulls**t? Now quit f**king around and help me finish this car. lol
  9. Ohhh ok got ya. Hey while I am at it I have another post that is dead dead dead. could you do me a favor the numbers in SNN 4 8 16 23 42 everybody says its from lost I found something else search up on Taman Shud and see if you can find any connections between zombies and that case. I dont know enough of the zombies story yet, with the exception of knowing about the characters stories.
  10. I know this post is old and all...and a good one at that because id like to find any importance of NDU also. But as you said "the meteor created zombies that attacked the crash survivers" I can only see one problem and it is heard in one of the radios. it says something about the subjects reacting well untill they were introduced to teleportation, and after teleporting they became unstable. I really have no clue though godd work anyway [brains]
  11. That's not the big point. The big point is that the characters presence their is seen in the pictures and such, except none of them, even Richtofen recall anything about the place. And if it was real, and such a success, the group would hade had more funding and not fallen like we know it did. ergo, it's rather possible it's just an alternate dimension. Maybe Samantha put the pictures there, she might have needed them to there to find something so she could be brought back/gain revenge on Richtofen like she wanted. Lets look at the easter eggs, is there anything in any of the EEs that could have made the next map possible/needed after Kino?
  12. Hey seeing as how you like verruckt so much on solo, I have a question. As I played verruckt WaW version on pc I noticed that the characters voice didnt sound like any I had heard before. He sometimes you messed with the wrong Marine but it sound nothing like Tank. who is the character? Peter maybe??
  13. the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42. Not connected to LOST IMO but rather this. google the number strain with spaces and add " Taman shud" without quotes. Read up on it and let me know what you think, any connections anyone can think of and can anybody decode the message left by the mystery man.
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