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  1. Ya know as many times as I have watched that show until you said that I never really made the connection....come to think of it red could be his twin!!
  2. To me, being called a nerd isn't a bad thing at all. I can relate though. When I try to talk to my Dad about ancient aliens, and pyramids on the moon, and things of that nature, he says to me "That sounds like a bunch of conspiracy theorist stuff again". And he uses the term 'conspiracy theorist' towards me as if it were a bad word. I talked to my dad about stuff like that once, my dad is really old school so this is what he told me. "What the f**k is the matter with you? do you really believe all that bulls**t? Now quit f**king around and help me finish this car. lol
  3. Ohhh ok got ya. Hey while I am at it I have another post that is dead dead dead. could you do me a favor the numbers in SNN 4 8 16 23 42 everybody says its from lost I found something else search up on Taman Shud and see if you can find any connections between zombies and that case. I dont know enough of the zombies story yet, with the exception of knowing about the characters stories.
  4. Hey seeing as how you like verruckt so much on solo, I have a question. As I played verruckt WaW version on pc I noticed that the characters voice didnt sound like any I had heard before. He sometimes you messed with the wrong Marine but it sound nothing like Tank. who is the character? Peter maybe??

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