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  1. welcome m8, hope u enjoy your stay. ;)
  2. Cool cake. You can go to a cake maker with any photo and they can make a cake topping of it, i got one made afew weeks ago for my brother, the pink floyd Dark side of the moon album cover.
  3. Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy your stay! ;)
  4. I liked the vid, good job mate! [brains] for you! ;)
  5. Ive played with 3 other people and we all had trains going in the bio-dome. Also a good Strat is to have 1 in the dome and 3 by the mule kick, and vice versa works just aswell. And having the dome not breached is ideal because you can have the hacker and never run out of Max Ammo. Hope this helps, and Enjoy the Map! ;)
  6. Thats the spirit we like to hear m8, hope you enjoy the site and welcome! :D
  7. If you look at 1:00 is that a apple? ;)
  8. Once you complete the first part of the EE, this is the song: qblzT_Sg0aw I love this song, especially when i'm mowing down loads of zombies with my DM! ;)
  9. something about contamination i think, will have to look into this later
  10. made me laugh when i first heard it. here it is: 3A97nqg8LTg
  11. Right the thing that gets me about both loading screens is the question marks, what are they and why is there 5 of them, i was thinking they could be perks, yes afew of them are by the perks ie Jug, QR but the other 3 are by the Double Barrel, Carbine and the back of the sten, Strange.
  12. And get all the perks? This would be impossible because the solo game would go on forever, always reviving yourself when downed, keeping all the perks thus making the game never-ending.
  13. Fell asleep on the beach did we? Ive had sunstroke while i was in ibiza and was bed ridden for 2 days! Wasn't nice! :(
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