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  1. BTW when I first started playing I kept telling my husband "I swear it keeps saying my name on here.." (Samantha, Sam) and he thought I was crazy lol. It wasn't til I found this site that I figured out I wasn't hearing things haha.
  2. Thanks everyone . After learning that the other game systems have more maps I've been bugging my husband that we need a new system :P. OstonedshooterO - Yes it is! She's called the Angry Princess. That's a good movie!
  3. Still can't find it. I PMed a Admin, just waiting on a reply! Thanks guys! MyLittleHellhound - It's fun, I've never played on another console though, so I dunno how it stacks up against others. I wish there were more people who played on wii though! I've noticed theres not a lot of wii players on here.
  4. I'd love to join the ZOMBSHES group! But I can't seem to find it! Thanks for the welcome!
  5. Hi, I'm Samantha I have 2 profiles on CODz one is Lady Psychotica, and the other is just my name - Samantha. I'm a girl obviously. I love playing zombies! I'm a stay at home mom, so I like to play a lot. I don't know anyone IRL who plays so I figured I'd try to find someone to play with . Just because i'm a woman doesn't mean I can't kick some zombie ass . I've gone 13 rounds as Samantha, and I think 12 as Lady Psychotica. I play on wii. If you wanna ally and play a game, HMU. Nice to meet you all!!
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