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  1. I tried it again last night. Hit a zombie on my 2nd attempt and didn't get the mist. I do recall getting the mist and quote last time after I stuck the zombie first attempt. Maybe that's how you get it? I'm going to keep trying to figure this out.
  2. No video but it seems easy enough to try for yourself. I don't know if I've ever done it before and not noticed but.... I had just got the Semtex grenades and stuck one to a zombie. He blew up and the green mist appeared with a typical quote that comes with the persistent upgrades. Does anyone have anymore information on this? Perhaps a type of insta-kill within a splash damage area of the grenade? I never really got to figure out what it did during the game.
  3. The bus was leaving the Dinner. Near the garage I decide I'm gonna run to the bus instead of wait for it to pass by. I get caught up in between the gas pumps and the bus. The bus drags me until it makes its turn toward the lava and DOWN I went.... worst part is that this happened directly after someone asked me "How do you have Skull with dagger!?" and I reply "Don't do stupid shit to go down." like I'm invincible.
  4. I haven't noticed that and surprising I haven't if they did. Apparently no one has anything to offer here? I'm surprised. I know we can take away the obvious discoveries that have gone around the site and youtube like persistent Jug, and the red insta kill. There's no one with other observations about differences in game play? I'm disappointed in you CoDZ. I was hoping someone would at least back me up and say they've noticed the same stuff I have.
  5. DBiggz

    Farm TV

    This has been found since the week of the game's release. I've come across many topics that try to develop theories from the soundbites. Nothing that's yielded any results.
  6. DBiggz


    I've only noticed they hop off your back when you are closer to the bank. They tend to stay on if I run in closer to the Bar side. Like when the bus is there and you are forced to run to that side. I don't think this is anything of significance.
  7. From what I understand the new updates happened last weekend, or the weekend before? Anyways, didn't see any topics related to this but I'd just like to ask everyone what they have noticed, given there's been plenty of time to notice change, that has been different from normal game play before the updates. Talking with people during game play I haven't heard much from anyone besides "they still haven't patched the glitches". I thought they did, until I saw someone in the tunnel with the Shield jammed in that corner.... lame. I'll list what I can think of right now. Please, add on if you can contribute. - Zombies spawn more in the fog. Especially noticed in early rounds. The amount of zombies I'd see spawn in rounds 15+ are now spawning the same in 4+ . Not saying we're getting more per round, but that they're more apt to follow/spawn through the fog now. - Double swiping zombies. Though they may have done this before it seems I get a quicker double hit from a single zombie. - The lead zombie in a train isn't the only one to be able to reach you. In a group of 10+ Zombies the front 3 double hit me and I went down. Something I'd usually easily maneuver around, I got caught by the front 3 swiping with both arms.
  8. I've noticed this before while in Town. I was on the 2nd floor to the bar, raping the mystery box when the round started with the Avagadro. I was the only one there. It took a long time for him to find me. Perhaps because I was in a building as opposed to on the streets in the open? It seems he hovered around until he knew where I was, oddly enough. I'm saying that's all it probably is.
  9. I don't recall audio clips as such, but I did notice when I first encountered him (wayyy back to 2012) that when I unloaded on him with the Ray Gun I was instantly downed from one hit from him. Someone from another board confirmed they experienced the same thing when attacking with the ray gun, that it seems to empower him. But, could be wrong.
  10. I was wondering this myself. It seems I'm Russman about 80% of the time. I've even been in lobbies and joking with the people there saying "Who wants to bet I'll be Russman?". Only to lead to everyone asking "How'd you know that!?" lol. It doesn't make a difference to me. It's not like his fat ass is any slower than skinny minnie Marlton.
  11. I too agree. In fact I just posted this a moment ago to another Nav card thread. My only difference in thought is what if you haven't done the Richtofen EE yet on Green Run? Try the new card before completing the EE. Small chance that this would no longer work after completing the EE but who knows? If no one tests this out, I will attempt it after I get my Die Rise map for PS3.
  12. *Warning - Theory* I think I am going to wait to do the Richtofen EE on Green Run until I get this map on PS3. Or for any of you Xboxers who haven't done the Rich EE yet, give it a shot. Build your Green Run Nav card on Die Rise first. Get the new Nav Card in Die Rise. Try building this new card in the Nav Reader for the EE in Green Run. If this doesn't work then I'd assume this new nav card will transfer over to the next DLC. Then that will continue, so on and so forth until the last DLC Nav card is for use with Green Run.
  13. Thank you! Yes, you aren't missing anything but posts about people complaining, then posts about complaining about people complaining, lol. It's a mess!
  14. I'm sure everyone here knows it. Thanks to NGT and Spiderbite's videos I came here after seeing a link he posted by a Pinnaz or something relatively close. This seems like the adult place to actually talk zombies....so I hope! Looking forward to learning new tips and hopefully meeting new people to join in on great teams (I'm pretty decent ) -DBiggz
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