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  1. You can upload the picture to facebook, then save the picture to your computer from facebook onto a site like imageshack. After that you can use the links on imageshack to upload to the thread!
  2. Round 50 on Kino Der Toten, Richtofen Pwetty Pwease! My Gamertag Is: Spyrunite
  3. I made it to round 42, Bonus points for doing it on Shi No Numa? my GT is Spyrunite.
  4. Didn't the world at war multiplayer have sticky grenades? I didn't play [email protected] very much. I think it would be sticky grenades though.
  5. One other question does choosing paths really matter, as in going up down right or left when you can choose which way to go.
  6. On you second time through the stages do you get another room of fate?
  7. What round you survived to on the leaderboards is how many rounds you survived after you teleported assuming you did teleport. Leaderboard goes by kill count and teleporting back doesn't change your score for no mans land.
  8. you get it from the jump pads in the dome. they appear sometimes.
  9. I thought the "eazy" way of spelling "easy" was "EZ"
  10. Also the zap gun has ABSOLUTELY no splash damage and can only kill one zombie at a time.
  11. I had Nightmare play when one of my teamates went down to a crawler while doing the easter egg. (noob) then when we killed the crawler to get points for ther gersh device the music started. There were 4 of us in the game and only one died me and my teamate stayed alive.
  12. well we can't say we have discovered EVERYTHING on the map in 4 days. It's possible... Maybe...
  13. Spyrunite

    QED Question

    I have had my QED down my teamate before but it was on 2 player. Also i have seen it take points away so it doesn't only do things that are good. I think the gersh device is better because you always know what it will do and that it will always help you a lot.
  14. The bowie knife is above the stairs that you take to enter the top floor of the lab (the area with the mp5) you have to jump to get it. You can also get it without busting a window and making it low gravity. It's pretty well hidden.
  15. Maxis just destroyed the earth with nukes about 20x (or so) stronger than any other bomb ever made... I don't really like him right now so i don't think i would help him.
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