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    Create ur own perk

    Name:Vodka Deluxe Cost:2,500 points Effect:Allows you to throw two grenades at once, The grenades deal extra damage, and when they go off whatever zombies weren't killed in the explosion fall down;as if they had drank too much vodka.)(Zombies get back up after 10-15 seconds, depends if they're crawlers or not) This works with frags or semtex. Character quotes:Dempsey-Alright zombies it's time to get own-long burp-ed! Takeo-How does the Russian stand this;This taste has no honor! Nickolai-VODKA VODKA VODKA VODKA VODKA(orgasm noises) Richtofen-OOOOO it tickles my spleen!
  2. Purple Fudge Fish

    Has this already been looked into?

    It's definatly Skype. I bet maxis's username is sexyDoc115
  3. Purple Fudge Fish

    Was the "115" song talking about Moon?

    I don't know if the song is directly speaking about what happens at moon; although the song was made for the purpose of being used in the video game. But I think you may be on to something... Also in the song it says: "I'll stop you from breathing" could this be referring to there being no air on the moon?

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