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  1. Oh thanks; I've always wondered what that was for! PURPLE!
  2. Name:Vodka Deluxe Cost:2,500 points Effect:Allows you to throw two grenades at once, The grenades deal extra damage, and when they go off whatever zombies weren't killed in the explosion fall down;as if they had drank too much vodka.)(Zombies get back up after 10-15 seconds, depends if they're crawlers or not) This works with frags or semtex. Character quotes:Dempsey-Alright zombies it's time to get own-long burp-ed! Takeo-How does the Russian stand this;This taste has no honor! Nickolai-VODKA VODKA VODKA VODKA VODKA(orgasm noi
  3. It's definatly Skype. I bet maxis's username is sexyDoc115
  4. Man do I have a story for you guys/girls. This happened earlier today on Kino Der Toten... Me and my friend were talking; and we decided to play some zombies. We just decided to play with some randoms for a change.(we usually just do a private match) So we found a match and started to play; everything seemed okay, no one was running around being random or anything. A couple of rounds passed by so we moved on, when we were in the room with the MP40 and Stakeout we found something out... One of our teammates was point hoaring like crazy! He stole our kills didn't buy anything until he had 1000
  5. That is pretty cool. But how do you give brains to people?
  6. Thanks for the support. Also i'm not to sure what [brains] means...
  7. I just joined this like a week ago. I'm not sure what to do here...... Some of the people I've seen are okay but i'm lonely!
  8. Sorry I didn't mean to be off topic I was Just so exited I wanted to tell someone. But I now have something on-topic. Not long ago I was playing with some friends on MOON. Then the excavator breached tunnel six. My friend grabbed the hacker and headed for the receiving area. Both me and my other friend told him not to go that way. (he was heading toward tunnel six) I said: " What are you doing we have to get to the receiving area!) he didn't notice what he w=has doing and kept running as he said: "Yeah that's where i'm go-CRAP!" at that moment he ran into the excavator. We laughed s
  9. I wouldn't call this official but it does sound like it has a lot of truth to it. By the way when do Shi no Numa, and Der Riese come in. Or did I miss something in the text? Ether way it seems accurate and that deserves [brains]
  10. On the subject of Treyarch screwing us over..... I, successfully punched Treyarch IN THE FACE! This is what happened: I was playing moon solo. I was doing good I was on round 7, I had about 3,000-4,500 points, I had just opened the power room and turned on the power, and I had Jugg and quick revive. I was doing better than I normally do on solo. As I shot a zombie with my stakeout, when randomly I got hit from behind. I quickly turned around to see a huge horde of zombies . I then took the time to look at my ammo situation, It read: 2 out of 16 shells I shot once, which killed a
  11. I don't know if the song is directly speaking about what happens at moon; although the song was made for the purpose of being used in the video game. But I think you may be on to something... Also in the song it says: "I'll stop you from breathing" could this be referring to there being no air on the moon?
  12. I had a random idea :idea: it may sound strange but it makes a little sense. Sense Ricktofen (
  13. I always thought it was just the nova crawlers making an entrance sense they spawn after you turn on the power. But I've always wondered why the roof shakes; I don't think the crawlers are capable of that. could it be something else?
  14. Last night me and two other friends were doing the moon egg. But to advance we needed the wave gun. So we decided to save up some points before we hit the box. After a while, I saw a fire sale in the distance, I got it. Two seconds later one of my friends got the wave gun, but as he was holding on to the action button, He downed. We were all like about 5 rounds later we all died. and we never got the wave gun.
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