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  1. "This video has been removed by the user." Err...why did you remove it?
  2. I forgot to mention that this topic was about survival mode. Those are pretty interesting things you guys point out. But isn't $2,500 for an air strike is a little waste for juggernauts?
  3. What kind of air support do you like to use the most? I don't use air support a lot. But when I do, I always choose Predator Missiles.
  4. I thought the g_spawn errors were fixed? Oh well...I never stack Claymores on the wall anymore because of this glitch. >.>
  5. I responded to your poll. I see your point about people expecting too much out of survival mode. Nacht Der Untoten and Nazi Zombies in general was really unexpected and surprising. Nazi Zombies eventually started a story, but I don't think survival mode will have a story coming, which kind of bothers me. :?
  6. Survival mode is very fun but I don't have any strategies for any maps and I need assistance. If you do make survival guides what are you going to cover?
  7. I had no idea this was in the terminal. O_o I only used the terminal for the "3arc unlock" cheat. [brains] to you for finding all of this. This is pretty interesting...
  8. Survival mode is very fun and addicting, but there are a few things I want to complain about survival mode. I don't mean to sound whiny, but I know I'm not the only one who gets bothered by: - 2 players only. Lame. - Lack of characters. They should really give them names and personalities. - The ridiculously small amount of time between waves. Just how are you supposed to replenish all of your supplies in 30 seconds? Especially on the larger maps. - How fast it takes in later waves to lose your body armor. - Juggernauts make camping strategies useless, which is very annoying. And their health increases through out the waves. Is this really needed? Anyone have strategies on dealing with Juggernauts? please - Speaking of Juggernauts, you can't even destroy the choppers that bring them in. Even with predator missiles. It also bothers me how survival mode lacks a story. In the beginning of each mission it is said that the player(s) are unable to be extracted and must survive as long as possible. Players are unable to be extracted. Friendly troops can be delivered to the battlefield with ease. That makes perfect sense. It is also not explained how the playable characters get to [insert mission name here]. I agree with Salad Fingers; survival mode has a lot more potential.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. But I don't even have an Internet connection. sad face
  10. Where is Gun Game? I'm confused, I've read that Gun Game returned in MW3, but I have no idea where it is...
  11. I usually play on Dome, Resistance, and Bakaara. Dome is my favorite map because after each wave I have plenty time to go to the armories, place claymores, etc. because of the small size of the map. Solo Dome = 26 Co-op Dome = 33
  12. lol I just read through this whole thread. >.> I have nothing better to do right now. :lol:
  13. I only play on Xbox Live and my gamertag is InsectMass. (I would tell you how I got this gamertag but I'm too lazy to tell ). Don't bother adding me because I live with a very bad Internet connection and therefore cannot play Xbox Live. Thank you for the brains though. :)
  14. For some reason, getting past round round 30 on Kino is ridiculously easy, but getting past round 40 is ridiculously hard (I've only done it once.) The only reason I die is getting caught by Gas Zombies, then shortly getting downed by a swarm of zombies very fast. This is soo annoying. So...anyone have tips on dodging Gas Zombies, or rape trains in general? Also, does anyone have a good round 40+ strategy with 2 players on Kino Der Toten, that doesn't involve one player lapping the whole map? I just dislike kiting around any map. Sorry if these questions have been asked before, but I'm too lazy to search for them. [brains] to anyone/people who can help me in the slightest! :D
  15. Whaaaaaaat? For some reason it usually takes 4 hits for me to go down with Juggernog. And the red screen never even shows up so I can't tell if I'm almost dead or not. >.>
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