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  1. Yeah I got one from the floating pads on moon, I didn't take any photograph seeing as though I didn't rEally think it was relevant as I believed it was common (zombie) knowledge! I think I got deadshot from it and it's only occurred once for me but I thought I'd throw it out there! YOU CAN GET PERK BOTTLES FROM FLOATING PADS just watch out for the red one! Dun dun Dunnnn
  2. brains from man too man good glitch. [brains]
  3. I don't think we all know about this monster. Are you referring to that weird sighting in Syndicate's radio video at 3:16? lIUfD-T4t3U This is the only evidence I've ever seen on this thing. If you have any other sightings, please post it here. I think it's obvious the roof caving in when the power is turned on, is just a grand entrance for the nova6 crawlers. It has nothing to do with a winged beast Holy sh*t! That's crazy! I'm going to investigate and f**k that sh*t up. Pics tomoz - stay tuned.
  4. beware the six?... i think there is more to kino than we know...
  5. Love the theory and there is a possibility that it could be true, but couldn't you take you're theory and apply it to all the maps? Moon never really took place, so therefore none of the maps did!?
  6. Nobody can be sure as to what s going to happen next, however I like to speculate and I love reading Other people's ideas! If I was to be in charge of the next zombies here's how I would do it:... Straight away I would scrap the four characters we currently have! Don't get me wrong I love the characters but I think they are wearing thin, in more ways than one. The quotes are getting old, the WW2 stereotypes are getting boring and are starting to feel increasingly out of place with each new map that comes out, the story progresses yet nOt all of them develop with it... The list goes on!! That's not to say they are awful characters, but I think it's time to move on a refresh! So I'd introduce some new characters with more diversity, racially and characteristically; Have a black guy, a woman... A black woman?! They would have there own storyline, discoverable by finding little eggs around the place like der riese, but while having the player discover more backstory for the new charCters, have little tidbits of information of the story for the old four heroes which would develop along with the new characters story. I think implementing the story in that manner would make sense and add a new sense of depth and richness to the overall zombies universe whilst giving a sly nod to the past characters and discovering there fate!
  7. 1.Dont give negative brains just because you disagree 2.How can you say thats a perk machine with a straight face? compare http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfFjGaqbyww im sorry ddanso7 but i have to agree with play2often! i remember that noise from [email protected], i think it has something to do with the random perk spawns and its some kind of audio glitch, it's like the perk a colas songs all mashed together and weird! no aliens here!
  8. Hmm.. could you post a screenshot of what you mean? - Waffles I will have to do it another time, I'm on my phone At the moment sorry.
  9. im not sure thats a perk, it looks spherical. might be something interesting or just scenery, what i want to know though is what the red light you can see on der riese is during the new trailer? anybody else see that? i dont remember it on [email protected]
  10. thanks for the explanation, you put forward a good theory! i would give you some brains but how can i ruin your '666' ?! XD
  11. Hey guys, new here, been following the site for a long time and just decided to get involved! My guess on the vegetation is to provide the base with oxygen as the heroes don't appear to need the spacesuit inside. just a guess Hmm good point, not sure if plants would be able to grow even if they were in a controled atmosphere because of light limitations, etc. But then again we are talking about a video game with zombies, time travel, moon bases lol. Good point man. lol yeah i did think about that but i figured that it would work in the same way as arcadia from bioshock x
  12. Hey guys, new here, been following the site for a long time and just decided to get involved! My guess on the vegetation is to provide the base with oxygen as the heroes don't appear to need the spacesuit inside. just a guess
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