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  1. apparantly you get bonus points as well callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17497
  2. Thanks that someone put it up. On xbox i had tried filling the four tubes step of the EE, but died each time. Until, while looking for tips on the internet, i found that i could have used the death machine. I tried again and finished the EE :lol:
  3. Added. I forgot about this one. If anyone can provide a video with this footage I'll gladly get a Hack time for it. after playing moon and i have to correct myself, ive assumed wrong. When i hacked the box spawed and acted like i had just bought a weapon, then disappered when i took the weapon. hack time 2-3 secs
  4. I was watching my friends play moon last night, when someone threw a QED before he went down then a weapon drop appeared, my other friend (it was two player) picked it up as he had no ammo and knew he wouldn't be able to revive him when BAM!!! Ray gun and not just a ray a Pap'd raygun he then revived his fellow teammate and they lived happlily every after.........till round 30
  5. you can hack the place where you want the box to spawn next i.e. the 3 boxes with a teddy on it for 1200(side note i haven't done this yet, but i can only assume its purpose)
  6. jaxl23


    theres a message if you put the film reel in the reel player near stamin-up
  7. In the rezurrection trailer at 1:43-1:45 a teleporter can be seen in the roof, sucking in a zombie and then disappearing. I can only guess......Random teleporting.... :shock:
  8. i think i remember the info for rez says stuff about gravity fluctuations maybe that ties into the boss round?
  9. maybe they intentionaly spelled resurrection wrong so that when this interview came, there would definatly be a question on why its spelt wrong so he could give this clue to all zombie theorists that maybe der riese is spelled wong for a reason............its a long shot i know. :lol:
  10. i gots all the achievements so far, just have to wait till MP4 :D
  11. while i think this sounds plausible, isnt the fifth picture supposed to be the mexican?
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