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  1. Amazing, lad. [brains] [brains] [brains] for the screencaps. Loved the trailer, btw!
  2. Couldn't agree more with KAOS_Shogun4489 [brains]
  3. Aether

    ZCODL theory

    Yeah, a very realistic one. Didn't seem to be CGed. Dun dun dun...
  4. Aether

    Moon song?

    I actually liked Pareidolia... Agreed about the piano solo. I even play it by ear sometimes (a bit lamely, though... :roll:) Y U HATIN ON PARAMORE?!? But seriously. It'll be Elena Siegman and Kevin shredding on his axe. If it's not i'll eat my hat. (And I love my hat.) No, not hating! (Not loving, either) But it'd likely be a fail as an EE song. You'll probably be able to keep your hat intact As for Hayley Williams EE, I'm a straight chick. Doesn't compute.
  5. normal history doesnt apply here It does. They got the Cuban missile crisis time right, and WW2, and Cold War... But I still think it goes after ascension. I don't stick to the flashback theory either -that doesn't seem like a 'Grand Finale' to me.
  6. I really doubt it's before Ascension -completely agree, Arussianmonkey. Now, this makes a bit more sense. Or maybe the items were hidden on purpose for the trailer. Dunno. Or it could be some other in those black gloves, not necessarily Richtofen, and we're debating for nothing ;)
  7. @Noob Well, I think the 'Boss Battle' music is just for the trailer. Doubt it'll be in-game music. Black gloves, check (also the Spacesuit thingy is still confusing... He could be looking at the Spacesuit machine but is already wearing one. Is it even a Spacesuit what he's got in front of him, anyway? Aren't Spacesuit gloves white and thicker?), but what about the empty inventory? No items, really? Shouldn't he have the Golden rod, etc.?
  8. I honestly hope it's not a dream... When it all turns out to be a dream -film, book, etc.- I just go 'I went through all this sh*t for nothing?'. I like how things are well planned to match and fit in the huge puzzle the NZ storyline is. Btw, awesome post. [brains] for you, Sir!
  9. After. Read the chronological order theory post? It's all pretty well summed up there. I don't think it makes any sense 'Moon' being after Ascension, as previously posted. Basically, this. About that guy in the spacesuit in the trailer, I bet he's just one of our lovely 4. Doubt they'll introduce someone new in the 'grand Finale'. Then again, it's 3arc we're talking about...
  10. Aether

    Moon song?

    I'm pretty sure it'll be Elena Siegman, since it's the original crew... but I've seen something disturbing while looking for some info about 'Moon'. A link within a link within a link and so on led me to a page with Hayley William's (Paramore) name on it, and something like COD4, or CODDLC4, can't remember, a a subtitle Made me feel uneasy, but I really hope it's E.S.
  11. All those map packs only for BO? Or maybe for MW3?
  12. Ok, so we have Five set on 11/16/63... that, or just between 10/16/63 and 11/16/63, right? Eaten by a grue more like! ;D lol I thought no one really remembered that meme/game/whatever you want to call it. Hilarious 8-) Can I still find it somewhere? Btw, is the SNN section going to be updated with the latest info? Just sayin', I like seeing things fall into place. Brock and Gary were from this time, and if Tank & the Gang find the radios they left that means they go to Shangri-La after Gary and Brock. Of course they travel back in time afterwards, but I'm quite sure they first arrive there between 2004-2011 or later, shortly after CotD.
  13. And if Treyarch makes another game after MW3 and it has new Zombies, I'll laugh at this post. Not necessarily... I said MW3 wouldn't have it, but NZ means too much money for them to end it 8-) Maybe a separate game only with the Z maps...? *daydreams* But yeah, there's this little voice telling me it won't be the end... Either hopeful or going nuts, just sayin'. Btw I'd love to see that one :lol:
  14. Yes, Ascension and Five happen at the same time. I wonder what relevance does Five have to the storyline. Good point, sir! The last one that flew was 10/16/63. The next date being blank would mean that there was a programmed flight, but hadn't flown yet... I guess it must be kinda hard to plan flight routes and everything while you're eaten by a zed...
  15. It will certainly be a Map pack 4. The map names are the most debatable thing, along with the Zombie map plot and location. Remember when everyone was soooo super-duper sure that Shangri-La would be called Paradise? And I'm also pretty sure it'll be the last one for Black Ops and that there won't be a zombie mode for MW3. It's the end :cry:
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