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  1. Ok, so we have Five set on 11/16/63... that, or just between 10/16/63 and 11/16/63, right? Eaten by a grue more like! ;D lol I thought no one really remembered that meme/game/whatever you want to call it. Hilarious 8-) Can I still find it somewhere? Btw, is the SNN section going to be updated with the latest info? Just sayin', I like seeing things fall into place. Brock and Gary were from this time, and if Tank & the Gang find the radios they left that means they go to Shangri-La after Gary and Brock. Of course they travel back in time afterwards, but I'm quite sure they first arrive there between 2004-2011 or later, shortly after CotD.
  2. Haha it seems that everyone has different ideas. I have audio software and that is what I got. (It's somewhere on this thread) I don't quite get the "I'm the only one alive" part, but I do hear the rest. I doubt it's Dr Richtofen speaking, must be someone else. Thanks, Mac! I'll listen to them right nao! :twisted: You're doomed and you know it :P
  3. Yes, Ascension and Five happen at the same time. I wonder what relevance does Five have to the storyline. Good point, sir! The last one that flew was 10/16/63. The next date being blank would mean that there was a programmed flight, but hadn't flown yet... I guess it must be kinda hard to plan flight routes and everything while you're eaten by a zed...
  4. Oh Nikolai did? Case solved then, my bad. Yes, but was he sober? I doubt it :roll: lol jk, but Brock still doesn't sound British to me. Whatever. A bit off-topic, but does anyone know where I could watch/listen to the character's quotes at the end of the S-L easter egg? (Richtofen's "WORLD IS MINE" or something among those lines, you know) kbaithx
  5. So we don't really know when SNN takes place, then? If it's where the 4 main characters (Tank, Takeo, Nikolai, Richtofen) meet for the 1st time, it should be after Verrückt and probably also after NDU (if you count that one as part of the storyline), but before Der riese. This also follows the map order given in CoD wikia (reliable source? Not sure, but whatever). So it would be: Verrückt (Sept '45) - NDU (Late Sept '45) - SNN (?) - Der Riese (after Oct '45; they could have had time to go to SNN first since we don't have the accurate date for DR).
  6. [brains] from me too. Having all the radios together in 1 post has helped me sooo much, even more considering I am not a native English speaker and some of them are effin hard to understand. Btw, aren't there some theories that say the guy in the Shangri-La radios sounds like Maxis? But the accent... I'm not good at discerning that kind of things. Can't wait for the next map's radios and what they will reveal :P

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