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  1. anyone here notice that the guy in NDU and Verruck are the same person? look at the camo on the clothes, there is also a scar on his nose that is in both pictures. im not gonna point it out, the pics are on this thread. any thought? peter maybe?
  2. Considering that the map pack comes with three previously unheard songs, i think its safe to say that Treyarc will use one of them after you die. also in ascension, i don't believe "I'm Not Ready To Die" by Avenged Sevenfold was played at the end. (Although i think the organ/keyboard opening of the song was used during the load screen)
  3. i just think like seasame street on this one. Z is for Zombies! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! its our fucking letter of the day! lets whack it in a map pack! its because they are resurrecting old zombie maps. however this is only my opinion, something i never get brains for....except there was this one time...
  4. Pretty much yeah! A7X have a little games room where they take their breaks, on the All Excess DVD they show you the room briefly, with some of the band members playing Halo. although im sure they all play Blops as well. I remember seeing a quote by M.shadows talking about how they were big fans of each other, and after a little chat they got the full Zombie lore. pretty cool stuff.
  5. ok, as a musician i have completely scrutinized this song. I've been playing guitar for 4 years or so and learned this song as soon as it came out. also, as a singer i have studied the lyrics INTENSLY, and i can assure you, its 935. i was actually planning on doing an analasis on this song for my first big post, but you pretty much covered all the lyrical side of it. good job. you may also like to know that A7X's Singer M.Shadows, is one of the ONLY people outside of Treyarc to have an up to date storyline, 3Arc actually GAVE him full disclosure on the Zombie storyline so he could get his
  6. JFK must have survived the events of "Five", seeing as treyarch put a picture of the JFK assassination at the end of the campaign, Kennedy must have found a way to contain the outbreak. if the thief does indeed take the bodies after they die (as stated in your OP) then possibly either (story wise) JFK Kills the Thief, OR, The Thief takes Kennedy to Aether and spares his life...or something.
  7. gah, if only i had BO on PC.......drats
  8. that is VERY interesting, try and get it on video in case something happens, you may be the first person to do it.
  9. i hope that they have advanced weapon modification, eg; Primary: (lets just say) FAMAS attachments: - scopes -Red dot -Mk. I -Mk. II -*locked* -Reflex - Under Barrels -Shotgun -Grenade Launcher -*locked* -*locked* and the list goes on
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