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  1. I only had a quick go on this so far but one of the things I heard was one of the characters (Nikolai?) saying something like "We were allies in all 3 world wars..." Sorry but I can't actually remember who said it and I didn't hear the response... Did anyone else hear this? I think Nikolai was talking to Richtofen. Did I hear it right? What are the implications for this? Were there three world wars in one of the zombies timelines? Were the wars fought between different sides?
  2. Well I never bought into the BO2 hype, for some reason wasn't really that bothered by it at the time, so wasn't aware of it supposed to be being a campaign or anything, perhaps that's why I absolutely love Tranzit. Ok it's not the best long-term map - once you worked out how everything fitted together with the fog and the teleporters and stuff, it got a bit bland, none of the clever level design of Die Rise, MOTD, Origins etc. But I loved the feeling i got from playing it when it first came out. It really felt like exploring the unknown, particularly because we didn't know the characters,o
  3. This is really great and I hope you are right. I love Lovecraft too, and the idea of bringing the mythos into the Zombies mythos is pretty cool. One thing though - where do you get your info on the Mi-Go's lack of ability to guess or make irrational decisions, and their connection to Jack the Ripper. I don't remember that from the Lovecraft tales though its been a while since I read a lot of them. Is it a later Mythos author? Only asking because if it is I'd like to check out their stuff! (Haven't read a lot of the non-Lovecraft Mythos stuff, mainly just a bit of Brian Lumley and Ramsey Campb
  4. Did anyone here play Monkey Island 2 back in the day? Without wanting to spoil one of the greatest adventure games of all time for anyone who hasn't (everyone should!) played it - there is a very similar ending. It's actually even greater and seems more shocking that Origin's ending - but that's maybe because I was just a kid when I saw it, and it's been done before, now. Everyone was outraged at the time.There were two more sequels, and the original designer (Ron Gilbert) wasn't involved with them, so the new writers "ret-conned" the story so that the "It's all a game" ending from two
  5. Where is your evidence for this? All the same characters are there - all the different items from years of Zombies are in Sam's room, their toy chest is a box with a question mark in "Zombiesland" (i.e Sam's head), Zombies are controlled by an all-powerful, disembodied girl's voice called "Samantha" - in the "real" world, Samantha controls the zombies (and her best friend, a boy called Eddie, controls the heroes - who are led by a guy called "Edward"...it's clear that the two are very closely linked - just no one knows how really, yet!
  6. I am still utterly blown away by the way they ended this - and spending too much time thinking about what it might mean for the "next Zombies" when I really should be doing more important stuff...lol
  7. Why not just play solo if you don't want to co-op? Don't think I've ever played a good game of Zombies without mics. If there's a guy in the party without a mic you can bet your ass he's going to steal all your early round kills, not open any doors, raid the box every time he gets 950 pts , then drop out on round 12 because you couldn't get to him to revive him because he's decided to camp on the other side of the map from the rest of you. Don't even ready up these days unless everyone has a mic and is talking.
  8. Pretty sure the ending simply shows an early game in Sam and Eddie's lives. It clearly shows the modern day - in my opinion, the kids simply haven't played "Richtofen's turn" (the BO2 maps, aside from Origins) at the time the cut scene portrays. They get onto that the next day ("tomorrow it's your turn Eddie").
  9. By that logic, then Treyarch can't change what 115 looks like (Shi no Numa meteor in the cinematic intro). Actually they can - Treyarch write the story so they can do whatever they want and change whatever they want, and it simply becomes "canon". We are readers of the story (or players to be more accurate) so anything WE change simply becomes "wrong" if we move away from what Treyarch has told us has happened.
  10. If the bedroom scene was set during WW2 then Treyarch would at least have had it look like it was set there, rather than late 20th century. There is no way kids would have pajamas like that in the 40s, or decorate their rooms in that way, and most obviously have the sort of detailed plastic-moulded action figures you see them playing with. And if Origins is the only map that is part of their game, why would Sam and Eddie have action figures of zombies and characters (the bus etc) that don't appear in Origins?
  11. Ok, I thought of another way to explain it that might annoy some of you a bit less - It's all a story, we all knew that, right? We can start from some common ground there. What difference does it make to us, the players - whether it's a storyline concocted by Treyarch or a storyline concocted by characters that Treyarch made up? Answer - none at all! It's still Treyarch making up the story, just through a proxy - young Sam and Eddie . It doesn't make it any less real! They could (and I pray they do...) now go on and make a whole stand-alone Zombies game, with an epic storyline following
  12. Yeah the bit on upgrading the red staff by shooting candles in the church is slightly wrong - I got the achievement last night and you only need to do 4 torches in the church to upgrade.
  13. Sorry I don't really understand that last sentence. But, I don't think it's me that has a problem grasping reality. The reality is there at the end of Little Girl Lost (or on Youtube if you can't be bothered to do it all) for all to see. I just think some people are acting like babies. Everyone called for a definitive ending for Zombies - they gave us one, now people start saying "Oh I don't want that ending, I want a different one where everything happens the way I want it to happen". It's just childish. And to whoever it was a few posts back that said I was trying to impinge their god-
  14. Trust me, you are unlikely to find a bigger Zombies fan than me - Its pretty much the only video game I've played since I found Nacht in WaW and finished every Easter Egg except Mined Games - I just haven't been able to get a team through the shooting gallery bit - but I will! I just get a bit annoyed when I read people saying things like Treyarch are "insulting" us, or "don't give a fuck" or whatever. It has one of the most crazy and fun storylines of any game I've played and in my opinion this ending doesn't change that one bit. In fact it ends in considerably more satisfactorily than
  15. Well I don't really remember too many sexual perversions in Zombies. But being a massive sexual pervert myself, perhaps my definition is different from most people's The rest of the stuff - Nazi Occultism, the conspiracies, aliens, Vril, USS Nimitz, Area 51 - isn't exactly adult stuff. I learned about most of it when I was a child, interested in mythology and conspiracy theories and that kind of stuff. I would say that Sam and Eddie don't exactly look like very young children either - Eddie in particular looks like a young teenager - 12 or 13 perhaps - a bit old to be playing with actio
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