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  1. I mostly just made that the heros are gone... mainly because they were hilarious.
  2. I sure this was answered somewhere else on the forum. But here's the directions anyway: With the power on, take the bus from the farm heading to the power house. When you see the first green street light on the right, you will see a path leading into the corn fields. The path will turn to the left. On the right hand side you will notice a very small path, leading to NDU. It is a small path and is easy to miss, so keep an eye out. If you make a second left turn in the corn field, you went to far, and will now be heading back to the road. It also helps to have stamen-up and jug b
  3. Man... you got me all excited. Then I read the last couple of sentences.
  4. Agreed... with the addition of; Pros; better song No more crazy fast and silent runners. And the Pungi Stick claymores are awesome! They have long range damage!
  5. Those containers were also on the stage in Kino, and in the labs in "Five"
  6. I'm in for helping. Me and my buddy think figured we have most the pieces; eclips, british guy, gonges, sand trap wheels, and the valves. Hit me up if you need some people. XBox = Hoagie27
  7. Posters look sweet! I'm defiantly going to add these to my man cave! Thanks for posting them up! I'm in to process of refinishing a 1940's refrigerator into a per-a-cola machine to use as my refrigerator, hopefully it will come out good. I'll post of pictures when its done! Also, Subscribed for future poster downloads!
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