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  1. If you go into a situation, whether it be zombies or anything else, and solely go into it expecting to find evidence of something extraordinary and/or interesting, it will be much harder for you to be objective when you finally find this evidence. It will be more likely that you will make something out of nothing.
  2. 99.999% of the time I agree with you ZotD, but this time, I'm going to have to disagree. If this is our ending to the zombies storyline (which I don't think it is)Then I'm pretty content with it just being two kids playing a game. It explains why some things in the storyline don't make sense. But I do hope it's not the end
  3. You live in Canada? How come they had combustible lemmon T-shirts? :lol:
  4. You sir, are a boss Hahah, thanks! I got it from FanExpo last summer. Great time. What are you a fan of that involves combustible lemmons? I want to be a fan of it.
  5. WoW, this sounds really cool. Can you make a video of you doing this?
  6. Unless I can use it to burn a house down, I'd rather not. Why not, an underbarrel attachment that fires combustible lemmons and you have to burn a house down for the big Easter Egg :lol:
  7. An underbarrel attachment that fires compustible lemmons :lol:
  8. Thanks man, you're awesome too. :D
  9. YES, I helped make a stickied thread. So pumped right now. Thanks for the props man. Eh, I'd rather you get the credit that me, you deserve it Your welcome :D
  10. I like this theory, it's interesting. But...who is Peter Livingstone?
  11. This is something I suggested to PINNAZ via PM before he posted this thread. But...being the modest gentleman that he is, PINNAZ said he'd put it in Die Rise and if the Modz thought it worthy, they'd move it to the Asylum.
  12. Thank you for sharing this with me, as I also have a pasion for physics. Can't wait for the day that science allows us to lift tons into the air with a small black box. :D
  13. This is what CoDz is all about. Good to see you guys getting along.
  14. This is my strongest reason for not believing the garbled voice is Richtofen. If anyone can awsner this with a legitamate answer, then I'll be convinced. This one's kind of simple. Richtofen's powers have been severely reduced thanks to the nukes from the Moon. As we begin to help him, he regains powers. It seems as if he could muster up just enough power to rewind them back after the point of death. It's likely that the activation of Maxis's tower means he simply does not posess the power to send the crew back in time again, thus meaning he has to live with the loss of power he has sustained in Die Rise. hmm.... I'm not sure how more 115 (if the Missiles from Moon were 115 nukes) would mess with Richtofen's powers. And if the Missiles are just nuclear, I still don't see why that would hurt his powers, it's just less Earth. Richtofen does make a couple of quotes about his zombies controlling powers. "I won't let my minions hurt you, to much..ahahaha" He seems to have quite the power, as in Greif mode, he has the ability to reset rounds pretty easily.
  15. This is my strongest reason for not believing the garbled voice is Richtofen. If anyone can awsner this with a legitamate answer, then I'll be convinced.
  16. I agree that the "black box" is not connected to Ancient Egyptians or a race of Indians. I only included it in this thread because it didn't render its own thread at the time. But Edward Leedskalnin must have a power source for his "black box". If he had an infinate power source, something he never shared with the world, then a portal or time travel would be possible according to physics. Therefore it would be a "real life Gerche device" but only if he powered it with an infinate power source. You have to remember, I wrote this over a year ago.
  17. Yes Carry two pocket knifes, the second one should be bigger and sharper than the first. :D
  18. Fair enough fair enough. the gun does not belong to a person the aposterphe s is possessive or it stands for "is" As in Winter "is" howling. Any other evidence convincing otherwise would be accepted.
  19. In Five there, as you all know, is a weapon known as the Winter's howl. The name of this gun has "'s" in it. Meaning that the gun belongs to someone named Winter. Who's Winter?
  20. So......where does this fit in with the "Sam-got-shot" theory?
  21. I actually havn't got around to activating the music easter egg in Tranzit I'll have to give it a listen.
  22. rule #9 always carry a pocket knife. (I thought I already posted this, if I did, tell me)
  23. "Mend the rift?" - Stu As in the time rift. As you can see, they get transported back to the begining of the map, when they first arrived. Hence: "Haven't we been here before" Richtofen, or whatever that grabled voice was, needed Stu to power up the tower, he failed, and Richtofen....reset time? When did Richtofen learn to reset time? If that was the case, Richtofen could've reset time a million times in Green Run until Stu did what he said. Right when you think you have all the answers, Treyarch changes the question. Maybe there's a higher power at play. I've got a feeling he isn't referring to the time rift, though. I mean it's possible but he standing on the edge of the skyscraper, looking at the other one. The High Maintenance achievement says that you are the architect and shows the top of the building connecting to another one. I was under the impression the "rift" was the space between one skyscraper to the next. "Be the Architects of their instruction" You forgot the last part of the achievement. "their instruction" I think it means you have to help build something for Maxis or Richtofen. Which we did. I dunno *shrug* But Richtofen can apparently bend time now and lift dusty couches off into space. Why couldn't Richtofen mend 5 feet of plywood to the other building himself? And he can teleport people across the globe. But he can't teleport 4 people over 20 yards to the left? I still think you could be right, but I have this feeling that he's (Richtofen) talking about a time rift. But, if Richtofen can turn time, then there wouldn't be a time-rift. I know I contradicted myself multiple times, but there's just so many questions that came with this map pack.
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