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  1. As far as I'm concerned till someone can show that he faked the final score it is still a legit run. Is there some rule that you need a complete video for it to be legit? He should have been up front that he was editing the video but that makes no difference to the final score.
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    I found this forum because Tom852000123 mentioned it on one of his videos. I've started zombies only about 2 1/2 to 3 years ago. Starting with WAW maps, they were already old by the time I started. I was mostly a camper, at the best I got to level 30 on Der Riese with two friends. In the last 4-5 months I've started to learn to run zombie trains. My bests are Assention 28- 4 man, 25 solo. Five 29 -2 man. NML 148 kills. I'm sure that with a bit more practice and good tips I'll start to make some big runs in the near future. I use a X-box 360

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