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  1. I tried again with the intention of killing as many zombies as I could with the claymores. It was round 14, I killed the first boss right away and 5 zombies trying to take out the other bosses with the T-hAWK. Then I gathered the horde and ran them through the claymores killing 23 and both bosses. There were only 13 zombies left to finish the round, for a total of 18. There was no sound cue, so it looks like maybe it was a glitch or there is a minimum below 30 but greater than 18. I'm going to try again with the intention to keep the zombie claymore deaths a bit lighter.
  2. I tried something a little different that may be of interest to some. I placed some claymores on the bridge behind the pallets where the zombies don't come from with the intention of running the boss guards through them. On the round that I expected to get the cue to upgrade the retriever (round 13)I T.hawked and shot the first guard and wounded the second, but killed no zombies at this time. Then I ran the 2 remaining bosses through the claymores. On the first pass it killed the wounded one and wounded the other, also 1 zombie was killed, on the second pass the last boss was killed and I th
  3. OK bobane your insistence that it could be done in 1 trip got me thinking that perhaps I was still missing something. So I had another go at it, and I discovered what I was missing. I got the first sound cue in the prison then went to the bridge at the start of round 8. I didn't get the 2nd cue till the end of round 10. What I learned when I reviewed the game was that round 8 only had 27 zombies and 1 boss. Round 9 had 29 zombies and 2 bosses and round 10 had 34 zombies and 3 bosses. The bosses don't count so to satisfy the minimum 30 kills, the earliest round that this can be done on is ro
  4. More experimenting to report. This time I did 2 similar but slightly different attempts. The only difference was that in one run I had the retriever on my first trip to the bridge in the other I hadn't pick it up yet. In both cases there were no kills with the T-hawk prior to my 2nd trip to the bridge. Both ways worked out the same. During the first round, of the 2nd trip, the first sound cue came with the 15th kill, and the 2nd cue with the final kill of the 2nd full round on the bridge. My conclusions, regarding solo attempts, on this are: There are 3 sound cues, just as bobane has
  5. Some more testing completed. The first afterlife sound is consistently at kill #15 with the T-hawk, it doesn't matter if you are in the prison or on the bridge. I have never gotten the second sound on my first trip to the bridge, it is always at least the second trip. Also I don't think it has anything to do with 30 kills,(it may be a minimum), it always comes on the last kill of a complete round on the bridge, just as bobane has stated. I think it may be OK to shoot the guards at the beginning of the round but if you use anything but the T-hawk to kill any of the zombies it gets messed
  6. Just did another test. Round 4 I got the T-hawk, and used it in round 5, at the 15-16th kill I heard the sound, so I checked if the pit could be used, it doesn't work. Then I went to the GG bridge and went through round 6-9 using just the T-hawk for 121 kills, with no sound. I used my gun and T-hawk till R10 was almost ended and went back to Alcatraz. The pit still didn't take the T-hawk. On round 16 I returned to the GG bridge where I shot the guards and T-hawked 47 zombies when I got the sound. I got through round 17, returned to Alcatraz and stuck the T-hawk in the pit. I still don't know w
  7. I'm still experimenting with this one. What I just did was after I got the retriever I used it on the island, when I threw it and got kill #14-16, I got the sound. Then I went to the bridge, where I used only HR for 2 rounds, getting 59 kills I didn't hear the special sound and when I went back to the island the retriever wouldn't go into the pit. Next time I'm going to see if the retriever will go into the pit without going to the bridge, after, I presume, kill#15.
  8. One thing that to add is when you return to Alcatraz and throw your hawk into the pit you must get your Hells Redeemer before the next full round is over or you will automatically get your Hells Retriever back and have to do the whole thing over again. I think it may also be important to return to Alcatraz with unharmed zombies otherwise the round ends while you are in afterlife and the pit won't take the hawk.
  9. Getting Brutus with head shots is the key for dealing with him. Deadshot and Double Tap with a Galil or L-Sat eliminate him quickly.
  10. An update, I got the achievement, finally, I must have fulfilled the requirements 5 times. It was messy, it wasn't what I'd intended to do when I started the game. My usual game plan got all screwed up, I had purchased MK and DT, I had also gotten QR and SC from the JJs. I PaPed the An94 and was using the Knuckles to rack up points when I got downed. That was when I decided to go for the achievement. When I revived I cleared the Zombies down to the last one picked up the 4 perks I hadn't purchased earlier and got the achievement. The biggest difference to how I had tried before was not h
  11. When I first heard of this P-Perk I got it but didn't keep track of how many Perks I bought with going prone but I told my brother about it and he got it with 15 purchases. I lost it at the end of the first Die Rise game with it. I had a fall and came back in whos who mode and a perk machine was right close so I bought it but forgot about the prone thing. I got the 1000 back and the music that indicates the end of a p-perk played. One of the times that I bought a perk just as the elevator went down, I went prone anyway, it still worked when I bought the next perk. I tried getting it bac
  12. What is on my X-box record is 41 solo but I did have a 49 that ended when I got the message that my connection status changed and the game was lost. My multy-player games are around 25. I have toyed with some of the sliquifyer glitches but not in any big way (not any high round tries)
  13. 100% accuracy doesn't = 100% kills/shot, any damage to a jumper counts as accurate. I usually, in solo, have the knuckles before the first jumper round, if I don't I just run around and knife them, they only come in pairs and only 2 or 3 hits kills them. I buy as many perks as I can before the first jumper round then save the last jumper and take it to the perk elevator that I want next, then kill it and with the 2k bonus buy what is often my 4th perk before collecting the bonus perk. Later in the game I just stockpile claymores where it is easy to pick them up, then plant them and lure t
  14. I've been trying to get this achievement, I'm fairly sure that I should have accomplished it but didn't get the achievement. This is what I did. Bought QR, WW, Jug and Dub Tap, downed myself then survived the 45 seconds and came back. Then bought Speed and Mule kick and Paped the An94. I didn't get any from the Jumping Jacks, have I missed something or is this achievement broken.
  15. As far as I'm concerned till someone can show that he faked the final score it is still a legit run. Is there some rule that you need a complete video for it to be legit? He should have been up front that he was editing the video but that makes no difference to the final score.
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