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  1. I have theory on this all for you. Looking at the machinery reminding of a picture I was saw. http://wp.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/ ... 00x349.png This is the Large Hadron Collider. The theory behind this was that it was that powerful, it would create a black hole or rip some weird space continuum thing. My theory is that the Americans try to recreate the large hadron collider. Except when they produced theirs, this ripped a hole in the sky as shown in Nuke town. My theory is that when the 115 rockets launched, they launched into this dimension but the hole covers up the our original heroes world because they see through the dimension hole. Richtofen thinks he controls this new world. If you remember back to the moon easter egg, not all rockets hit at the exact same time. I am going to release my own thread on who is in the bunker.
  2. One of these quotes made me think ("I can Skip and Jump Like a Little Girl Again") Could this possibly mean it was never richtofen at all and just sam. This would point to why sam's voice is so messed up after the body swap. She tried to switch bodies back but because of how powerful the vril and focusing stone are, the body switch did go as plan. Richtofen is still in the MPD as has always been in it. It is just that there voices sound like each others. This is just a theory and might make a full thread on this
  3. Is it possible that because Maxis, Richtofen and Sam all disappeared that Sophia was curious about what happen to them. This could of resulting into her stumbling into the teleporter. Someone (Possibly Shuster from the Moon Radio's) thinks she is stumbling onto the diseet of Richtofen. He then Teleports her to be taken to richtofen on the moon. However,she does not teleport to the moon and teleports to a far distant future were she finds Tank, Nikolai, Sam (In richtofens body) and Dempsey fighting of zombies. Thus creating an alternate timeline.
  4. As most people have seen the moon easter egg. I don't have to mention much beside that the earth is (apparently) blown up. But did the rockets actually contain element 115 and that earth was populated with more 115. My evidence is at the start of the map "Five". If you have watched the cutscene you will known what i mean. If not the Video/Link is right here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn4Mu9uU9Ls JFK at the start says "For the time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look to the past or the present are certain to miss the future". This could mean that JFK knew about group 935's teleportation. He might mean that richtofen has either been teleporting to the present or past and that he will be messing up the future in the progress. Then Mcnamara talks about how the US nearly blew themselves. My theory is that the moon base was originally America's and that when the characters launch the missiles JFK thought that a self destruct had happened and that is how the zombies got to the pentagon.
  5. Bar Shelf. It is kind of like the random box except it's for perks. It cost 2000 points. which is the upside and downside. It could be quick revive which means you overpay for it or it could be jug and you save 500.
  6. to be honest if zombies turns out to all be a dream, i will be majorly ticked off. and by the way. if you look into the new maps richtofen manages to get a golden rod and a stone with 115 in it. A theory with this could be that richtofen knew how to control the zombies but maxis didn't let him try his method. So now he has what he needs and he will eventually take over the zombies
  7. it has never been confirmed that she controls the zombs. But however it is more likely that she just controls the dogs. Like it has been said she has two sides. a good and a evil. In my opinion she is evil during dog rounds but good in zombie rounds. this is what i think results in the pickups
  8. I'm not sure if anything has been posted about this but, in Kino der toten there is a stage light on the floor near the theatre location of the mystery box.I think this could be a link to Call of the Dead and George Romero. Hear me out, In the Call of the Dead opening video a zombies takes George away. We don't quite now where he goes and what happens. But my theory is that someone who has not been shown or named (possibly) can control the zombies. So the zombie took george away. Possibly this person has a teleporter. So they teleported george away (Kino Der Toten). But because George had never been exposed to 115 before. The teleportation went terribly wrong. Even though he had not turned into a zombie, he became electrified. He possibly picked up the stage light. But however, back at call of the dead, the actors could hear voices in a part of the ship. This was the main characters (Tank,Nicholi,Takeo and the Doctor). So they decided to help them. Back at Kino, the mastermind behind the zombies, found out that the actors were helping Richtofen and the others. Because this person knows there getting closer to the truth. They try to stop the actors from helping. So this person teleports george back to call of the dead. This leads to the start of the game were george gets teleported into the water. Leave your thoughts and comments below. Thank you
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