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  1. I'm relatively new to this site. But I was wondering why did carbon leave?
  2. So I was playing CotD last night and was on round 40. Everything was going pretty good. I had mustang and sally, savenger, ray gun, manishka dolls, claymores, semtex, and perks.......POWER OUTAGE :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: Anyways I'm gone for the weekend for wrestling but when I come back imma give it another go. I know imma run the second floor of the lighthouse because it seems there's less little ledges on the wall to get stuck on. But I'm looking for any tips y'all have to offer. Thx
  3. I was pretty much on for all of them, but off by 5s on recharge time :l
  4. Ok so I went and tested them all and got: Trap: Duration(Recharge time) Electric trap: 40s(55s) Fire trap: 40s(55s) Machine gun turrents: 30s(n/a) Flogger: 30s(45s) All tested on kino(except flogger lol) Think thats all of the traps right :|
  5. Yep! Everyone else was pretty close! 750 - Door 1000 - Door 1500 - Stakeout 750 - Door 1000 - Door 1200 - AK74u 1250 - Door 1250 - Door 1000 - Claymores 3000 - Bowie Knife 950 - Mystery Box: Spectre (Remember I said no perks, think 3 gun glitch or something) 5000 - PaP Stakeout = Raid 5000 - PaP AK74u = AK74fu2 Yayyy lol
  6. Oooh. But yea id probably want some other perks to. I kinda like the monkey rounds when I'm in higher levels, since its like a free round makes game faster
  7. Have you tried Running a train on the Lander>Burning em by Mule Kick>Build another at PHD>Burn em at Stamin Up>Build up by Claymores>Burn by Mule Kick>Etc. This completely nullifies the need to get a new thundergun (And eventually, the need for the Thundergun completely), Monkeys keep your Ammo supply up every few rounds (unless you do the "no Monkey Round trick), and eventually points become ridiculous and you can clear 50-60 with about 100,000 points pretty damn quickly. That one. Idk what it is
  8. Yea the time do seem to differ on somemaps. I think I might some testing :)
  9. I watched it. Lmao u just got treyarched! but that sucks though. Ive had it happen once before
  10. Thnx guys. I will try those out. Yea I was positioned by qr/jugg but id run out of ammo in tgun, but I think using those traps will help a good bit. Ill try to give brains to all of you when it let's me. Love the help keep it coming lol
  11. Yea I do that. But like my problem is I'm having to save like 10-12 shots in my thundergun just to kill monkeys. Wondering if there's a more ammo efficient way. Thank you tho
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