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  1. EDIT: This was the leak for CoTD (escalation) map pack I think it's pretty confirmed the map is called die rise or rise The thing is, there was a poster for a black ops 1 map pack that had "survive shangri la" or something, I think Rise is a pretty cool name. if it is die rise (pun on high rise) I hope they bring elevators back. I know I'm alone on this, but I seriously loved five.
  2. I'm the only one who ates detah machine because its a powerup that removes your sprint, and WILL get you downed after round 30 unless you're ridiculously careful? Oh. Honestly if they do include it is needs a buff (if only for later rounds)
  3. On ascension a first room strategy is a viable 30+ strategy on tranzit... not so much, I really like the challenge as I said, involves a lot more fast thinking than regular zombies. Also, what could you use turbines fr (besides distracting the zombies... actually that's a pretty good strategy)
  4. The first room challenge is something I've enjoyed for every map so far, and the tranzit first room is insanely fun to play, I'd recommend you guys try it, it reminded me a lot of NML from Blops1 (my attempt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwAUwvjzS14 )
  5. I'm a shotgunner so.probably the striker, op besides I guess the USAS12.
  6. I think host migration wouldmess up the zombies a little? It's glitchy enough in MP and I think inactive users aren't a problem, I'd like it if they let you continue a game solo if everyone backs out, though.
  7. I made a video (its pretty long, and mixed with a live comm) giving quite a few suggestions for the zombies in the next treyarch game, let me know your responses to them?
  8. I do a series of weapon comparison/guide videos for CoD multiplayer (you can see them on my youtube, but enough self promotion) and I'm considering oing a similar series for zombies Zombie weapon guides and whatnot, giving its ZOMBIES weapon stats and PAP details, etc, probably covering most of the details and uses and whatnot. Would there be any want for this? Since its the sort of thing I was very tempted to do for black ops but was unsure on whether anyone needs or cares about the information Let me know if that's the sort of thing you'd enjoy watching? :p
  9. Ammo refill - 2500 PAP - 7500 Make it somewhat balanced or a challenge, imo.
  10. Theres quite a lot of misinformation in this thread, as an elite premium member (cost £35, roughly $55?) with a massive interest in zombies I feel I should clarify: all maps come free with elite, in monthly installments instead of quarterly. This doesn't affect your ability to buy the map packs one by one without elite. Any elite integration is positive or does not affect you.
  11. I personally think Area 51 is more fun than moon itself, they should make more minigames like this.
  12. You need to maxmize your points by getting 30 points per pistol bullet, then use your grenades to make crawlers or weak zombies to give you a 1 hit knife, then in the first 3 siren waves you can get a 1 hit on the dogs. Pretty tactical.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjeaEXGE_HY 2674 :p
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjeaEXGE_HY Fairly funny glitch on ascension I found while playing splitscreen, makes it so you're permanently going down and being revived, used it to get 1337 downs :p
  15. Effective grenade use gives points, with effective knifing and pistol ammo use. Its a stretch most games but far from impossible (though hellhounds start running ridiculously fast)
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