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    I don't buy this Die Rise talk...

    EDIT: This was the leak for CoTD (escalation) map pack I think it's pretty confirmed the map is called die rise or rise The thing is, there was a poster for a black ops 1 map pack that had "survive shangri la" or something, I think Rise is a pretty cool name. if it is die rise (pun on high rise) I hope they bring elevators back. I know I'm alone on this, but I seriously loved five.
  2. toycat

    Live countdown timer + more info on early download

    no maps = sad toycat
  3. toycat

    Live countdown timer + more info on early download

    How certain are we off this, out of interest?
  4. toycat

    Zombie LeaderBoard Suggestion!

    Have a solo leaderboard (connected to live or w/e only... of course) then if people manage to mod... they've managed to mod. I'd still feel great about being top 1k in the world, rather than 100% unrecognised :\ (besides youtube... But i'm in a minority by being able to record and share my games)
  5. toycat

    The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    Dempsey group (just screenshotted a video on my youtube) Going for score, not round but still a fairly impressive round I guess
  6. toycat

    CoDz Zombie Video Contest ENTRIES

    zGuhcu9ozhU I'm not 100% sure if this counts. Just remove the audio (play with audio muted) if it doesn't count

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