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  1. Monkey's are known for stealing things off people in the wild such as sunglasses, hats, etc. It makes sense to me that they appear when power ups drop. If it's a MAX AMMO you probably want to grab it ASAP but if it's a carpenter you may want the monkey to steal it because it looks like while the monkey has the perk it changes randomly. Killing the monkey will yield the drop above his head and not killing the monkey will cause the monkey to steal the drop entirely.
  2. They put all these new features in but they won't implement a pause function.
  3. I'm pretty sure George teleports to fix the glitch when he falls outside the map. It just happens that in this glitch he only goes after Sarah for some reason. Him running in the same spot is something that would happen if George falls out the map thus he teleports.
  4. On five I normally role with m16 and mustang a sally. I don't use the box at all. I stay up top until both players have 10k. One player buys all the doors and other upgrades his pistol. Doctor spawns and we camp the balcony and kill thief with mustang and sally. He won't even make it to the stairs. We use the bonfire to upgrade the remaining 3 weapons. At the end of each round we flip to defcon 4. If it's not the doctor than we flip to 5 and go into the presidents room. All the zombies will spawn outside the door. We alternate players using their mustang and sally. Usually 6 from eac
  5. A less dangerous way is to run a circle on the 2nd floor. When all the zombies have spawned run through the teleporter. If you spawn in the basement than run to the power teleporter as it will always take you to the main or upper floor. Keep doing this until it teleports you to the top floor. Drag the zombies around the quick revive and go along the back wall and pull the trap by MPL. Run and get the elevator and sometimes not all the zombies go through the trap so you can often run bacj and jump through the trap wait a few seconds jump back through the trap and go in the now open elevato
  6. A great tactic as well is to not kill any zombies when a player is downed and is going to get juggernaut. If you kill them they will spawn if you don't you can run circles with juggernaut until he is safe. Most players don't get to far rounds because they think camping with box guns is the best strategy. Most good players don't get to really far rounds because they think running a circle strategy and killing zombies is a good strategy. Great players find ways to kill zombies in the absolute fastest way possible. The level 70 video is a perfect example of such a strategy. I have si
  7. I did it on my first try no problem on ps3 last weekend.
  8. You are obviously really good at zombies so I'm not sure why you are complaining. Why would you play a public zombie game other than to mess around and have fun? I'm pretty damn good at zombies and sometimes I just play public games to try to revive the noobs as much as I can without dieing myself. If I want a high score I play with people who know my strategy in a 2 player game. If none of your friends are on, spam the find match until see someone with a decent score. Your scores are high so most people will automatically accept your friends invite. They really need a filter in
  9. Made it to 64 last night on 2 players pretty easily and the other guy had to leave. Should be able to get to #1 but it's hard to find that amount of time to get there. Don't have proof but I'm at 127 at the moment on Ps3.
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