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  1. I just noticed this whilst playing Shangri-La today. I could see the rips in the top left corner showing COTD on the previous page and Ascension behind that. Then all of a sudden I noticed that part of the Moon loading screen was placed behind Ascension.
  2. A lot of good challenges to choose from so far. I'll be sure to try some out this weekend.
  3. Challenge Name: Live and Let Die Number of Players: 3-4 Required Map(s): Any Objective: You must survive for as long as possible without getting any kills or going down. When you and your teammates die, it's game over. Time Limit: Unlimited Round Limit: Unlimited Randoms Only: Yes Disallowed Perk(s): None Disallowed Weapon(s): None
  4. As everyone is most probably already aware, there are quite a few 'mini-challenges' that people have invented. I thought it would be a good idea to list all the known challenges in one thread to make it easy to scroll through and find one you like the sound of. Just copy the format below and edit the details to suit your challenge. Challenge Name: Number of Players: Required Map(s): Objective: Time Limit: Round Limit: Randoms Only: Disallowed Perk(s): Disallowed Weapon(s):
  5. *EDIT* - I'm currently looking to expand my friendliest to find more people to play zombies with as Shangri-La is ridiculous with randoms. PM me or respond here if you're interested. Round 62 with 2 people. Could have got a lot further but my partner lagged out. Rounds 1 - 25: Perks: Juggernog Weapons: AK74u and Awful Lawton Strategy: Running loops in the AK74u room using the AK74u to pop heads and shooting the Awful Lawton incase you get trapped. Rounds 25 - 40: Perks: Juggernog, PHD Flopper, Speed Cola and Stamin-Up Weapons: Porter's X2 Ray Gun and Awful Lawton
  6. 30 out of 40 of the topics on page 1 of this board are all about the Easter Egg. Anyone that actually makes a topic regarding the actual gameplay itself gets no more than 5 replies. Easter Eggs used to be little things that the developers would put in just for fun to see if anyone would notice it. However, this game now seems to have been turned into some sort of Drake's Fortune/Tomb Raider style game, and I don't mean in terms of the theme, but from trying to solve mysteries and such. Is there anyone else on this forum like me, that actually just likes the game for what it is and doesn't actu
  7. We know what one is, and it's you. You can't sit and act as though you were just disagreeing. And here's the definition of a troll: "an internet user who sends inflammatory or provocative messages designed to elicit negative responses or start a flame-war." I'm pretty sure that fits you considering it's your first posts and your calling people "faggots". Don't act so innocent when your guilty. You = Failed logic. You can't discriminate someone judging by their post count. I've been lurking this forum for over 6 months and only decided to register 10 days ago. So I know a lot more abo
  8. Wow, so just because some disagrees with someone and gets mad about it that automatically makes them a troll? Failed logic. Learn what an actual troll is.
  9. You can't just go throwing information around like that. 30 minutes for God's sake!? Think about it. It's absolute ludicrous!
  10. You're speculating an actual time on an UNCONFIRMED day? What is this?
  11. I'm sorry to flame, but seriously? Who the f**k do you actually think you are? Half an hour? What a faggot.
  12. On "Five" it is literally almost impossible to reach round 15+ playing with three other random people. The only good place to loop on that map is on the second floor in the war room. With such a tight space and 3 other people running in opposite directions it's utter stupidity.
  13. When I play with randomers I usually stay in the spawn area until I get 2,950 points. I then buy the door leading to the lighthouse (750) and then buy the door in the Hero room (1,000) and immediately buy the AK74u (1,200). That way I have the two weapons I keep for the entire game (AK74u + Mustang & Sally).
  14. There was a guy split-screening with a friend. I normally avoid anyone I see with (1) on the end of their Gamertag because they're usually not good. Anyway, him and his mate was on the Quick Revive island shooting George for the whole 5 rounds using the Olympia and M14 while me and the other guy was killing the zombies. Every 8 seconds my screen was shaking and I was constantly getting stunned. I was pushed back towards the boat leading to the lighthouse, but someone got an Insta-Kill so I proceeded to knife the horde, only to then get stunned (again) and double swiped.
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