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  1. The Apostate “Oh, ok, Richtofen, proceed with the tests on your own, I will make sure this loose end is tied up.” “Schuster, prepare the prototype again.” "Nein, Dr. Schuster, this must be done. Quickly, put in your earplugs and power up the machine." "Oh no!" “I am afraid I might have to scrap the-" "Don't stop anything. We have done something, something wonderous.” Der Riese “Oh good god! Kill it! KILL IT!” Shots rang out from the room. Clad in a white coat, Dr. Ludvig Maxis, leader of Group 935, walked over to the corpse lying dead from so many bullets, and examined it, when it exploded in a cloud of smoke. Coughing, “Damn! Get the masks, get the masks!” Other assistants aside from Richtofen scrambled to fetch their boss a precious lifesaving piece of equipment. One was able to get one but by the time he threw it to Maxis, his eyes had hollowed out of their sockets and the poor fellow choked to death on the unknown gas. Once he escaped the room and caught his breath, in a sly tone, “It seems the N6 compound the Russian has ‘given’ us, will perform as expected.” As soon as he was done talking to himself, the P.A came on, “WARNING! BREACH DETECTED IN ROOM 115. I REPEAT, BREACH DETECTED IN 115. UNKNOWN FORCES ARRIVING!” “Dammit! A security breach? At this time? Oh when we are so close to perfecting the M.D.T and the wonder weapons, well I guess I must call the dogs.” As soon as he stepped inside the main compound was under attack from men dressed in yellow HAZMAT suits letting gunfire rain upon his comrades. He found one of the enemies dead on the floor, he ripped off his suit, but he saw that he was still alive, except from a bullet in his thigh. “Please, let me live. Don’t kill me. I have a family back home. I never wanted to do this in the first place, they forced me to. I don’t wanna di-! With a smoking Luger, “American swine”. Walking to the room announced on the intercom, he fought his way through 10 men, here for an unknown reason, letting his true anger reveal itself. He arrived at Room 115. Where the M.D.T. is located, when he entered, “God, they perfected the M.D.T. on their end, but how? They have no blueprints-…. Peter, I should’ve known all along with his American accent, I should’ve seen though those lies, but no I listened to my dimwitted assistant Richtofen! Perhaps they are working together to take me out. Yes, yes perhaps. They will pay, but until I have them in my grasp, I will take them both out, before they get to me.” Siberia "Log entry 1471. Date: September 2nd 1945. Dear diary. Another day, another fail. This time subject N3WB just slightly improved. The Russian subject still smells like urine. Even after he was given a bath and deloused TWICE. I think I might have killed the specimen from Mexico. His spleen is on the floor and he's not moving anymore. I can verify with certainty that the barrier is not located in the spleen. Dr. Maxis must continue no matter the cost. I wonder what he might think of the experiments on the little girl. ahahaAHAHAHA.” As he laughed monkey came out of nowhere, towards the dead Mexican and notices the spleen on the floor. He picks it and screeches in excitement. “NEIN!! Drop that! That's my Spleen! MINE!" After a brief period of chasing the monkey for his spleen, he became lazy and let the creature be. “Well go ahead and have it! I didn’t want it anyway.” Der Riese Back at Der Riese, everybody is cleaning up after the intrusion, Maxis finds that various blueprint copies and plans for a weapon enhancer machine have been taken. He never knew what the machine did , so he asked around to see if he can find its original designer. Eventually, he found the right person, and a copy of the blueprint, asking him, “Sir, I ask of you. What does this machine do? Especially with a weapon? “Oh, the ‘Pack a Punch’ is what you’re referring to; it will enhance the firepower of the weapon, giving off a purple muzzle flare. But it hasn’t been tested yet. And it requires massive amounts of 115 in order to change its appearance and its firepower. Not realizing the needed 115, he headed to the stock room and opened it. He gazed inside and saw that all that was left was one rock, about the size of a small vehicle. He went back to his office, took out a pen and paper and called to his female assistant, whom he started to grow an attraction towards too previously. "Sophia, this letter is to go to the Reichstag High Command immediately. Gentlemen, it is with the utmost urgency that I draw your attention to the lack of funding being injected into The Giant project. While I believe we are close to realizing the ultimate plan, we still have several years of development before it is ready. It would be folly to cut our expenditure so early in our development. As you know, early tests on the DG-2 have easily outperformed expectations and we fully anticipate mass producing the Wunderwaffe within the next few years. Work on the matter transference has however come to a standstill. We simply do not have enough Element 115 to continue the experiments. The test subjects have survived teleportation but are currently unresponsive to commands and cannot be controlled. If we are to overcome this obstacle we need to increase the frequency and size of the experiment. To this end, I suggest we find not only a regular supply of 115, but that we also find a larger conduit to channel the energy. Our operatives in America have informed us that the US have a large supply of the element at the Nevada base, so time is of the essence if we are to stay ahead of them. This cannot be done if you cut the budget, nor can it be done if you insist on pressuring us into action before we are ready. I am of course available for discussion of the matter but in the meantime, I will continue with the work here and try to win this damned war. Signed etc. etc. Doctor Maxis. Sophia. Let’s get Richtofen out of Siberia. And get me Fluffy, she should be in Samantha’s room. Siberia "Log Entry 1472 Date: September 10th 1945. Deeeear Diary. Today was a good day. The swelling has subsided, the ice helps. They made leberwurst for lunch. It was. Delicious. I still have not had any luck reprogramming any of the live specimens. Dr. Maxis says the key to unlocking the human mind will be more easily discovered of someone who isn't dead yet. I am not convinced. The army is stored until I can fix this, this trust barrier. Oh. Apparently someone in security found a spy today; they are delivering him from Eagle’s Nest, to replace the one that I broke." After a slight chuckle two men came in wearing heavy winter clothing, looking like charred marshmallows. One of them spoke “Dr. Richtofen, Dr. Maxis requests that you travel back to the main facility for important experiments.” “Hmm. If it’s so important, and he wants me, I guess I’ll pack my things then. When do we leave?” Surprised, “well, there’s just one problem, we haven’t got a ship to take you there.” “Then how was the message sent?” “The boat that came has suffered ice in the gears and it jammed. It’s now under repair, and will be fully operational in about a month.” “Well, wake me when it’s ready.” ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬__________________________________ "Log Entry 1473 Date: September 17th 1945. Deeear Diary. Today-" "Get your hands off me you damn dirty Nazi.." Whispering to himself, "Uh-oh! Zis doesn't look good..." "Yeah, that's right, you want some of this? I'm taking you home in bags, freak!" "Nein! I don't think so, American!" "Okay, now I'm mad!" "I suppose this must be the replacement then. Time to get to work!" "I can still hear you!" "HIT HIM AGAIN WITH THE STICK!!!" "O s-!” “Good now he is ‘asleep’. Bring him to the operating room!” “ok, he is ready.” “va? What’s going on?” “HIT HIM AGAIN!” Others began beating down on the American, until he was finally out cold. “Good, now bring me the others!” ___________________________________ "Log 1474. Date: September 20, 1945. It would seem that the OSS realized that we have captured one of their spies. They tried to send a rescue team to Verrückt that was awful. The first batch of test subjects. I suspect that there are others more in the Organization. Dr. Harvey Yena and Dr. Peter McCain to be precise. Dr Maxis doesn't any Americans in Group 935, no matter how much genius they have. Stupid Americans with their apple pies and baseball and children, but I digress. The new American test subject is interesting and muscley. His intellect seems low, but his will is strong. Like the others, he doesn't seem to know who he is anymore. Unlike the others he keeps breaking the restraints and yelling at me. Test subject N3WB is still staring at the floor, muttering what sounds like some kind of proverb over and over again. I think his mind may have been destroyed by the process. Oh well. The Russian subject has recently begun responding to stimuli, but only after injecting him with a new serum made primarily from vodka. Perhaps this is a breakthrough in the mind. "Log entry 1475 Date: October 1st, 1945 Deeeeeaar diary. As for the control group tests, they have been put on hold. Recently I discovered that Doc (static) has not been mass producing the DG-2 as he swore he would. If he won't move those plans forward, then I won't continue following his dream of an undead army! He doesn't deserve his perch of power! He doesn't know what to do with it, but I know just what to do with him... and I'll take care of that little brat when I get the chance too..." Still deciding on what else to do with his time here, an unknown knock came upon his door. “Richtofen, the ship is finally ready. Are your things packed?” “Ah yes, go ahead and take my things aboard. Let us get out of here.” ¬¬¬___________________________________ “Rictofen, good to have you back, I trust you have the three test subjects along with you?” “Yes, sir. But I must ask, why do we need these subjects again?” With sarcasm in his voice, “Ugh, I’m not sure why. But this will be the third test. Let’s begin, I have my recorder ready. "Initiating test number 3, subject is within the test chamber, activate power." The familiar blue electricity enshrouded the subject, but too much power turned his body into chunks. "Oh, oh my God!" "Get a hold of yourself and clean that up! Test number 3 unsuccessful, test subject has been reduced to the same state as previous subjects, clean up the test chamber and re-calibrate the system! Let's do it again." "Yes, Doctor." After another failed test, and another torrent of words from Maxis on how his actions are failing the group he decided to talk to Schuster, on the moon after Maxis approved of Richtofen’s idea of using the moon as an element mining site. "Log, 1075. Dr. Schuster and I have spent countless hours with the pyramid device in an attempt to understand how it functions. We have made little progress...until now. Today we uncovered what appears to be some kind of tank with a glass like front. The glass itself seems” "I've got you now rat!" "Kill it Schuster!" Stepping on it with no mercy, he started to wipe his shoes on the floor when a green mist came from the vermin and floated into the glass tank. "Did you see that?" "Look! The capacitor is illuminated, the tank is filling-" "The machine. It seems to be activated! What did you do?" "I think we just discovered what powers this machine. Eagle’s Nest. This is Griffin Station. We have an update. Over.” “Dr. Groph, have you made any progress?” “Yes Doctor. The machine is ready and awaiting the conduit” “Very good, I will proceed with Operation Shield and join you shortly” “Security Protocol 935?" "Yes, I will dispose of Dr. Maxis and that little brat personally. Do not. Touch. Anything!” After ending the call he walked towards the main facility. Making sure all doors were locked. When he entered the testing area, Maxis called for him. “Edward, make sure all connections are in and change the max output to 250v.” “Ok, doctor.” He went around the back and changed voltages, but not to Maxis’ specifications. He set it to 1000v, which could kill whoever’s in the frame. “Hurry up Edward! We haven’t got all day!” He walked from behind calmly, as if something was about to go wrong. “It’s ready Maxis”, he said. He placed the test subject into the frame, Fluffy, Samantha’s dog never expected this to happen. “Good, initiating test number six. Subject is within test chamber. Activate power." Power came to the M.D.T. whirring and stirring up electricity until it conked out cold when it reached its peak. "Damn it, Edward! Did you set up the device correctly?!!" "Yes Doctor. As per your specifications." "If you had done it to my specifications then it would have worked, wouldn't it? As usual your incompetence has... What?" A strange blue ball of electricity manifests within the chamber creating a high-pitched screech across the room. "Do you hear that, Doctor?" "Quiet, you fool! Test number six is a failure, but the experiment has caused some kind of electrical force to energize within the chamber. Well, open the door." "Doctor, I don't think..." "Open the door NOW!" Edward complies with Maxis’ demand and slowly opens the door to the mainframe. As he finished opening, Samantha walks in wondering about the noises coming from the room, when she saw her precious dog in the frame. "Daddy, what are you doing with Fluffy?" "Damn it, Samantha. I told you never to come in here. Edward, get her out of here." "Yes Doctor." When she saw what had become of her dog, with its skin nearly completely off, eyes glowing red, she asked "What's wrong with her? Daddy, what did you do? Fluffy!" "Come back here! Samantha. Stop her! Easy. Come here Samantha. Good girl. Gently Samantha. That's not Fluffy anymore. We must get out of here." Edward decided this time was as good as any, while the Maxis’ were discussing an escape plan, Edward walked out to the hallway, and closed the doors, locking them from the outside. "What? Edward what are you doing? Open the door. Edward. Open this door now!!" "Dad. I'm scared." "Damn you... Stay by me, Samantha." Calmly, Richtofen whispered, “goodbye, Doctor Maxis." And he flipped the switch towards the mainframe, sending both Maxis’ into the unknown, laughing maniacally.
  2. Episode 3. Enjoy. 8-) Expeditions Made Simple “Maybe 115 has the power to reanimate dead cells! Amazing!” “I say we should call these fine beverages, ‘Perk-a-Colas’, a fine play on words of the Americans Coca Cola, don’t you agree Edward?” “So tell me, what do these drinks contain?” “One step at a time Samantha, one step at a time.” Der Riese "Another setback, Patient two-five was killed this morning in a field test. He lost control and attacked one of our handlers. His injuries were minor but patient two-six was destroyed. The break in programming coincided with the flashing lights and loud noises of the fire alarm in the test facility.” Knocking is then heard from the main door. “One moment!” Shuffling for his keys. “What is it?” When he finally opened the door, he saw that it was his assistant Edward Richtofen, holding more keys to restricted areas. “Sir, here are the extra keys that you requested” “Oh, good, let’s pick out another subject and perform another field test.” “Yes, doctor”. It was only a week ago that Richtofen placed an element sample in the confinement room, hoping to sabotage all of Maxis’ work. But the doctor approached the undead subjects with no problems, giving him new ideas to assist the Nazi party in ways unimaginable. They picked a subject from the room and brought him to an outside field. “Ok, Richtofen let's bring the subject over here and this time, without the restraint.” In question, he asked, “Sir! No restraints? But this will only increase the risk of serious damage or death even!” “Edward, when will you stop questioning my ideas? Now, let it go.” Edward let go of the chain as if it were an empty gun, it zombie ran from his handler into the field wondering and questioning the outside world, and collapsed to the ground. Maxis called to the zombie, “Hey! Over here!” "Stand up. Stand up! Good. Look at me.” Snapping his fingers, “Over Here! Good. Now walk forward. Excellent. Further. Keep coming. It's all right.” The zombie shuffled his feet towards Maxis. “Stay there. Calm down. I order you.” The zombie's instincts overcame him and charged Maxis. “Kill it!” Edward raised his gun at the attacker and planted 3 bullets into its brain. “Bring me another." “Ugh, Edward, call over the cleanup crew and have them clean this up.” “Yes, doctor” Maxis pulled out his voice recorder and recorded his experience, “Subject two-six has had a breakthrough, he is responding to the treatments and following basic instructions, violent outbursts have been greatly reduced, and given time we feel this method of treatment will be 100 percent effective in most cases. Sadly, his original instincts came over him and he had to be removed. Just then, as Maxis was finishing up his recording, his daughter came running towards him, “Daddy! Something’s wrong with Fluffy! She’s not moving!” “Oh, ok, Richtofen, proceed with the tests on your own, I will make sure this loose end is tied up.” “Yes Maxis.” Running nowhere, Maxis asked his daughter,” what is wrong with Fluffy exactly dear?” “She’s not moving, I think she’s ready to have her puppies. Don’t you think father? Standing over the squirming dog, whimpering and yelping, he looked at it in disgust. It was as if the dog was shot not to kill, but to make it suffer and bleed to death. “Perhaps Samantha, let me examine her and I’ll let you know of her condition. Would that be ok with you?” Not knowing of her father’s intentions, she assumed that her daddy can make everything better. “Ok, daddy, I know that after you’re done with Fluffy, she’ll be all better.” While the Maxis’ were discussing the dog’s pregnancy, Richtofen continued tests with the zombies. “Ok Schuster, throw him into the chamber!” Dr. Schuster uncaged the creature in the chamber and sealed it to prevent escape. He ran as fast as he could towards the safety barrier. “Ok, Dr. hit the switch!” Richtofen slammed the switch to enlighten the M.D.T. zapping the zombie and surrounding it in violet electricity. Seconds later, the subject disappeared but not appeared at the mainframe. “Dr. I think we have made a breakthrough!” “Nien Schuster. Do you hear that?” “Hear what? “That.” Moments later, the same subject appeared with a puff of smoke and walked towards the two, moaning and what sounded like gargling. “Schuster, hand me that pistol on your left.” “Ok, doctor, but what will this do?” Richtofen stood up and walked towards the zombie, when it poofed out of sight and appeared behind him. With a quick sidestep, Richtofen turned and blasted its brains out. Schuster stood from his position behind the wall. “Schuster, prepare the prototype again.” Schuster reset the power and added an ounce of element 115 in the deposit. He said to Richtofen, “Doctor, what do you plan on doing? Ignoring Schuster, he pulled out his recorder, “Entry 42. Date: January 4th, 1940. Dr. Schuster and I, despite mounting pressure from Dr. Maxis, have continued working on the matter transference prototype. We have made great strides in the last thirty days and are ready for our first human subject. If our calculations are correct, we will send a test subject to the receptacle station sitting thirty yards away and behind a cinder-block wall." "Are you certain you want to do this, Dr. Richtofen?" "Nein, Dr. Schuster, this must be done. Quickly, put in your earplugs and power up the ma-chine." Schuster flipped the switch and blue electricity surrounds the main pad. The expression on Richtofen’s face claimed that a human test may have been a mistake. And a few seconds later he was whisked from the pad, but didn’t appear at the receiving pad. Schuster gave a confused look and went on the other side of the wall but didn’t find Richtofen. But, Richtofen was taken somewhere else. "Is there a power outage? Why is it so dark? I feel almost... weightless. How very unexpected. Dr. Schuster? Hello? Ah, I can see now. Oh my god. I am standing in a circular cave, surrounded by some kind of machine like, it's like nothing I've ever seen before. It looks almost alien in nature. There's a pyramid structure at the center of the room. I'm going to try and carefully touch it." When his finger contacted the surface, the surface responded with a shock. "Ahhh! Static electricity. It's sharp to the touch. Very cold. Not a speck of dust." He touched it again, but no electricity zapped him. He banged on it testing his luck, but it made a hollow sound. "Hmm, might be hollow. The chamber's quite large. I see what looks like capacitors at the ceiling of the chamber. There are no obvious connections to anything electrical. What is this place? Dr. Schuster, is that you? Dr. Schuster! Look at this. It appears to be covered in some kind of hieroglyphic language. I've not seen anything like it before. Why are you whispering to me? There's no need for that." The whispering was heard again, but was inaudible. All he could make out was, “Ed-ward, it’s time to kill Maxis.” Confused, he already knew that killing Maxis was his main purpose for being in 935. While thinking over how to kill him, the sound of the teleporter came up. "Was ist los? ("what's the matter?") Do you hear that? It sounds like..." Cut off by the sound of being taken some-where new, he ended up on his feet in the middle of a tribal village. "My god, what happened? I seem to be in some kind of jungle. I can't be certain of where I am." Dusting himself off, he started walking when he spotted a group of rabid villagers sprinting towards him. "Oh no!" Back in Der Riese "Log Entry 43. Date: January 23rd, 1940. I cannot be certain what happened to Dr. Richtofen. Once the test was commenced, he just disappeared from the machine into thin air. I have searched the area for days and have no evidence that he is anywhere. I am afraid I might have to scrap the-" Before finishing up his recording, Richtofen came bursting through the door. "Don't stop anything. We have done something, something wonderous. Shhh. Do you hear them?" Confused at who “them” is, but surprised at his return. "Dr. Richtofen, you're alive!" "I'm more than alive, Mr. Schuster. Is the device still intact?" "Yes, but, what happened to you?" "Aaah, something wunderbar! That chamber was incredible, the wonders we could learn!" "What are you talking about? Are you alright?" "Get in the matter transference prototype, Dr. Schuster. We have work together to accomplish what I have found. But, first we will need to create a suit that can give the wearer oxygen while in an area with no atmosphere."
  3. Part 2, a little short, but episode 3 will cover. “Yes I can see it now: Edward’s Walnut Delivery” “Don’t be obtuse” “How dare you call me that! I will admit there is some promise here…” "You're not suggesting that Dr. Maxis would steal this technology and perfect it without us, are you?" "I would by no means discourage that thought. Great scientists must stick together and achieve great science. Always" Der Riese “Ok, I am getting tired of all these failures what good will come of this Maxis?” “Edward, will you shut your trap and recalibrate the damn system now?!” Letting out a silent sigh of disappointment, “ok, let’s do this again.” After losing count of all their tests what seemed like the 200th test actually produced a result, the human patient not so lucky though. “Oh my goodness! Edward! What is thing monstrosity?” “It seems the patient has deceased during the test, but was reanimated soon after. Maybe 115 has the power to reanimate dead cells! Amazing!” “Hmm. If that is so”, he then walked to the closet which Edward didn’t notice until now, opened it and slipped out an MP 40. Loaded it and cocked the receiver to where the sound echoed throughout the hallways of the large facility. “Walk with me Edward, I will need you to open the subject confinement room.” Hastily, he checked for his keys, “shall I grab a weapon as well Maxis?” “Of course, we’ll need more ammunition for more fun. No?” The assistant went to the same closest and picked out a Gewehr 43 rifle. “Vunderval!” They both walked side by side down corridors and corridors of laboratories, holding their own creations. As they turned the corner, a scientist came crashing into the pair, putting them on their feet. They were covered in a rainbow of liquids. Confused yet afraid of what the liquids may actually be, Edward scolded, “What in hell? Young man, what is the meaning of this, and are these liquids volatile or toxic in any way? Picking up what’s left of the liquids, “Oh! Dr. Maxis! Dr. Richtofen! I am truly sorry about this, but no Richtofen, these are actually consumable and will have no ill effects on the consumer. Each color has a different taste to it. See?” He picked up what was left of bottle with sky blue, yet glowing, colored liquid inside, and took a swig. Coughing, “Ack! This is what I didn’t want you to taste yet, this one is not complete yet, and it still has a fishy taste to it. But this one is certainly ready, here try it. Handing each a bottle of a neon green beverage, they sipped it. Maxis was first to comment on the taste, “my, this is delicious. It has a peculiar taste to it. What is the name of these beverages, or better yet, what effects do they have on the human body?” Feeling jittery he disassembled his MP 40 completely too where it was not recognizable anymore, and within 30 seconds he loaded a bullet into the chamber. Surprised, “I say we should call these fine beverages, ‘Perk-a-Colas’, a fine play on words of the Americans Coca Cola, don’t you agree Edward?” Finally feeling the effects, he too disassembled and reassembled his weapon under a minute. He then stated, “Oh yes our delicious version of the American favored drink. We should call this one Speed Cola. What is that yellow one there young man?” With his jaw dropped at the effects of his creation, he handed Richtofen the yellow filled, “Perk-a-Cola”, he tried it, repling, “yuck another American taste. This tastes like Root Beer. What effect does this have?” The young scientist said, “umm. I think that certain drink increases the fire rate of any weapon, here let us head to the firing range and try it out there.” Maxis suddenly remembered his first destination, “No, I have a better area to try it out.” They helped the drink creator assemble his bottles. When they arrived at the subject confinement entrance, Edward pulled out his keys and opened a new death hall. Maxis took a sip of the Root Beer flavored drink, raised his weapon, and let thirty-two bullets rain upon the POW’s that never saw a mornings light after their capture. “Edward, go get a pound of the element, and place into the center of the bodies and we shall see what will happen. That root beer flavored one, call that one, ‘Double Tap Root Beer.’” Edward, loading a fresh clip, placed his rifle on the wall, and went to the Safe Room. “What does Maxis think he can accomplish from all this? I swear he has no idea of what he is doing with this rare item.” Back at the confinement room entrance, Maxis talked with the young scientist about the new Perk-a-Colas. “So tell me, what do these drinks contain?” “Well each of the drink has 1 microgram of Element 115, and when mixed with various flavors and substances, it produces an effect on the body to what is added inside. For example, this red one, as I like to call, “Juggernog Soda”, has egg nog, and it increases the health of the person who drinks it. Green as you already know, speeds up movements, yellow is the only drink that effects the weapon entirely, and this blue one, I have no idea what it does exactly, all I know is that it tastes like fish soaked in cat urine. It’s disgusting. But I do have more in production, each testing as we speak.” Edward again walking back with a pound of the element in hand, he walked by Maxis’ office and saw both Maxis and Samantha inside. He put his ear to the wall and heard, “will I get to keep the puppies too? “One step at a time Samantha, one step at a time.” Edward then walked to the confinement room, threw in the element sample, whispering, “ Let the commencements begin.”
  4. This is just a 5 part series of my take on the storyline that i'm doing as a class assignment. Any grammitical errors or comments are welcomed. I will upload new episodes in 2 week intervals. Enjoy. Willkommen in der Hölle He stood tall over the crowd of worldly scientists who had answered the call to help improve the world’s current condition. He wore the usual eggshell white lab coat with the Nazi party insignia sewn upon his heart. His hair grew thin but was black with life. AS the other scientists mumbled among each other, he called for his assistant, “Edward!” Are you sure all the field manuals have been distributed? Along with the tablet inside?” “Yes, doctor I had just placed the last one before you called,” he replied. “Good, because we don’t want to make a bad first impression with all our new scientists. “ Yes, of course”. “Now, prepare the microphone. I must begin my introduction, they’ve waited long enough.” “Greetings, everyone, my name is Doctor Ludvig Maxis. Gentlemen, allow me to take this opportunity to welcome you group nine three five. This is a prestigious moment in the history of our race. You represent the future of technological advancement. You are the pioneers of human discovery. In your hands lies the destiny of mankind. In our hands is a great power and with that power comes a price. You have volunteered to be part of this great experiment and with that decision comes the responsibility of absolute secrecy. No one is to know what you do, where you work, what our research has discovered, or what our purpose will be. You will have no further contact with your governments or with your families. Your decision to fully dedicate your lives to Group 935 is absolute. In your lockers you will find your field ops manual which will direct you should our manifest get compromised. We cannot afford to let this power fall into the wrong hands and therefore be considered your bible. Make your preparations now. A new dawn is beginning for mankind." And the entire crowd burst into applause, some even went into whistling and hollering. Maxis smiled and waved his hand like a god amongst the group, and all went dead silent. “In your field operations manual, a cyanide tablet will be inside. In the case of an emergency or outbreak, you are instructed to take your tablet, if it has been misplaced, then there are other methods of performing the task.” Shock stricken scientists had been confused of the work methods of “Der Riese”, or the “The Giant”, a small handful had been overwhelmed and scared of their fates. So they ran to the nearest exit, then faces shredded by Nazi guards armed with Hitler’s Buzzsaws. When the shots reached the ears of the others, they went into a panic and another shot rang out. Maxis then shouted, “as I have said before, no one is to know of our location, nor what research and discoveries we will soon accomplish. You are now excused to your common rooms. Gute nacht.” As everyone left, Maxis said to his assistant, “Well! That went better than expected!” Edward questioned, “doctor, was it necessary to have killed those men?” “Edward, if you ever achieve a status like mine, you will understand that covering the truth is at most important.” “Ahh! I see doctor, if we had let them escape, then they would have told the world of our research on improving the human condition despite this war” “Exactly, Edward! Now we must get some sleep, we have a full day ahead of us!” The Next Day “Yes, is this on? Oh, good, the test subjects have been undergoing treatment for five days with a little progress. I have been assured that given time, the programming will take hold.” “Maxis, exactly what will we be doing with these human subjects?” “Well, doctor Richtofen, these subjects ‘volunteered’ themselves after we’ve discovered they work for an organization called the Illuminati.” Edward suddenly remembered his objective within Group 935, but felt no pity when the subjects were injected with a serum Maxis called, “JGb-0100.” The patient soon vomited heavily to where the humid, disgusting odor of pig’s feet polluted the room. The serum was designed to extend human life, but the effects on the patient seemed to disagree. Maxis then called to Edward, “Edward, let’s forget this experiment, I’ve just had another great idea, besides this of course.” He then kicked the patient’s gurney down a hallway which led to an incinerator, burning him. They both laughed manically as the poor human burned. “I want to start working on a weapon that can expel massive amounts of pressurized oxygen to where the object in front of the barrel will be blown away and not survive the blast. Do you get what I’m saying Edward?” “Oh yes, I can visualize it now with a pull of the trigger, the poor victim will be pushed back so far that it will land at the Fuhrer’s feet. Yes, I will look for more of the element.” Then the assistant exited the room and headed down corridors and hallways until he came across a little girl, whom Edward wondered, there are no children allowed, and if one happens to come across one, they are to immediately dispose of them. As soon as Edward brandished his own blade, the little girl screamed in such a high pitched voice that nearby windows shattered and Edward dropped his blade and ran as far as he could. When he regained hearing, he heard Maxis say, “Samantha darling, how did you get in here? You know that this is a very dangerous place, especially for a little girl.” The girl who nearly burst Edward’s eardrums, Samantha, responded, “I was walking by myself when this big tall man came I front of me and pulled out a knife and I screamed and busted the windows and ran and then you showed up and rescued me from the big scary man.” In Edward’s mind he concluded, “If that girl is Ludvig Maxis’ daughter, then I could use her to my advantage and see if she possesses any strengths or, ha! Weaknesses. Oh, this will be so joyful.” Griffin Station “Are you sure Maxis has approved of this Dr. Richtofen? Because if he hasn’t, then were next on the 935 death list.” “Of course, Dr. Schuster, he has given me full authority, by the way where is Dr. Groph?” “Ahh, Groph is currently working on a separate project at the main facility. He will arrive as soon as he is finished. Dr. Groph readied the device for another test when he asked, “doctor, exactly where do we get the element 115?” Richtofen responded, “Schuster, do not tell anyone else who asks the same question you do, but we get our element from an old Japanese village in which the element landed. It came in a house sized meteorite but due to all of our experiments with the element, it is depleting quickly. I hope that answers your question Schuster.” “Log entry 38. Date: December 4, 1939. The matter transferring prototype is prepared for test run number 151. We have now reduced our test subject's mass to prove that this is possible. Dr. Schuster, please give an overview.” "Yes Dr. Richtofen. We have a new test subject, a walnut, weighing in at 10 grams. The target platform is now at three feet with no obstructions. We have one microgram of the element which, according to our calculations, will be entirely used up during the test." “Excellent Dr. Schuster. Commence test number 151.” “Yes doctor. Now please insert your earplugs.” Soon an electric like noise and blue streaks of electricity surrounded the walnut and the cooling fans whirred loud enough to dull the shouts of the scientists. Then in the receiving plate, the 10 gram subject rattled around. Schuster cried, “good god we’ve done it! We have powered up a prototype. And it moved a walnut directly from the prototype device into the receiving. It moved instantly. It-it…it teleported!” In a calm voice, Edward said, “Get me Doctor Maxis”. Schuster then removed his earplugs and headed to Maxis’ main office. Heavily breathing before he opened the door, due to poor health. Schuster burst into the office and tripped over the head scientist’s daughter. “Oh my goodness! Samantha. Are you okay?” Sam cried for a minute then sniffled her remaining tears. “Maxis…is this your…daughter? But I thought no children were allowed at Der Riese? At all!” “Yes, Schuster. May I introduce you to my only daughter, Samantha Emilia Abigail Maxis, darling say hello to a fellow friend of mine, Dr. Schuster.” Holding her beloved teddy bear as all children do, Sam responded shyly, “h-hello”. Schuster then remember what he came for, “Ahh! I had almost forgotten. Richtofen requests that you see what we’ve accomplished immediately!” Maxis sighed, “alright then, I will be on my way.” He then faced Samantha, who looked about 10 years old with space-black hair with two bangs curved in front of her face like a spider’s web, she held her teddy close to her always ever since her mother gave it to her right before her execution, for an unknown reason, with the blood still stained on the fur. Maxis gazed at her and said, “Samantha, can you wait here for a few minutes while daddy checks on another important experiment?” “Ok, daddy, but don’t take so long though!” “Ok, I’ll try and make it as quick as possible.” As soon as Maxis ensured his angel’s safety, he walked with Schuster towards Richtofen’s success. “So, what did my assistant accomplish exactly?” Groph answered, still breathing deep, “Doctor, this is one of those accomplishments you will have to see for yourself.” When they entered Edward’s lab and Maxis saw his experiment he stated, “But this is not the crucial experiment you were supposed to be working on..." "With all due respect, Doctor Maxis, this is a breakthrough of unimaginable proportions." "What? That you moved a walnut a few feet? Yes, Edward, we will improve the human condition by revolutionizing the walnut industry. I can see it now: 'Edward's Walnut Delivery.'" "Don't be obtuse." Offended, "How dare you call me that! We are at war, Edward! I will admit that there is promise here but until this war is won..." "Correct me if I'm wrong, Doctor Maxis, but Group 935 is a research organization with what was the motto to improve the human condition. What business of ours is it?" "Fine, Doctor Richtofen, I will let you in on a little administrative secret: we are finalizing a deal with the Nazi party. We need funding, we need equipment, they need new weapons. Chances are this war will end soon with a treaty or two and we will be in a much better position to help the world." "Are you certain this won't cause massive defections? We have scientists from all over the world working with us." "That is why it is with the utmost confidence that I share this with you. No one will know of this. This is simply the breaking of an egg to make an omelet." "Think of the tactical advantage we will have..." "Think of the cost, think of the time! We can provide the Nazis tactical expertise in various areas without putting all our eggs in your walnut basket. Good day, Edward, and get back to your real work." Schuster whispered to himself,” Bloody jerk..." "I think Doctor Maxis has lost his perspective. No matter... we will do this on our own and publish the findings before he has a chance to..." "You're not suggesting that Dr. Maxis would steal this technology and perfect it without us, are you?" "I would by no means discourage that thought. Great scientists must stick together and achieve great science. Always..."
  5. Hmmmmmm.........*five minutes later* Redemption? But i loved the story, it'd make an excellent graphic novel. ;)
  6. Redemptions? But i looove the story, 'bout time i read a zombie story with a heroine. :D
  7. Yeah at times, threads would only show the URL. I'll donate too asap when i learn how to use pay pal and virtual credit cards. Can't trust the internet these days.
  8. It can also be found in the in-game intel. I believe the last mission has it, or you can type in 3arcintel in the terminal.
  9. Here's your picture. If you still want it with Sam in the top right corner.
  10. Whew! Thanks for telling me. I never knew that. I spent hours putting this together. :oops:
  11. What MK-Ultra used to be was a government mind contol movement involving real life citizens picked from the open public. Started during World War II with research on hypnosis for reducing fatigue, secure courier duties, and most importantly, interrogation. Also, used to research into effects of primitive drugs like barbiturates and cannabis as far as drug-assisted interogation goes. George Estabrooks was the leading proponent of hypnosis as the be-all and end-all of manipulating peoples minds. His book, 'Hypnotism', published in the early forties, has been decried as too fantastic and improbable in terms of describing the capabilities of hypnosis with certain very suggestible subjects, but his arguments and examples remain valid to this day. Estabrooks admitted in 1971 to creating hypnotic couriers and programmed multiple personalities for Military Intelligence purposes in an 1971 article. Start of Cold War and Korean War in particular gave a big boost to mind control research with the emergence of 'Brain Washing' as a common term. Supposedly a development of the dastardly Chi-Coms, the term was actually coined by a magazine writer later found to be on the CIA payroll as an agent of influence. Postulating a 'brainwashing gap' The CIA got the go-ahead for research into countering communist mind control efforts and developing their own to aid in the espionage wars. - Hypnosis, drugs, and psycho-surgery; separately and combined, were the tools of this quest for the ultimate truth serum on the one hand, and the capability to create an agent who could not have his or her mission tortured out of them, or even be aware that they were carrying secret information given to them in an altered state of consciousness. More and more sophisticated drugs were experimented with, such as LSD, Ketamine, and Psilocybine. Lobotomy and the implantation of electrodes were considered as methods for creating a compliant agent. Electro-Convulsive Shock, combined with LSD, sedation for days at a time, and constantly replaying the patient’s own voice through helmet-mounted headphones was a notorious Canadian researcher’s recipe for mind control. - One of the most remarkable cases of mind control involves a famous model of the late 40's and 50's named Candy Jones. In the book, "The Control of Candy Jones" the author reviewed hours of tapes made by Candy Jones and her husband which revealed a systematic program to create and manipulate alter personalities as the foundation for programmed couriers resistant to torture, where the primary personality would not even be aware of the secret information being carried. The information could be summoned forth via a post-hypnotic command or response to a pre-programmed cue. - Research continued into early 70's by CIA's own admission during the Church hearings. John Marks, author of the best study of CIA mind control experiments, makes the subtle differentiation that the CIA congressional witnesses might truthfully say that all research done by the TSS Directorate had ended, since the programs were moved into other areas once operational techniques had been developed. Many of the names mentioned in reference to mind control research turn up in the few references to supposed dead-end research in ESP. - There have been persistent rumors of Navy research involving attempts at telepathy from submarines under water, the Nautilus being the most famous of these. Detection of enemy submarines, and communicating with our own, has continued to be an important area of conventional research for the Navy, so it is no surprise that researching the use of ESP for these purposes would be of interest. Communicating with a submerged submarine is the only kind of communications where the very act of receiving puts the receiver in danger, since submarines must normally stick an antenna out of the water for high speed radio traffic, or rely on trailing a long wire antenna under water relatively near the surface to receive very slow speed traffic using ELF radio waves. Newer techniques may involve the use of blue-green wavelength lasers, but evidently penetration to any depth is still a problem. WARNING: VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED doh1X_gXyw0 F-ES8Bv0_8w
  12. Here's a full picture of the Speed Cola machine. Notice how how hand logo is circle and glows green.
  13. From what i can tell, the portraits have the same outline and such. One flaw is that in the Kino version, you can see the collar line. In E.O. is you look closly at the portrait, you can barely tell out the collar line. But this is from a distance, so a close up of the non-blacked out one could help. Besides who is the portrait of anyways? Sorry to ask but i haven't played in a long time.
  14. 20-29 is Takeo 30-39 is Nikolai 40-49 is Dempsey 50-Over is Richtofen. Video proof must be provided for all ranks. Or better yet, another link! http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=14392
  15. Just when i was gonna post about the same thing. But in a different format. For that, i give you [brains]. You know if you ever think of zombie stories and such, head to the zombie stories thread in the index page. You will be inspired and/or motivated.
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