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  1. ZoMb_WaR_MacHInE

    Xbox Live glitch reveals map pack 3: Retaliation????

    This, a thousand times. Yeah I could buy a stupid code of ebay, or go re-buy the game and get the special edition, but why should I? Release the classic map pack already! i Bought the prestige edition (with a stupid toy which i sold) and theres barely any people in the lobbys and if there is there from a far away land and i get a laggy connection with so i really hope they come out so i can play with more randoms with a good connection but sadly i dont think they will release those maps for download from playstation store/ xbox marketplace because they were specially made 4 hardened/prestige and they may want you to pay more to get it since its like 110$ instead of like 20$ for just the classic maps (3arc = greedy bitches lol) so Ebay may just be the only way
  2. ZoMb_WaR_MacHInE

    Funny Zombies Quotes

    i love one of the quotes Takeo says when you get the gersch device "what the .... (fuck) is this" i just lol'd

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