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  1. Iiiiiii, think that is the Black Sun, from the loading screen in Shangri-La. I don't have a pic to compare BUT I'MA GO WITH INSTINCT!
  2. In the Thompson room by the furnace there is 1 brick in Der Riese that floats through the ground to deliver a secret note. If you have an Xbox I can show you.
  3. Yeah dude, that's Samantha Maxis holding a teddy bear.. WATCHING US PLAY ON THE MOON!
  4. I agree, call it in. We need to keep questioning Samantha, the proffesionals need to look at the machine.
  5. That is cool, but what exactly would it do besides switching your weapon faster? I wouldn't really like it that much if that was its only advantage.
  6. To be honest, I don't like them. But they're a lot better than the dogs, monkeys, George, etc.
  7. This is the picture taken from the gameplay video. It looks to me as if the emblem is something with two pistols? Maybe it will let you akimbo every weapon? I don't know but it looks cool. It might also be stopping power due to some other images in the video. Tell me what you think of my idea, submit your own? TAKEOOOOOOOOOUT!
  8. Now Richtofen, we are on the the same side. Let's just focus on getting the "thing" you need at the moon. Heehee....
  9. I'm pretty positive that isn't a body of water. This is just a different angle of "whatever this is". I think it's a giant crater though imo. What it is actually? I dunno. Why is it there? I dunno. What's this got to do with the moon? I dunno.
  10. I'm sorry but this is WRONG. Element 115 is a real element in REAL life. It came from a meteorite that was known as the Tungusten (misspelled) event. The meteorite actually landed in an area that looks VERY similar to the map Shi No Numa. From that point on, everything that happened to samples taken, was all rumor and legend and old stories that people thought of, or claimed to have happened. I don't remember who got to the meteor first to extract the element, or how much was extracted. But it did eventually end up in the Factory of Der Riese. There the radiation from the meteor was liquified into a physical (yet liquid) component. From then on they started experimenting with the element. Eventually, so many tests later, they found that the element begun reanimating dead body cells. So in a sense, zombies originated from the Factory. UNLESS, from the moment the meteor landed, the radiation soaked itself into the ground and immediately begun bringing the dead back to life. Have you ever thought why every round are there more and more zombies? It's because since the zombie is full of the element and its radiation continues to emit from the body even after death, the radiation will begin to soak into the ground once again and continue infecting the dead bodies, which explains why you kill 10 zombies, 25 more show up. This guys good...
  11. Come on guys, we're supposed to get along on these forums.
  12. We are impervious to the effets of 115.....but Richtofen isn't... That shank might come in handy. Imagine if that was the bowie knife of the moon. "Buy 115 Shank: 3000"
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