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  1. Just a tip guys, if you bring Romero to the water after he have started to run against you he will slow dow again. Hope you found this usefull :D
  2. A three wepon perk would be kinda OP i guess as the biggest reason for dying at late rounds is lack of ammo.
  3. Maybe we will have to fight Sam/meet Sam in the last zombies map that is made, but hopefully 3arc will make another COD game with zombies in it so it might take a while to face her in person :)
  4. I would love Ranking and prestiges in zombies, it would be so awsome! :D
  5. I am pretty shure we wont be able to do that, it would be cool thoe :D
  6. I hate Stadium so much! I hate it so much that everytime i have to play it, i "punish" all the ones voting for it by using my n00b tube class :twisted:
  7. Rapid fire Thundergun would be pointless and just destroy the gun.
  8. I think this might be the best zombies map yet, atleast it looks like that from the trailer. It will be better than the other maps because there will be new guns on it, its much bigger, might have a attachment machine and new perks. Only thing thats bad is that Nikolai wont be there :(
  9. Yeah, that is possibly the easiest way to take Romero down.
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