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  1. Not everyone has the convenience of a capture card. wasnt talking about video quality...smarty!
  2. Were you on crack when you made this? Super sketchy!
  3. No mans land must be the beginning before you teleport to moon. I'm guessing there's no Juggernog also. Which means survive without Jug/Power and with an M14 or Olympia...awesome! With the dogs spawning in that area, I see this being a bit difficult past like round 15-16.
  4. Oh don't even get me started on the dogs. They are the ONLY thing I die from on Shi No Numa.
  5. sick dude, can't wait to smash that map without being blocked by windmilling zombies.
  6. when you are shot by the lazarus you get instakill. he was probably just giving him extra instakill time to make it to juggernog without any problems.
  7. flops are heavily effective against a horde. one or two flops will take out 15-20 zombies up until round thirty or so. conserving ammo and funny as hell!
  8. how on earth is the lazarus worthless on high rounds? when you shoot your team mate with it they get insta kill. very useful if you ask me.
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