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  1. Just this morning, i was playing team deathmatch on WaW. Map was Battery, When we started the game there is no modders as i know of. When they joined in the middle of the game. Which i didn't know they were a modder. Anyways, I was just running around the map looking for enemies. All of sudden, i see two players are on my team swimming in mid-air and just keep swimming everywhere. It scared out the sh*t of me when i was just waiting for the enemy to come though the door but instead, the modder swims though the floor and into the ceiling. I was like wtf then i lol'd. It was just completely random. But enemies were just standing there keep shooting at the two modders while the modders swimming around them on the floor. I just ran to the enemies and kept knifing them all. It was funny game but completely random. Does anyone on this site have stories about modders do random things on WaW multiplayer? I like to hear it. -Nathan169
  2. in what way was that harsh? harsh would be me insulting him for this being an old subject. if you think this is harsh then i wonder where were you when the map packs were being released because everybody and their mother would yell at you so if you could please point to me the areas where this is harsh because all i see is me saying im pretty positive that these have been discussed a long time ago. also he has been around for a few months he should have been able to read the Forum code of conduct in that time. I am sorry for the mistake that I have made. The computer just keep lagging so terrible which it makes me think that i am talking against about old news. You aren't harsh, i don't get it why the damn computer lags when i type then it makes to different words that i don't mean to say it. But now i am on the different computer. Forget this mistake. I know this old news has been discussed a long time ago. :? -Nathan169
  3. Honestly, thats kinda harsh to say that. Tanked99 is quite a new member around here, there is many topics posted on this site. The search tool is a joke now. It just doesn't work well. I guess Tanked99 doesn't know that it was on this site a long time ago. Its alright... -Nathan169
  4. "Time does move fast, Economy doesn't move fast." We just got to stick with what game engine is like now. Until the time the new game engine comes out, i guess very much will happen in next new console generation. Takes patience... :ugeek: -Nathan169
  5. oh, i was just almost freaking out. what a relief... sorry guys, i just thought it would look like that. :? -Nathan169
  6. I mean is when you look at the first page of the site, for an example. someone posts a latest reply or thread on treyarch's next game topic. You always see that member's name is the latest who posted. But when I looked into the topic and i don't see the same member who had latest post on the thread. That most recent post or reply is not there on any threads on topic. Sometimes they just appear after hours since that member first posted. Do you understand what i am talking about? :? -Nathan169
  7. :shock: um, is it look not zombieish blood gorish to you? I just don't know..... :? -Nathan169
  8. I noticed this lately, when someone posts and you would see lastest post member's name on the each topic. When you try look for it but its not there. But the date is today but the recent post was few days ago. Another thing was my post numbers decreased by 2 then increased back to same point before it decreased yesterday. I checked for one of my recent posts was missing. Why is that? :| -Nathan169
  9. Greedy companies nowdays folks... -Nathan169
  10. When everytime the multiplayer game starts on [email protected] SMG class, i would go for good place to walk around and just keep out of sight then just try for a dog kill streak. Sniping Class, I will keep walking from spot to spot to camp around the map. Shotgun Class, run and gun around the map. LMG Class, I go for a spot where you can duck to avoid bullets and keep shooting at your enemies. I was just curious see if another players what would go for when the multiplayer starts and depending on what class. -Nathan169
  11. I did not know that the game mechanics are actually around 10 years old. Because I never have played any call of duty games before black ops but I just brought call of duty 2 yesterday. I did noticed a lot about the game mechanics are very similar to Black ops. But older and slower, since some point of the game between CoD 2 and Black ops did improve the animations/gameplay move faster for a example. You can run and aim or turn quickly. Black ops do have smoother graphics and sounds more realistic than CoD 2. But in CoD 2 did have guns that never came back. I liked the game mechanics. But why a hate to it just because its old and outdated? Time does move fast but not the economy. 10 years ago did feel like it was last month for me. I remember buying N64 game from Funcoland store 10 years ago. AH, Goodtimes. Anyways back on subject. What game mechanics what you would want be in the new call of duty game, but nobody knows when including me. It might happen after Black ops 2 or after that. Who Knows? But I just don't feel like moving on so quickly to a new game mechanics for now. -Nathan169
  12. What if there is customizable maps feature that you can create any custom maps for zombies on consoles *Xbox 360 and PS3*. But only in private matches or solo matches. Would you like it? I know it is not possible in black ops 2 and this idea has been around for awhile. For me, yes if they allow players to create any maps that you want from tiny to GIANT! It would be fun if you get bored. You get creative on creating maps but not in PC. But I am not going to buy [email protected] PC game for custom maps. I don't like it. I prefer to do on console. Also, this can be a money making idea if treyarch added to the game which more players will buy the game for zombies. What is your opinions about it? -Nathan169
  13. Those ideas sounds great to me. I like it! -Nathan169
  14. Yes, i have did with colt last night. It is also fun but i played with it sometimes. But the Nambu gives a feeling its more sleek and compact with Luger similarities in looks. It gives a style on killing enemies with that pistol. -Nathan169
  15. I am not even spending even one buck on ELITE. Seriously, it's unnesscessary to have that. You don't need to have maps to come early, just ruins with all excitment and anxious feeling that you really want to play that for few weeks before it comes out. -Nathan169
  16. I am addicted to shooting Nambu and TT-33 in [email protected] multiplayer. Oh I just can't resist running around the map and fast triggering pistols at enemies. So FUN! If you guys never done this before. I recommend you to do this if you were bored. Specfic perks you need to do this. Perk tier 1: Bandoiler Bomb Squad Perk tier 2: Stopping Power Sleight of Hand Perk tier 3: Extreme Conditioning Steady Aim -Nathan169
  17. I am planning on preordering hardened edition when it comes out available. What would Treyarch have something with like last year, with RC-XD which it sucked for myself. I never brought the hardened edition before which i never played any COD games before Black ops came out. I hope not there would anything be like RC-XD. It would be sweet, if they have action figures or bobble heads of original crew. -Nathan169
  18. 1. Wave Gun, fun to watch zombies get exploded and same good ole wunderwaffe electricity kills but one zombie per shot *sigh* it would have been better if it was more than one. 2. Mustang & Sally, Explosions! 3. Thunder Gun, Flying dead zombies in air! 4. Wunderwaffe, electricity sparks all over zombies at once is fun but 10 zombies is not enough. 5. Ray Gun, good ole green/red splashes and easy to make a crawler to take a break. 6. Shrink baby gun, Funny to kick them into the wall then explode into bloody chunks. 7. Scavenger, BIG explosions. it would been be better if it was bigger explosion. 8. VR-11, worst wonder weapon ever... it is pointless for me. Tacticals 1. Gersch Device, such a life saver ever. Also a portable teleporter to get out of tight places. 2. Monkey Bombs, classic life savers 3. Matryoshka Dolls, Colorful cluster explosions! Fun to watch zombies die in colorful explosions! 4. QED, so unpredictable. some awsome but some don't.... -Nathan169
  19. *takes down the binoculars down* I have been keeping my eyes out in internet everyday since December 2011. For information about black ops 2. But I finally did find the details. I was quite excited about the black ops 2 information when I read it. It was originally leaked in activision forums then it was quickly deleted by activsion. Here is the link to the site about the details. http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/320931/20120328/call-duty-black-ops-2-release-date.htm BUT NO ZOMBIES DETAILS AHHHHHH!! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MOAR DETAILS!!! *breakdown over* Enjoy reading it. -Nathan169
  20. Wow, way to steal my post closer On topic, all the problems could be solved if Treyarch just included an option to play original or new maps. Then we wouldn't have any of these arguments. -Jolteon Hold your horses, I don't mean to steal your post closer. I didn't know at first. Why did you just said that? It seems kinda harsh to me... :(
  21. The thing about Mule Kick that I don't like? It's there. It does not belong on that map. It ruins Treyarch's progression, and overall how that maps work. Not to mention, even if I don't buy it, it's still there in an awkward area on all maps but moon, and my team mates can buy it as well. Some things are worth complaining. Others, I will agree. People are morons and like to complain. Really? it's impossible to find a nonhacked game? I play on PS3 and have only ever run into one hacker when searching for games on WaW. I still play every now and then and I played that game frequently up until BO released. If you want good players to play with, I'm sure you could find them on here. That's your personal, yet unfortunate, experience. And so, if BO2 quadruples BO's sales, they should bring back all of the BO maps mostly unchanged, and charge you for them? That.. is.. ridiculous. Game sales don't mean 'remake your old game with better graphics and charge for it'. That would be too Activision-ish, at least for Zombies. Lol at reuse of IW maps in subsequent games. Anyway, I fail to see the reasoning behind that. The story-line part.. I can kind of see... but it's almost like asking the director of a movie, or writer of a book, to go back and make changes to how the story-line progresses throughout the media. Besides, that may be what you and other members of this site want, but you have to put it in perspective. Tonight, I saw 40000 players in zombies on PS3. That's not how many play frequently, that was just at that moment in time and on one platform. This site has roughly 10K members... meaning the opinions of this site, and its members, do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the average consumer. To put it simply, a lot of people just play the game for fun. The story behind it may never come to mind other than shallow observations like that's a crazy Nazi doctor or a drunk Russian. Just saying.. there are probably more unaware of a back story than there are aware. (Possibly) Sad but true. Okay, so I kind of explained why I thought Mule Kick didn't affect gameplay or change maps very much or at all. Now, I would like you to do so without just stating that 'it does'. And saying you don't like it because 'it's there' and isn't aesthetically pleasing to you, sounds like complaining. If you feel it interferes with progression, then so would adding story segments or EEs that were never present in the old maps. Because you are playing WaW on PS3, there is no hackers since PS3 hacked beginning of last year. The security increased so much that there is no hackers no more. But xbox didn't have a security increase ever. Then there is hackers on xbox. -Nathan169
  22. One time I played map Der Riese, I was going so well with another three randoms. Racking up around 15,000 - 16,500 points and i dodged the zombie attack. I got lucky and someone got downed across the map. I threw a monkey bomb at the corner and ran down to MP40 room to revive the player. But i did not see any zombies, then monkey bomb explodes and heard a zombie attack yell while i was reviving the downed player *I did not have any quick revive* then I got downed by a single hit. I had juggernog, had been quadriplied slapped by two zombies behind me. ugh It was just one of the worst gameplays. -Nathan169
  23. 1. I just really want to have more WW2 guns that never have been in zombies. Here is the list of the guns. LMG Type 99 DP-28 Pistol Luger P08 TT-33 M1917 Colt Revolver Browning Hi-Power SMG Beretta Model 38 M-3 Grease Gun Sten Gun MAS-38 MP18 2. A better servers for live games and allow voting system to kick annoying or nonresponsive players. 3. Another voting system for which what era guns you want to play this game in live lobby. For example, vote to have WW2 guns in mystery box and on wall guns. 4. Perk cap increase to 6. 5. New perks: Stopping power (increase bullet damage by 36%) Don't tell me that there is pack a punch already. Also pap'd guns can get weaker in difficult rounds. Bandolier (increase clip size and reserve) Useful for guns that have low amount of ammo Akimbo (dual wield weapons) ALL guns you can do with it. 6. Pro perk would be nice if treyarch did it, add the effects from above. 7. MORE GIANT MAPS and FUN MAPS 8. Host Migration when the host leaves in the middle of the game. 9. Allow customized settings for solo or private games. For example what Shoreyo posted here is the link http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=20501 10. Add custom pick attachments feature in pack a punch machine, limit up to 3 attachments. -Nathan169
  24. I agree, The classic maps should be left alone. It was just a horrible idea adding mule kick in classic maps. Seriously, Also about black ops guns in classic maps DOESN'T make any no sense. That is another stupid thing that Treyarch did. If they never did put black ops guns in classic maps and mule kick. It would be epic with remastered good ole WaW guns! Treyarch did a great job on remastering WaW guns but not the mystery box guns! They should also add WaW guns that never been in zombies before like DP-28, Sten Gun, Type 99, and Beretta Model 38. That would be BD. 8-) -Nathan169
  25. Its so obvious, it is a fake if the numbers mean nothing or something that we already know. Please don't try waste your time on this "mysterious" video. This time of today is just too early for the information about the upcoming black ops 2 game from Treyarch. -Nathan169
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