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    QED Device Theory ??

    Yep, all valid reasons as to why it wouldn't work, I agree with what you've said, but the way I saw it working is such; So you go back to a 'old' map in the sense that it's in the past, ie - you've already been there and moved on, so in effect all doors are open and the perks are available to you, also, the wunder weapons available on that specific map. A timelimit or countdown would then drag you back to the present 'Moon', with said, level specific perks and weapons. Maybe this is the 'Whole Arsenal' thing. Regards Zombies, not sure, but that would perhaps be random too. Just an idea.
  2. So what about the possibility of the QED device transporting the player to the other 'old' maps ??? Could be one of the reasons that 3ARC has given everyone that downloads this DLC ALL of the old maps. That would be cool.
  3. Errr, yeah, we know . viewtopic.php?f=72&t=14929 viewtopic.php?f=72&t=14872 viewtopic.php?f=72&t=14866
  4. I really don't think 3ARC are going to spend too much time altering the maps that much, afterall, they won't be making money on them, they are just old maps tagged onto the final DLC for Black Ops. They'll probably just make a few little touches here and there on the level detail to maybe tie things together a bit tighter.
  5. What if, the new wunder weapon is the dragon clip thing and it just fixes to whatever weapon you have and gives it extra powers. The gun in the Video just may be a new gun in general, just with the dragon attachment. Worth a thought.
  6. In terms of a new Wunder weapon, I'd like to see something like the lightening gun from Quake. Just imagine sweeping it through loads of Zombies, that would be quite handy/cool.
  7. How are you supposed to use the dolls then dude ?? I just throw them and they're sort of like cluster grenades :? .
  8. Yes defiantly, very good point. It has to be something to do with that Dragon/Serpent statue sitting on the weapon. There's probably some sort of link between Serpents and the youth of life in some sort of linked culture of the map location. I remember reading something similar about Shangri-La, perhaps on Wiki.
  9. That's fair enough dude, I understand your point, and it is very valid, no one knows yet what these little mites are going to do once they run off into the map (if they do). My gripe is with the fact that the new Wunder weapon turns Zombies into things, I'd much rather it be a silly powered machine gun or laser rifle type thing .
  10. I doubt it, maybe he was just pulling your leg. Hopefully.
  11. I don't think he's being racist fella, he's just pointing out that his Moroccan theory is backed up by the different type of Zombies in this map and their dress. Good find in my opinion. [brains]
  12. Yeah, it is a bit stand out isn't it. Perhaps it needs to be collected and inserted into the gun to activate it. Sort of like a Easter Egg weapon. That would be cool.
  13. I feel a little let down by the new wunder weapon so far to be honest. Much like the VR-11 it's not going to be that useful apart from the possibility of an Easter Egg role perhaps. Saying that there needs to be more info on. I do like the wunder weapons to be sort of 'Ultimate' weapons mind you, not make something change and run away.
  14. Swing and a Miss. I hope you didn't mean "mentality"... that would be highly ironic It gets better when you read the full sentence Thank you and thank you. [brains]
  15. .... the box always starts in a fixed location if you just let the game load up after GAME OVER. For instance, I was going for the 'Stuntman' achievement and deciphered that the best strategy would be for the box to be under the power and to just loop around via the ship to the pond (Zip-line) back up to the ship, etc... So I loaded the game and the box was by the lighthouse base. Loaded it up again, Stamin-Up. Loaded up again, underneath power switch. Win. Then just played about 7 games not exiting to the menu when I died just letting it start again and the box remained underneath the power switch, letting me rinse the box until it coughed up the VR-11, then flicked the power switch waited for the PaP and creamed my crawler on round 7.
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