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  1. i think we should be able to make changes to your own game ( on solo or private) to ware like on kino der toten you can disable nova six crawlers, or on moon disable astronaut or disable excavators (also disabling easter egg in that case) but you wouldent make it on a leader board oand maybe spawn with perks or be able to buy more than 4 perks i would want this on console not just pc comment on what you think? Nn
  2. add me on xbox if im online ill play zombies xbl XL NINJA KITTEH
  3. yeah i always loved dempesy cocky remarks and richtofans crazy voice it would be a shame if they had the finale map without the original gang
  4. Its Never Sonny


    my theory is that the original characters will be repering and that they will start of on a lunar lander and those once again will be used to travel around the map during the special round it will turn to zero gravity and we will be face withed are challenge cosmic sliver back dead astronauts with extend health and last one will drop max ammo basic zombies or if u look at the moon picture the zombie in the reflection looks kinda like a boss tell me what u guys think about my first post
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