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  1. add me psn: harrdstyle i play 4 - 5 times a week. usually 3 zombie games each time
  2. I think someone should check the coding of the map. I think thats how they found parts of the ascension easter egg I too am a believer of a big easter egg on the map. I also believe the cosmic silverback makes the holes in the rooves, because when I was playing as Takeo he said "Sounds like a big monster making the holes in the roof!" Maybe something to do with it. I also think if there is a big easter egg, the portraits are part of it. Ill check out that blue light =P
  3. As most people know, there is an easter egg in kino der toten with the portraits. There are the 4 original chars plus an unkown one. while having a muck around game, as takeo, i checked out the easter egg and he said something like "What was, is gone, and shall be again". I dunno, something along those lines. Could this be a new character ready to be introduced with a new map? possible even take takeo's spot after his death date! maybe this could be gursch, from the mystery man easter egg. thoughts?
  4. Hyena stands for harvey yena http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Call_o ... ead/Radios mentions him ^
  5. I really REALLY hope that that was sarcastic... :| Lol, i typed it then left my computer. Missed other comments haha too late :P
  6. PaP'd Galil, and any special gun (ray gun, thundergun, winters howl) Any LMG upgraded is good as well.
  7. Whenever richtofen says anything with 'JOY!' in it, i laugh =] i think there was one like 'What's this? Dempsy is down? JOY!'
  8. yeh, they may be weaker, but the nova gas can be annoying, and sometimes, you cant see what's ahead through all the blur.
  9. sometimes... i usually want to wait until round 9-10. Jus so i can do the dog glitch really , and run around the theater with ease If i do it any earlier, its only because the noobs im with ALL went down. One reason it isnt good to turn it on early is that turning on the power brings in the crawlers. bloody annoying things...
  10. that does make total sense. =] i think im with u for this 1 =D it only seems logical, heh
  11. Hey guys, this is my first topic so dont judge. So, i was speakin to a friend who told me something amazing. It COULD be possible to finish the map. now i dunno if it's true, but he was told by someone that if you have opened every door, bought every gun off the walls, and have every trap on at the same time, another door opens to freedom. now, it's said that the door is the one in the second room (up the stairs from the lobby). when you enter the second room, if you go into the green room to the right, there is a boarded door there. APPARENTLY, it opens only if you open every door, buy every weapon, and turn every trap on AT THE SAME TIME. I believe the traps last for 2 mins? so it gives you not much time to run round and turn them all on. I believe nobody has done it before. Your probably thinking 'How do you know if this is true if nobody has done it?'. But to me it sounds pretty legit.. Who would just randomly think this up? I also believe to buy every weapon, you need 13000 points? The traps include 4 or 5 electric traps, 1 fire trap i believe (room under stairs from lobby), and the 2 automatic machine guns (stage & speed cola room) Now i dont know if this is true, but i would love to hear some thoughts, maybe even attempts. Cheers =]
  12. richtofen recieving the ray gun and saying 'JOY!' or 'Be afraid of the doctor!'.
  13. dogs would be awsome to clash with the hell hounds, or pwn zombies
  14. Actually, its a patch to one of the first glitches, they use to dive on each other and the one on the bottom would stand and the other would be invincible or something... i dunno, but it was a patch im pretty sure...
  15. After going down the first elevator, you get to the war room. Remove the debris from stairs, and next 'big' elevator. go down elevator, and theres the experiment rooms. you have to pay to get in each room, and it will be in a random room. when it disappears, it can be anywhere around the map. I got to 29 with 4 players, but it got overwritten with 12?.. annoying... For those who dont know how to get into the PAP room, in the war room (after power is turned on in experiment rooms) there are 4 defcon signs around the room, switch them until it gets to defcon 5. now you can go through any teleporter to get to the PAP room. The door to the PAP room opens when it returns to Defcon 1 allowing the zombies in. The door will close again when everyone is out of the room. PS there are 2 windows in the PAP room, so keep watch.
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